Dean Holland & Adam Spiel Turbo Traffic System Launch!

Dean Holland & Adam Spiel Turbo Traffic System Launch!

Hey everyone you alright?


Click below for a brand new FREE traffic report and a chance to be involved in a very special webinar on Monday..


I am so very excited about this launch, The Turbo Traffic System is the first continuity program I have ever promoted…

And I am on course for $600 in commissions this month.

Want some of that eh??


So lets get into this quickly and make some money,

Firstly I know these guys, I met Dean a few times and we speak all the time…
and I also met Adam spiel In Las Vegas in Jan.

They are just ordinary guys making a lot of money online..

Check us out

Me & Dean in London
Me & Adam spiel

Cool guys and definately people to listen to when it comes to making money online..

So what will YOU get outta promoting The Turbo Traffic System??


Dean & Adam have achieved 72% retention rates on a $97 per month continuity that is INSANE….

YOU can get up to $2,964.25 per lead..

50% on $97 per month membership
Upsell 1 – 50% of $497
Upsell 2 = 50% of $1,497
Upsell 3 = 25% of $2,997

Leads are “tagged” for life, so you’ll also get future commissions down the line..

So I highly recommend you get on board to promote this guys so go grab your affiliate link below..

Pre-launch starts May12th..


Send me your comment below let me know your in and lets work this together.



25 thoughts on “Dean Holland & Adam Spiel Turbo Traffic System Launch!

  1. Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for letting us know about the launch, I’ll be promoting it and hope to join you in the JV table!
    If anyone hasn’t seen the details yet there’s some great prizes on offer…


    P.S. Just sent you a message on Skype…

  2. hi marcus
    impressive site mate, very nice indeed.. had a good read to see how things have evolved for you over time, gives me a bit of a push.
    im new to alex’s course, he said to get out and take a peak.. yourself, dean holland, james howard, paul wilson, etc.. i like what your doing, gonna keep an eye on you lot, looks good.. i dont really have any skills to offer at mo’, (unless anyone wants a deep us house music dj)..
    just set my blog up, just having a sneak for some ideas, anyway, keep up the good work.. nicky
    .-= nicky´s last blog ..ALL CHANGE FROM NOW =-.

  3. Hey Marcus,

    First off thanks for the comment on my blog. Kind words sir.

    Your blog looks great and well optimized.

    That is some big commission out of a lead unreal stuff.

    72% retention is out of this world it must be one heck of a system.

    I got an email about promoting this from Tony Shepard not that long ago aswell.

    Thanks again for the comment


  4. Hi Marcus, I’ve been following you for around six months now, and I’ve joined Alex’s most recent coaching program, I think it may be a little early for me to be promoting just yet, or maybe not?

    I’m following the event driven content formula that has clearly worked enormously well for you and Dean, so here’s to success.

    I’d love to speak with you soon because I had a brain wave last night that I’d like to run by you. I’d really appreciate a couple of minutes of your time, so you can contact me by e-mail or through my blog, whichever suits.

    Cheers, all the best

    .-= Anthony Murphy´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  5. Hey Marcus,

    Here I am on your blog apart from
    all the usaul stuff folk say….

    …..I respect your commitment to
    I/M i listened to the interview
    that AJ had of you on his pre launch

    I found you to a true inspiration
    and look forward to meeting up for a
    chin- wag !

    I myself thought I couldn’t succecds
    but managed to get a few aff sales
    for MWA and well the rest is history!

    Speak soon Marcus.

    Darren Todd
    .-= Darren Todd´s last blog ..Internet Freedom….there really are no boundaries =-.

  6. Hey Marcus,

    Great looking site, just downloaded newbies journal and looking forward to reading it. I have set my goals to approx what you achieved in your 1st 4 months online so going to push myself very hard.

    .-= Simon Croft´s last blog ..The Journey Begins Now =-.

  7. Hey Nicky

    Thanks for stopping by hope you are enjoying marketing with Alex,

    If I had not met Alex I would not be where I am now

    Good luck mate ill head over to your blog soon


  8. Darren mate

    Now where have I heard your name? was you at Bristol?

    I dont think you are a total new guy are ya?

    Thanks for visiting ill pop over to see what you are up to.



  9. Nathan

    Hey Nathan you alright,

    Wow thanks for following my story mate,

    hope you do well on Alex’s course you will if you never give up

    just keep taking action and try and make your first money goal to cover your expenses then its just your time you invest.

    Take care


  10. Hey Marcus how’s it going?

    Really great site you’ve got.

    I’ve just started training with Alex Jeffreys and stumbled onto your site. I like it.

    Loved this quote, “They are just ordinary guys making a lot of money online.”

    Darren L Carter
    .-= Darren L Carter´s last blog ..Organizing Your Workspace =-.

  11. Hi Marcus.
    Please, let me ask a question:

    “What is the difference that has made the difference in your market’s positioning compared than other internet marketers?”

    Because we all new students follow you and the other top guys of Alex Jeffreys coaching program, but especially in your success story, let me ask what is or what was the X factor of your success?

    I think that you have learned a lot in all these last years and I appreciate your grow, both personal and professional.

    And I think that there was been very difficult to start a on-line success from scratch with accountability of have a family, vero?

    What are the feeling that you have felt?

    Can you reveal some key experiences that you have lived?

    Thanks for reading my words, Marcus.

    My hand on my heart,
    .-= Alberto Facchielli´s last blog ..Can a Great Passion to Reach an Internet Business Break a Wonderful Love Story? =-.

  12. Hi Marcus, I have just finished reading your report “Newbies Journal” short and sweet, but really insightful and honest.

    I am glad I read it, feel like I know a bit more about you and your journey online.

    I have signed up for Matt’s tutorials and Paul’s list building diary report, if you recommend them then I know they will benefit me, thanks Sally 🙂
    .-= Sally Neill´s last blog ..Alex Jeffreys Oil Rig Blog Hopping Made Easy =-.

  13. Hi, I’m very interested in Linux but Im a Super Newbie and I’m having trouble deciding on the right distribution for me (Havent you heard this a million times?) anyway here is my problem, I need a distribution that can switch between reading and writing in English and Japanese (Japanese Language Support) with out restarting the operating system.

  14. Hey Marcus,

    Hope you remember me. We chatted earlier this year when we were both in Jit and Adam’s coaching program.

    Haven’t heard from you in a while so I’m just stopping by to say hello.

    Enjoyed you ebook (finally was able to download it LOL). I know things were going great for you. Wishing you continued success!

    .-= Lesley “Wes” Klatt´s last blog ..Week 1- the Fun Begins! =-.

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