An email list built FOR you & for FREE – Meet Listcrew dot com

An email list built FOR you & for FREE – Meet Listcrew dot com


How you all doing?

Can I start by saying thanks so much for all the awesome comments you guys left for me on my previous post, great ideas and encouragment and you all took the time to leave me some really long detailed replies. I am getting around to answering you all individually but thanks guys means a lot.

Its rubbish weather here in the South East of the UK as usual, thats it we are moving somewhere hot as soon as I make my Millions.

So I just got in from work and I wanted to get a quick post up to tell you about how I have added almost 1000 subscribers to my list with no effort and best of all its just set and forget people.

Interested? dam right you are…

Well a few months ago I got talking to a very successful marketer named Troy Mcdonald very nice guy, we got chatting about internet marketing and building a list etc. And it so happened he is the owner of an opt-in list generating system called where you can add highly responsive internet marketing subscribers onto your list in less than 48 hours for FREE.

So he got me to try it out…

Basically how it works….

1. Members of the Co-Op place a small piece of Javascript onto their web site or blog.

2. People that visit the web site of a Co-Op member are shown a small pop up window that allows them to subscribe to other Co-Op members’ e-zines.

3. The visitor to the web site subscribes to the e-zine(s) of his/her choice.

That’s the basics of how the system works, but don’t let the simplicity fool you, it works and brings lots of new subscribers to Co-Op members each day.

To read more about listcrew click here

Hey you saw it working when you saw the front page of my blog, any visitor to my blog gets presented a pop up which has a choice of related newsletters to sign up to.

I have added nearly 1000 subscribers to my list since installing this javascript on my blog. Hey some people have told me they dont like it, but so what pop ups work if people dont like it just close it off. But the fact remains that I have added nearly 1000 subscribers TO MY LIST without doing anything COOL EH?

If you dont want the pop up appearing on your blog forever just leave it there untill you got yourself 250 subscribers, then you can then leverage this number to start taking part in adswaps.

Interested then find out for free what listcrew is all about click here

Above all Troy is a great guy to know and bends over backwards to help you out, here he is below holding up a sign saying hello to ME from Frank Kern’s list control. Also with Cristine Moreno and Kevin Silva.

So check it out guys.

Speak soon


3 thoughts on “An email list built FOR you & for FREE – Meet Listcrew dot com

  1. Hey Marcus,

    You da man!

    Same thoughts as you mate. Annoying pop up, but let the numbers do the talking….

    Ryan Lee was selling one for $49 Monday I think…

    Keep in touch.


  2. Hey Marcus,

    I use listcrew myself and it brings me in subscribers daily. Definitely and excellent program and troy contacts you regularly not just with broadcasts to his list. He is certainly a good guy.

    I here you about the weather I’m in Ireland here up in the northwest and its totally freezing already. Move to the sun sounds like and excellent idea


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