Alex Jeffreys-I think You Will Change My Life!

Alex Jeffreys-I think You Will Change My Life!

Marketing With Alex Coaching Course 2.0 the beginning

Hey everyone

Well what did you think?

Absolutely fantastic motivational start to the course,what a performance and Alex was on the go for the best part of five hours.

It was just as I expected but Alex also over delivered,not expecting it to be so long.

My only problem is I have to get up at five in the morning so there is no way I can make the webinars unless I am off work.

What is my solution? well I am going to borrow my daughters Ipod and listen to the session while I am work. I am a postie so while I am walking about on my round I can take it all in…two birds with one stone my friends.

I also have to confess that I did not take it all in being so late, so getting it onto an Ipod would seem a good idea! well can I use an Ipod to download a large audio file??

Only thing is I will miss the questions and answers time gutted!!!

Did you hear Alex calling me? I could not get my mic working doh.

Well my favourite saying of Alex’s is “dont chase the money-let the money chase you” I think that is it anyway.

Well I gotta let it go that way coz I dont have a clue how to make the money anyway so thats cool.

I also did not realise drinking water would make you more productive…..what was I doing?… drinking coffee sorry boss it wont happen again.

I also got straight on my computer and deleted all my old crappy folders of info and just made a few new ones up and deleted loads of old emails.

And I wrote down my goals and my plans,similar to what I posted on here anyway.

Well that’s a start my friends.

Most of you know that I am starting with nothing,I have large debts my wife just lost her job so these are desperate times my friends.

I am sooooo desperate to become one of Alex’s great success stories, to take someone like me and get me on the path to becoming an internet entrepreneur would be some achievement.

well once again thanks for reading your as usual your comments and thoughts would be much appreciated my friends.

And by the way you wanna get on a level with me I have three nicknames my friends call me “THE PASS” “PASS MAN” “THE PASS MAN” have a few more but anyway what do you wanna call me??

Take care

Untill next time cheers


PS As soon as I get more technical or find tutorials on how to do’s I will post em on here,I have posted a few idea’s so hope you found em helpful.

9 thoughts on “Alex Jeffreys-I think You Will Change My Life!

  1. Hey Pass Man!

    Loving your blog dude! I know how it feels with the long webinars – live in Brum but currently in Germany and I had to ditch at 4:30ish local time here as I had to be up at 6!

    You’ve come up with a great solution though with the iPod – I like to do that too, just makes things easy to re-listen to too.

    The fact that the webinars go so long though shows us how much dedication Alex is giving us. With this guy’s help and our own dedication and hard work, I’ve no doubt whatsoever we’ll be successful!

    Look forward to following your blog dude…

    And great breakdancing vid!

    .-= Iain Buchanan´s last blog ..Who, What, Where, Why, How? Not necessarily in that order! =-.

    1. Hey Matt

      Cheers for coming over again,I gotta get you on skype.Hey glad you like the Ipod idea I am being mega productive with that one my friend.



    1. Hey Alex

      That post was for me wasn’t it? you called me matt LOL.

      Thanks for popping over my friend keep in touch.I will check you out see what you doing??

      cheers my man


  2. Hey Marcus, or Pass Man!

    Very nice looking Blog you have here mate, I’ve just got mine set-up. It’s not as flashy as this one but I like it, & it will do me for now.

    The main thing is I’ve got it up & running & I can perfect it later on.

    I agree with you about the first module, it was very motivational & has got me off to a great start, & now I actually know where I’m going no I have a plan.

    Sorry to hear you have to get up so early, I missed the live call too, but I didn’t really have any questions anyway. I did hear Alex trying to talk to you though, hopefully you can get your mic sorted for next time? 🙂

    Anyway I look forward to getting to know you more, I’ll catch you in the forum.

    .-= Paul Lear´s last blog ..The First Day, Of The Rest Of My Life. =-.

  3. Marcus,

    Thanks for leaving a comments and thanks for the thumbs up regarding my blog, just getting started with it really.

    You’ll find that video on my blob with the faces on it in the privateforum, can’t remember where I saw it, but just do a search for it and you’ll find it.


    .-= Neil Marrsh´s last blog ..The “Art” of Blogging: =-.

  4. Hey Marcus,

    You are ALREADY a success story my friend, dispite missing the calls and having to get up at 5am, yr active, getting s**t DONE and have a buzzing blog my friend.

    People like and trust you.. Thats what you need my friend. Mission 1 complete!

    Im gonna catch up with you on Skype soon bro, sorry I keep missing yr msgs 🙂
    .-= Josh Bartlett´s last blog ..Video Marketing, Where do I start? =-.

  5. Hey again Marcus,

    Just wanted to say that I love your blog theme and will definitely be going down the same road.

    Things are going great and I definitely belive that, with Dean and Alex’s help we can change our life drastically.

    Basically I wanted to write this comment so that I was at the top of your top commentators list for at least a day. 🙂


    .-= Andy Michaels´s last blog ..So, How Are Things Progressing Andy? =-.

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