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Dean Holland’s iPro Partners Program

Dean Holland’s iPro Partners Program

Introducing Dean Hollands’s iPro Partners program 






If you are new to internet marketing or indeed a veteran seriously you have stumbled on a VERY unique opportunity here. Not wanting that to sound hyped up before getting into the meat and bones of this opportunity, but so you know 97% of people hoping to make it online don’t make the cut. Dean Holland can boast nearly 52% of iPro members have made money that is insane and UNHEARD of in this industry.

I have met, and had the pleasure of working with Dean and am proud to call him a friend, I have not met a more down to earth caring entrepreneur Dean is the exception to the rule.



On the left that was the very first time I met Dean he even came to pick me up because I was so nervous to attend my first event, and on the right that was at an event in Vegas. I wont go on as this post is about the iPro partner program, but I just wanted to show how down to earth Deano is and what a great Mentor he is.

Ok as an internet marketer or the guy who just wanted to make money online, I found so many ways and scams promising to teach how to make money online. But most turned out to be scams or unworkable, I tried my best I really did but 100 percent effort churned out 0 percent results. Guess I would become part of the 97 percent that don’t make it online.

I had not made any money online untill I met Alex Jeffreys and Dean Holland 6 years ago, fast forward to today and I have probably generated around $150000 in sales online. Ok I must stop this post is about iPro not my story lol, but believe me when I say you want to make money online then I think you have found your man with Dean Holland.

The iPro Partner Program, what’s it about and why choose it

The iPro Partner Program just requires you to do ONE thing if you drive traffic to a squeeze page and that’s it then iPro handles EVERYTHING for you. Sound to good to be true right? but iPro have their own high converting proven sales funnels which include high quality products ranging from $10 up to $1000, $2000 and $5000 and beyond. 

There are advanced routes within iPro as you also get access to multiple areas of training, webinars, private facebook group, mentors constant interaction with the top team



Happy New Year Everyone – Where Have I Been?

Happy New Year Everyone – Where Have I Been?

Hi guys

Hope everyone is good 🙂

Ok I must apologise for my absence, 2012 started off good for me then continued on to end up my worst possible year EVER. You see I had great success releasing a couple of WSO’S one of which became WSO of the day.

I made a bit of money from having a small buyers list, which was great.

But immeadiately after I saw success, my son became ill with viral menigitis not the worse one which is bacterial thank god. But ever since, his become very weak and keeps picking up viral infections very easily. We are constantly up the Doctors and Hospital with him, and now we have an even bigger worry where recent tests have led the Doctors to test for leukemia.

Worrying times.

On top of this my wife Kristina is pregnant with our fourth child, due to give birth in March and has suffered from severe morning sickness. As I work a full time job as you can imagine this has left me little time to work on my online business, so I let it slide.

All at the same time even though I made some money from affiliate sales, I have found myself in extreme financial difficulties due to my wife losing her job and other factors. So have spent the last few months seeking help with my debts to.

I found myself having to constantly send affiliate offers to my list just to raise money for christmas, so that pretty much destroyed the last part of my business.

So guys there its is, desperate times for me and my family.

No money, No business left.

For now I need to concentrate on my family.

But I WILL bounce back, I will NEVER NEVER Give this up.

Peace out

Speak soon




Street Smart Profits Review

Street Smart Profits Review

Street Smart Profits Review

Ok guys hows it going? so carrying on with my new review series im going to be talking about THE ULTIMATE list building product called  Street Smart Profits. This quality product is bought to you by John Cornetta,  Frank Salinas, and Cindy Battye all have vast experience in list building and you REALLY do wanna listen to these guys when it comes to list building. Infact just for mentioning the name John Conetta the main man behind Street Smart Profits, who has built an email list to an incredible 350,000 in just 14 months. YES I said 350,000 ( not a typo ) you will probably wanna click through to the main site for Street Smart Profits right now.

Click here  NOW guys for the main street smart profits site

Since being online I have built lists into the tens of thousands using JUST some of the tactics that are taught within  Street Smart Profits. And list building has been responsible for 90% of my earnings since starting my career online.


street smart profits members area
Street Smart Profits Members Area


You may not have heard of Street Smart Profits but the man behind this AWESOME product John Cornetta  has  built one of the LARGEST, most targeted, highly active lists in marketing history and has also been behind a ton of successful launches. Like I say he has been responsible for building a MASSIVE 350K list in just 14 months which brings him a cool $1000 –  $1500 a DAY.

