If You Have Trouble Uploading Video’s To YouTube Maybe This Will Help!

If You Have Trouble Uploading Video’s To YouTube Maybe This Will Help!

Hey guys how are you all?

Just a quick post my friends,

This may help you if you are having trouble uploading to youtube.

Up untill now I have been using my webcam for making video and it was dead easy to upload to youtube, but the quality was pretty crap.

You see I want one of those HD flip camera’s everyone is talking about but as I am saving up for Vegas I have to utilize what I already have.

My buddy Rob Canyon suggested I use my digital camera so I had a crack with that. Yeah so the quality was better but what happened when I uploaded to youtube???

ARRRGHHHHHHHHHHHH It only took frigging 4 hours to upload 2 video’s only to find that the files were corrupted anyway, dam half a day wasted my friends.

So I had my XD card with the video’s on and they were saved as an avi file……….what could be the problem?????

Apparanty youtube prefers MP4 files!!! not sure why please let me know in your comments.

My good friend Dean Holland suggested to me that I get a file converter, so I did a google search and found some free software called formatfactory.

You dont have to use that just find one you like by searching on google.

So I opened it up went through the options and changed my files from AVI to MP4 in a matter of minutes COOL!!!!!!!!!!

Then I went through the youtube upload steps and in around half an hour SUCCESS video uploaded good stuff.

So these were just a couple of quick video’s I wanted to get up for the competition,took me ages but got there in the end.

Cheers Dean.

Speak soon people!

ps As usual I would love to hear your comments and thoughts.

passey out.

24 thoughts on “If You Have Trouble Uploading Video’s To YouTube Maybe This Will Help!

  1. Hey Marcus,

    YouTube can be funny like that, it is supposed to convert them for you but doesn’t seem to work half the time…

    I use a mac and it uploads fine straight from iMovie, I think it converts them before upload though which is cool, not sure if there is something similar for windows though. Can you not upload straight from Movie Maker?? Just a thought…

    I’m just gonna head over to YouTube and sub to your vids 🙂

    Talk soon,

    .-= Paul Wilson´s last blog ..Module 4 – Social Media Money – Blog Traffic and my Plans this Week! =-.

  2. Hi Marcus

    Hi, thanks so much for sharing the tips here, I plan to do some video and have no idea what is the best way to go for it.

    For HD camera, I just bought on not long ago, I never heard of the brand, but it’s going on sale so I bought one, my model is
    Action-HD GVS – 1080P HD Camcorder, I got it only for 150 NZD. I’m very satisfy with the quality. You can have a look


    Hope that helps.

  3. Hey Marcus
    Just thought I would pop by to say hello. Just got my blog up over the weekend so soon I will be catching up. Hey, great information about uploading to youtube. I have a PC for my internet marketing but I also have a Mac. As if this newbie isn’t confused enough. But I noticed Pauls comments on your blog about easy uploading. I think I may try that. Talk to you soon my friend. See you in the forum
    .-= Glenn´s last blog ..Maybe I bit off more than I can chew??? =-.

  4. Marcus

    Hope you’re keeping well. A frustrating tale regarding the video upload, but at least you have learnt from the experience (won’t make that mistake again I’ll bet!) and saved some of the rest of us some time.

    I think at this stage some of it is trial and error for us all, and Ill be the first to admit that my blog still needs a lot of work after some teething problems but we will all get there eventually.

    Should be getting my new header soon then its full speed ahead!!


    .-= Tom Harvey´s last blog ..And So It Begins….. =-.

  5. Hey Marcus!!!

    Another great post – and what a great tip! Sure to save a lot of people a right headache!!!

    Luckily I’d been saving in MP4 format so hadn’t hit that problem (only the 10 minute-limit Youtube places on videos, but now I know that I won’t be hurt by it again!).

    My only groan is that my HD camcorder’s in the UK and I’m away for work so I can’t use it at the moment… Grrrr…! Dodgy little webcam having to suffice for the moment instead!

    Speak soon!

    .-= Iain Buchanan´s last blog ..Video, Competition, Competition, Traffic and More… =-.

  6. Hey Marcus!

    Great tips for the newbies as far us uploading to Youtube. Or you cheat like I did. I got my husband to do it for me…lol He is much better at reading tutorials and figuring out what to do. I would have been in your shoes, getting frustrated and wondering why it wasn’t working!

    .-= Melanie Steeden´s last blog ..Youtube…A Terrifying Experience! =-.

  7. Hey mate.

    Dude! I’d love to!!! Plenty of it to be dished too! Lol!
    theres so much about him to tell!!
    I don’t think He’d want me dishing dirt!
    Lemme finish his tutorial first! Then ill tell you some! lol
    .-= Craig Crawford´s last blog ..Recently… =-.

  8. Marcus – great info for me.

    I am still figuring out what I can do with my equipment, it will be my very first YouTube experience. Thanks for your pointers, and I will most definitely visit your site again once I get things going with video!
    .-= Heine´s last blog ..The coaching is unfolding =-.

  9. Hi Marcus,

    Great information about YouTube. I ran into the same thing a few months back and it took days to figure out what I was doing wrong. I am using a program called Any Video Converter.

    I get most of my downloads from http://www.download.com.

    Thanks again for the great post, I think you might have saved many people hours of frustration.

    All the best

    Alvin Dawe
    .-= Alvin Dawe´s last blog ..Is The Money In The List? =-.

  10. Hey..glad to see this. I just bought the Flip 2nd generation and planning on doing some video as soon as it comes. Got a good deal on it through Amazon at 128.00 and shipping was free. If you are looking for one go get it. It got great reveiws on CNET!
    .-= Darren´s last blog ..Social Media!!!! =-.

  11. Hey guys some cracking comments my friends thankyou all of you for coming over to my place and giving me your support.

    I really appreciate it guys,I will try and get back to your blogs asap.



  12. hi Marcus,
    Reading about how to do veidos with UTube, It sounds hard . But I think veidos are the way to go,, Thanks to your bad luck you are passing good fortune to others to avoid the mistakes, we all appreciate it:) Good Luck to you and your blog is very good and has lots of good tips.

    .-= Rose´s last blog ..The Newbies Course – Week 4 =-.

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