Hi everyone

Well my name is Marcus Passey and I am hoping to acheive an income online by becoming an internet entrepreneur.


Just me and my beautiful wife on our honeymoon in Paris.

And below just a quick introduction video, its the best I can do I promise I will get better and sorry I am cursed with the most boring voice tone ever!!!

Okay so I am 35 years old, looking more like 45 but I’m going on 25.

You know I am just an ordinary guy I have three wonderful children I play football and I love K.F.C


Here are my three children the little terrors nah seriously they are little beauties my son is called Zachary,eldest daughter is Becca and youngest called Aimee.

You know I am not very computer savvy but I have created this blog,and I have driven targeted traffic to it. And one day I will make money from it.

I also have another blog up www.findacelltelephonenumber.com and this has made me $79 this will not change me lol.

I want to get out of the daily grind and actually succeed at something I feel I can do this, I am taking action and learning all the time.

Remember that you gotta take action I cant stress that enough just get in there and do it,get your hands dirty my friends.

I believe that in order to be successful you have to be able to help others to succeed, and that my friends is what I will be striving to do.

I am heavily in debt I have lived in my overdraft for the last 8 years and now is the time to do something about it.

Will you join me in becoming the next internet entrepreneur’s???

Please have a good look around my blog and your comments and suggestions would be most welcome.


Marcus Passey

Ps Here are my stats from my online journey

To date as of 29/06/09

I have this blog.

I have made $79.

I have been learning to drive traffic to my blog.

I have had 636 views to my blog.

I have a twitter following of 1500 people.

I have 10 subscribers to my blog

Not very good is it

Now come back in a months time and lets see where I am during the Marketing With Alex Coaching Course 2.0 my friends!


Want a laugh check out my video starring me,just a light hearted bit of humour poking fun at my lifestyle.

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  1. Hey Marcus.

    warren here, just got alex’s PPP upright and creating my blog.
    was checking yours out , have you made any money internet marketing ?? if spo drop me a line and pull me up dude LOL

    Warren faubion

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