Click here  NOW guys for the main street smart profits site

Believe me when I tell you these guys have put together a COMPLETE list building training course, nothing is left out. I mean using the Street Smart Profits system you to can find yourself with a list of 350k just like John Cornetta. It also does not matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or an advance list builder John Cornetta,  Frank Salinas, and Cindy Battye have you covered.

Street Smart Profits contains a total of six modules with literally a ton of hold your hand style  training videos.  These cover eveything you need to know right from the ground up, like I say beginner, or advanced they got you covered. Also included in the street smart profits members area, is a brillinat piece of software named click maximizer. This was sold for $197 but is yours for free in your members area, they have also thrown in a free plugin and a useful bonus area.

Listen I am reviewing Street Smart Profits for you guys as I have it, I think its awesome and I REALLY REALLY wish I had a product like this when I first started list building. John Cornetta is the man when it comes to list building, I know he is VERY proud of Street Smart Profits and John knows it WILL help you to on the road to building that massive email list.

Click the image below to find out more about Street Smart Profits


Hope you enjoy Street Smart Profits

Speak soon

Marcus Passey

Bring The Fresh 2012

Bring The Fresh 2012

Bring The Fresh Review

Hey guys, its been a while how you all doing?

Ok im going to start giving product reviews on my blog, and today I want to show you Bring the fresh or as its known as now Bring The Fresh 2012 created by Kelly Felix and Mike Long. Watch highlights from their webinar below…

In short bring the fresh 2012 teaches you how to create mini sites, and use their SEO strategies to hit page one of Google. Although there is nothing new in this strategy it is up to date and fresh hence bring the fresh :mrgreen: and once you get into the membership area you will see how awesome this program is.

Read the reviews here for bring the fresh 2012

Massive Profits From A Small List

Massive Profits From A Small List

Massive Profits From Listbuilding Even with a small list

Hey everyone

Today I wanna talk about listbuilding

I want to see your comments and suggestions on listbuilding, I want to know what you think is the best listbuilding method or if you have a valid argument on the right ways to build and treat that list write that down to. I will pay $10 to the winner of what I think is the BEST comment

How are you all? I got a week off work so its all good I get to work on making money online. 😀

Ok we have all heard “The Money is in the list”  “The Money is in the list”  but not every list is created equal. In my mind by a long way the most lucrative list to have is one that consists of buyers and is super responsive, I would say that one buyer is worth at least ten freebie seekers all day long . See when I started listbuilding I got involved in the giveaway events and the adswap scene, I built my list up to 10,000 subscribers but they were mostly prospects pure freebie seekers.

I started to make good money from setting up a simple sales funnel offering a freebie on the front end, then I included a OTO and then added my affiliate link for a continuity program on the thankyou page. I started to make good money, from the OTO and continuity program, but I had to find good swaps to keep driving the traffic through my funnel. A group of us set up what we called powerswaps where we combined our lists together to swap with other internet marketers who had huge lists.

We were doing ok but were finding ourselves having to swap twice a day, and using slightly controversial subject lines to get the prospects into our funnel. I didnt like it but my list was growing and I was still making money. But the list quickly died obviously because I was emailing them so much, and the list literally died overnight and so did my income and I ended up deleting it as it was to expensive.

In my personal opinion its tough to turn the freebie seeker into a buyer, and maybe that is mostly my fault for swapping so much. You see size is not always important :mrgreen: But you see I had to create a product to giveaway for free to pull people into my funnel and to get people to adswap with me. It of course took time to create this product, and it had to be good and unique enough so I would attract good partners to swap with.

Then you have to build relations with these people that are on your lists, to then try and get them to buy the products you recommend to them. Its a hard task to turn these prospects into buyers, I believe they are so conditioned to receiving freebies that’s all they will ever be freebie seekers.

So now I am trying a new way of listbuilding, well the concept has been around obviously for a long time but for me its new. Why don’t we just spend time creating a product that totally overdelivers, something that adds lots of value then sell it over on the Warrior forum as a WSO. If you can create something that is of high quality and brings something cool to the internet marketing comunity, you will command trust and respect. People will then start to recognise your name and associate it with quality products, you will in turn reap the benefits as the people on your list trust you and will continue to buy any products you release or recommend to them.

