Dean Holland Presents-Starting With Marketing

Dean Holland Presents-Starting With Marketing

Dean Holland Presents Starting With Marketing-The Newbie Internet Marketing Academy

The promising up and coming new internet entrepreneur Dean Holland is ready to open the doors to his brand new coaching course.

For those of you who dont know Dean was a highly successful student of the legend that is Mr Alex Jeffreys,and in just about eight months Dean has made close to $20000 and quit his job.

If you missed the boat to get on Alex Jeffreys Marketing With Alex Coaching Course 2.0 and were left disappointed,then you cannot afford to miss the boat a second time around.



Dean is opening the doors today at noon eastern standard time,so are you ready to open them and walk through???

You will no doubt be wondering what you will be learning and how much it is right?? all I can tell you is places are very limited they WILL sell out fast and the price is LOW just go check out what this guy has to offer.

Another thing I can tell you is Dean will be teaching you the exact same methods and techniques that he learned from Alex’s course.

And remember this has earned him $20000 in 8 months $11000 of which he earned in four days, and he is expected to go on and earn $100000 in his first whole year of being an internet marketer.

Also you must know that Dean only 8 months ago was a newbie just like you and me,but he has made it and is willing to spill the beans. I already won a place on a coaching course but I already signed up for Dean’s course to its a no brainer for me this guy will make me succeeed.

I wont go on anymore and anyway Dean has a lot more detailed information on his page just go check it out!!



3 thoughts on “Dean Holland Presents-Starting With Marketing

  1. It’s amazing to see that Dean went from Alex Jeffreys coaching to doing his own coaching. I sure hope I can get to that point at the end of all of this. I love teaching people about this stuff (you may have learned that about me by now). That would be the ultimate job!

  2. Hi Marcus

    Good to see you won your place on Alex’s coaching course.

    I was on his first course and I learned so much during that coaching. I also learned from Dean too and I’m really pleased that he has started his own coaching course on the back of his own experiences as a newbie internet marketer.

    One thing I did learn from that coaching is that we are all individuals, all working at our own speed, with different lives and amounts of time.

    I’m not as far on as many of my fellow students, but the main thing is to keep moving forward, taking steps each day towards our goals.

    I hope that you and your other fellow students enjoy Alex’s coaching as much as I did!


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