Happy New Year Everyone – Where Have I Been?

Happy New Year Everyone – Where Have I Been?

Hi guys

Hope everyone is good šŸ™‚

Ok I must apologise for my absence, 2012 started off good for me then continued on to end up my worst possible year EVER. You see I had great success releasing a couple of WSO’S one of which became WSO of the day.

I made a bit of money from having a small buyers list, which was great.

But immeadiately after I saw success, my son became ill with viral menigitis not the worse one which is bacterial thank god. But ever since, his become very weak and keeps picking up viral infections very easily. We are constantly up the Doctors and Hospital with him, and now we have an even bigger worry where recent tests have led the Doctors to test for leukemia.

Worrying times.

On top of this my wife Kristina is pregnant with our fourth child, due to give birth in March and has suffered from severe morning sickness. As I work a full time job as you can imagine this has left me littleĀ time to work on my online business, so I let it slide.

All at the same time even though I made some money from affiliate sales, I have found myself in extreme financial difficulties due to my wife losing her job and other factors. So have spent the last few months seeking help with my debts to.

I found myself having to constantly send affiliate offers to my list just to raise money for christmas, so that pretty much destroyed the last part of my business.

So guys there its is, desperate times for me and my family.

No money, No business left.

For now I need to concentrate on my family.

But I WILL bounce back, I will NEVER NEVER Give this up.

Peace out

Speak soon




5 thoughts on “Happy New Year Everyone – Where Have I Been?

  1. Hello,
    I hope things are turning around for you. I’m currently going through Alex Jeffrey’s training and he mentioned your blog. It’s very impressive. Thanks for the great info.


  2. Marcus, I saw your comment on Inbox Blueprint.

    Family first and they are always there for you. $ will come next.

    Hang in there. Hope your family is going healthy and growing in 2014.

    You had the success and you could focus and get there again.

    Your IM buddy,


  3. Hi Marcus, I hope 2014 is turning out a lot better than 2012 for you. The mere fact that your excellent blog is still “live” indicates that all is reasonably well with you. How’s your little boy? Is he getting over his viral infections?
    I’m currently studying under Alex Jeffries, having just completed Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge, which is excellent, but there’s NO way I could come up with the wherewithal to join his iPro course, although I think it would be worth investing in after I’ve made a few thousand with Alex’s help! I really like the JiBJab funny video!!!
    Good luck to you in all your endeavours. May you always keep smiling!

  4. Hi Marcus,
    Hope your son turned out ok. Like Lynn I am currently on the Alex Jeffrey’s Coaching Course which again led me to your blog.

    Again my payers are with you and hope your son is super healthy now. You said on top of that…My wife is pregnant. That’s a good thing, but I know what you mean.

    Hope the business as picked up now or picks up soon. I find that my life is up and down and a constant roller coaster. The difference is I have to push the trams UP the hill on this side until I reach the top.

    Depending on my preparedness (for when I get to the top) I come rolling down at an unstoppable and uncontrollable speed – Then hit the bottom and stand up dizzy from the ride.

    The only problem in preparing for the ride down is the possibility of over preparing. I tend to do that then don’t have enough energy to get to the top of the hill in the first place?

    Glad to see also that you are willing to get back on that horse and break it.

    Where you mentioned that your son became ill just as you were succeeding sounds like (and im no expert) the LOA was working against you – Sabotaging your efforts.

    Hope you get it all together and begin again concentrating on the business side of thing. When you have taken care of your family of course. But having said that sometimes (and I hope you get there soon) business needs taking care of to be able to take care of your family.

    Anyway all the best for the future.

    Stephen Hawkins

    By for now and good luck.

  5. Hi Marcus

    I feel for you man.I hope your son gets better. I am currently working full time in a factory and going through Alex Jeffries coaching program. I hope you bounce back fast as you have much to offer other people. Don’t give up.



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