You also are of course bringing HIGH quality leads onto your list, not the waste of time freebie seekers and you dont have to waste time trying to nurture these guys to buy. You are fast tracking these people straight into your funnel, once they are in as buyers you are likely to sell quite a few of your OTO’s.

Remember you have to make sure you totally overdeliver on your product, and create it yourself.

Let me tell you I have made so many more sales from my small list of 900  customers, than I ever did from my 10k list of freebie seekers. I really regret not building a buyers list from the start of my internet marketing career I could possibly have quit my job by now.

Ok next time lets talk about product creation. 😎

Infact if you need help to create products go to a guy called Justin Popovic, his created more than 60 products in a year. Pretty cool right?

Click here to find out more on Justin Popovic

So im saying to ditch the freebie seekers and get on and build your lists with just buyers, oh apparantly each buyer on your list is worth $3 a month. So if you got a list of 1000 thats a $3000 income a month right there.8-)

Remember I wanna read your comments winner of the best one gets $10 straight into your paypal account. I will be doing a weekly post where you get the chance to win ten bucks and remember to look out for my “bonus allstar outsourcer of the week”

 Speak soon

Marcus Passey





MIA Not KIA I’m Back With Outsourcing Blitzkrieg! Mission Completed

MIA Not KIA I’m Back With Outsourcing Blitzkrieg! Mission Completed

Hi everyone

WELL!!!!!!!  I’M BACK 😀

I really cannot believe I have not posted for a whole year.:cry:

I have had a bit of a turbulent year full of family problems, job problems and internet problems. I also spent most of the year trying my hand at Niche blogging,  I had some big success there where i saw my biggest pay check of just over $5000 in just one month.

Five grand in one month from one Niche is INSANE I was VERY VERY happy!!

But disaster struck, I went against the companies TOS and they withheld my commission and I had to hand my domains back. After everything else that had happened it was pretty much the last straw so I decided I needed a rest. I spent time with the kids and actually watched some TV in the evening which was nice.

But I didn’t completely leave internet marketing, I will keep on keeping on untill I make it. 😀

Back in August I went to the Instant profits seminar hosted by my mates Dean Holland and Alex Jeffreys, it was fantastic and really got me fired up again. Thats me meeting Sally Neill below, wonderful girl she was actually inspired by me to do internet marketing and said I was her hero 😳

She is a brilliant marketer and has her own coaching course currently running visit her at

Sally Neill & Me at the Instant Profits Seminar
One thing that I took away from this great weekend was to look at creating WSO’S and thats what I did. I cant make this post super detailed as I am VERY short on time but I just wanted to let you all now im still here.
Fast forward to now I have created two WSO’S and between the two I generated &8484.55 in sales and put 1000 buyers in my list.
Now that list is generating $200 per broadcast INSANE
From almost giving up, then attending a seminar by Alex and Dean and going home to implement what I learnt, I turned it all around again.
Thanks Alex & Dean for everything.
Currently my last WSO is still making sales and had massive success getting 850 sales and a ton of excellent feedback. thats it below

Ok So things are back on track, I just wanted to let you guys know and hope everything is going good for you all.
Let me know what you are all doing ok.
Its good to be back.


Thats It I’ve Had Enough Its Time To Change How I Do Business….

Thats It I’ve Had Enough Its Time To Change How I Do Business….

Hey Everyone

Sorry its been a while but I personally want to thank you ALL for sticking by me over the last year…

Hang on before I go on…

What do you think of my new blog header and layout eh? I’m very proud of it I love the header and I think overall the blog has a nice clean fresh look to it now. Got a little bit more work to do to my pages, but I just wanted to get a post out to you asap..

Ok back to business and this is very important to me, its time for a change of direction and I wanted to start right here at my blog.

The changes I make will effect YOU my loyal subscribers in a big way, I want to interact with you guys the way I would like to be interacted with. And give you the advice that you need to help you move forward with your business, and build a relationship with you the way it should be….

I want my blog to be a hub of great and cool internet marketing advice, and I will do my best to do that.

See I thought I was doing things right, you know I sent out a mail to you almost everyday offering you free content. But in order to receive that free content you had to subscribe to other marketers lists, and I know some of you were getting pissed with that…

Well that stops now, infact I stopped a while ago..

