Easy Video Player 2.0 – Josh Bartlett EVP2.0

Easy Video Player 2.0 – Josh Bartlett EVP2.0

Alright Guys

I was actually gonna create a review blog but ran outta time, but as its gonna be an evergreen product I have plenty of time for that. Plus I wanna play around with the easy video player software and create review videos with my take on the product.

See I actually met Josh in Vegas this year thats a picture of me and Josh below, I have known him since starting my business his a great guy really down to earth always willing to help you out.

Me & Josh Bartlett

So exciting times people Easy Video Player 2.0 is set to be so much bigger and better than Josh’s first release, just the video out below to give you a little idea what EVP2.0 can do.

If you are to excited to read on then click here to sign up for easy video player 2.0 right now and get on the early bird list

There is a massive buzz about easy video player 2.0 almost 1000 people signed up for the early bird list already.

So how easy is this, you upload your video to EVP2.0, created a completely hands free video sales page which has built in social sharing, commenting and sales automation. This has all been done for you, you didnt touch HTML, you didnt write any of the sales copy.

Easy Video Player does so so much more but if you are planning to integrate video marketing into your online business then you NEED EVP2.0.

Click here right now for the easy video player early bird notification.

Be excited

speak soon


6 thoughts on “Easy Video Player 2.0 – Josh Bartlett EVP2.0

  1. Hi Marcus,
    How are yall doing??
    Since I have no idea how to make videos is this something that I could do? Just curious if you find it an easy program.

    Does it show how to make videos of like a powerpoint instead of my smiling face in the camera? Is it a bunch of videos showing folks how to make videos? I suck at video learning. I like written instructions better.
    Have you used it? Is there maybe a video I could see that you made?

    When are you gonna put up your review?

    Dang! I am full of questions this morning!

    Thanks! Marcus and I hope you have a wonderfully amazing day!! 🙂


    1. Hey Lisa

      How are you?

      well to tell you the truth I have not had my advanced copy yet. But I have been watching videos on what it can do and it looks awesome. I believe you can create videos like powerpoint presentations…but the software does so much it looks incredible cant wait to get it.

      hope you are ok, I will be getting a review blog up soon….


  2. Hi Marcus.
    Congratulations for being one of the JV winners in the launch of the EVP 2
    I just want to know if those 20 videos you are offering for your suscribers are recorded by you or are they PLR and MRR. I am a newbiew and I need that kind of giveaway to start building my list.
    Please reply to me.


  3. Hi Marcus,

    Keep pushing forwards and don’t let any barriers get in your way.

    I’ve seen you in quite a few leaderboards so congratulations on
    where you’ve got to so far.



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