Instead I will be posting regular content here and sending you emails that will not require you to optin, UNLESS the content is absolute pure gold but ill be checking it out first.

You see I created this blog to share with people my journey to an income online and share any tips I pick up for FREE. I wrote my ebook newbiesjournal which has had over 5000 downloads and great feedback, and I outlined in that book what I had done so far to make multiple thousands of dollars online and that is FREE.

I always wanted to be different, I wanted new guys to follow my jouney online and relate to me.

I didnt wanna send out many promo’s to my subscribers and to date I have not sent all that many..


After all I am a marketer and from time to time you will get a promtional email from me recommending a product to you. But it will only be a product that either I have bought myself, or I personally know and trust the marketer behind the product and it suits you.

I want to make sure that all I send your way is the best possible content available to help you move forward with your business.

Take a look at other marketers and what they send you..

I bet its promotion after promotion selling the same old rehashed shit which I am sick of seeing.

Bet you are to..

I bet these other marketers or gurus will ever reply to you personally? well I always have either on my blog or via email.

See I have been successful in my first year online, and I made my money from being in the IM niche or MMO niche if you prefer. But I am moving my business away from the IM niche a little and concentrating on micro niches and niche blogging. Infact I just made my first sale from my own niche blog and you know what, its my most satisfying sale so far.

I am hoping to build a solid business here, then when I am a proper expert maybe I might hit the IM niche again with my own product but who knows thats down the line.

I hope you liked the report I sent you a few days ago on keyword research, it required no optin and thats the sort of content I wanna be sending you in the future.

I know I have a lot of loyal followers from the comments I have received in the past, I would love you to stay with me because I am going to make it and I wanna share this success with you right here over the coming months..

Guys I would love to read your feedback, let me know what you think of my blog and my change of direction..

Leave a comment below and I will reply to each and everyone.

Keep checking back coz I wanna get good content up here for you on a regular basis.

Hope the post was not to long infact I think I left loads out..

Thanks again for your support..

Speak very soon


Easy Video Player 2.0 – Josh Bartlett EVP2.0

Easy Video Player 2.0 – Josh Bartlett EVP2.0

Alright Guys

I was actually gonna create a review blog but ran outta time, but as its gonna be an evergreen product I have plenty of time for that. Plus I wanna play around with the easy video player software and create review videos with my take on the product.

See I actually met Josh in Vegas this year thats a picture of me and Josh below, I have known him since starting my business his a great guy really down to earth always willing to help you out.

Me & Josh Bartlett

So exciting times people Easy Video Player 2.0 is set to be so much bigger and better than Josh’s first release, just the video out below to give you a little idea what EVP2.0 can do.

If you are to excited to read on then click here to sign up for easy video player 2.0 right now and get on the early bird list

There is a massive buzz about easy video player 2.0 almost 1000 people signed up for the early bird list already.

So how easy is this, you upload your video to EVP2.0, created a completely hands free video sales page which has built in social sharing, commenting and sales automation. This has all been done for you, you didnt touch HTML, you didnt write any of the sales copy.

Easy Video Player does so so much more but if you are planning to integrate video marketing into your online business then you NEED EVP2.0.

Click here right now for the easy video player early bird notification.

Be excited

speak soon


An email list built FOR you & for FREE – Meet Listcrew dot com

An email list built FOR you & for FREE – Meet Listcrew dot com


How you all doing?

Can I start by saying thanks so much for all the awesome comments you guys left for me on my previous post, great ideas and encouragment and you all took the time to leave me some really long detailed replies. I am getting around to answering you all individually but thanks guys means a lot.

Its rubbish weather here in the South East of the UK as usual, thats it we are moving somewhere hot as soon as I make my Millions.

So I just got in from work and I wanted to get a quick post up to tell you about how I have added almost 1000 subscribers to my list with no effort and best of all its just set and forget people.

Interested? dam right you are…

Well a few months ago I got talking to a very successful marketer named Troy Mcdonald very nice guy, we got chatting about internet marketing and building a list etc. And it so happened he is the owner of an opt-in list generating system called where you can add highly responsive internet marketing subscribers onto your list in less than 48 hours for FREE.

So he got me to try it out…

Basically how it works….

1. Members of the Co-Op place a small piece of Javascript onto their web site or blog.

2. People that visit the web site of a Co-Op member are shown a small pop up window that allows them to subscribe to other Co-Op members’ e-zines.

3. The visitor to the web site subscribes to the e-zine(s) of his/her choice.

That’s the basics of how the system works, but don’t let the simplicity fool you, it works and brings lots of new subscribers to Co-Op members each day.

To read more about listcrew click here

Hey you saw it working when you saw the front page of my blog, any visitor to my blog gets presented a pop up which has a choice of related newsletters to sign up to.

I have added nearly 1000 subscribers to my list since installing this javascript on my blog. Hey some people have told me they dont like it, but so what pop ups work if people dont like it just close it off. But the fact remains that I have added nearly 1000 subscribers TO MY LIST without doing anything COOL EH?

If you dont want the pop up appearing on your blog forever just leave it there untill you got yourself 250 subscribers, then you can then leverage this number to start taking part in adswaps.

Interested then find out for free what listcrew is all about click here

Above all Troy is a great guy to know and bends over backwards to help you out, here he is below holding up a sign saying hello to ME from Frank Kern’s list control. Also with Cristine Moreno and Kevin Silva.

So check it out guys.

Speak soon


Internet Marketing – I Am Failing Fast – So How Will I succeed?

Internet Marketing – I Am Failing Fast – So How Will I succeed?

Hey hey people hows it going?

First things first I really must apologise for my lack of activity on my blog over the last 3 months,
Family life has been keeping me VERY busy and I also just had three weeks off my day job so decided to
have a total rest. It has been a VERY busy year what with starting my internet marketing business and bringing up a newborn on top of everything else. Quite frankly I am totally worn out and my batteries have not even partly recharged yet.

So why am I failing?

As most of you know I have had quite a successful year, including making multiple thousands of dollars in affiliate sales I also currently have a list of 8,000 subscribers and I wrote my first book newbiesjournal. I have been to workshops and seminars and met many fellow marketers in the flesh, people have been speaking highly of me and yeah I thought life is good Im actually gonna crack this Internet Marketing lark. I thought it was just gonna keep on growing.

How wrong was I.

I even went looking for a new BMW 3 series, thought about booking a family holiday to Florida and even as far as searching to rent a bigger house.


Things are going wrong BIG time and it makes me sick to the stomach, its an even worse feeling than before I made my first buck online and I was trying to make it work.

What makes it worse is I feel its my fault, its my fault I have not taken enough action, its my fault I have not taken steps to push me forward.

You see……

I have not learnt enough, I have not focused, I have not made the most of my limited time I can work on my business, and maybe I have been following the wrong programs.

But like I say it is hard to do this especially when you have a family of three and already work 48 hours a week, sometimes you just dont feel like doing anything else.

I am just plain knackered, I have to pick myself up.

The crucial part of my business has been my email list, and this is where it is failing you see I have built my list using adswaps.

At first it was great I had $2000 months back at christmas and that was with a 2000 subscriber list
I was getting almost a 10% open rate
And I could pull in some good commission on promoting someones launch.


I have 8000 subscribers,
I have an open rate of between 2% and 4%.
On a promo I am lucky if I get one sale.

Also I get a chance to find, who helped me with promotion.

Adswaps just are not as effective anymore and there are a lot of tactics being used that I just dont like, I did see it happening but I never did anything about it. Had I been in this a year earlier I think I would of made it.

See I also had plans, I was gonna create a product to teach people how I built my list using adswaps but im not sure its an effective enough method to turn into a product.

Plus I was gonna set up a solo ad service as another income stream.

But as things stand I have to really start again.

I need to build a new list and learn how to treat this list better
I need to explore options outside of the IM Niche/Make money online Niche
Maybe just get back into plain old article marketing
Maybe build review blogs
Maybe build Micro Niche adsense sites
Create my own product in the Golf Niche, weight loss Niche or whatever and build a list in that.

But when I have a better understanding of creating many income streams online, then I can come back and create a product and teach others to do the same in the MMO Niche.

But as Winston Churchill said in 1941

“Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense”

So if anyone has any ideas to what I should be doing just give us a shout of course I will really appreciate it.

Hope you are still around would love to read some comments.

Speak soon


PS I just created a facebook business page come be a friend check it out CLICK HERE


Hey everyone


Thanks so much for all the wonderful detailed comments you have been leaving me, it means a lot to me that people are still following my journey, and taking the time to leave me these awsome replies.


I will be back to answer you all individually.

All the best