Income Online – How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Income Online – How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Methods for Driving Traffic to Your Website

Well I know there are probably hundred’s of ways to drive traffic to your sites and I have used only a handful of these methods. Let me share with you the methods that I used to drive over 3000 targeted visitors to my other site in just a few months. If I had my autoresponder up and running then I probably would of got a few subscribers out of it.

I will add more methods as I find them but I just thought you guys might just want to know how easy it can be to drive traffic to your site.

Fresh Content – make sure you add fresh content to your blog at least a couple of times a week google loves fresh new content

Social Bookmarking – bookmark your sites at all the popular social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Furl, Facebook there are lots of them just google. I use software to submit my sites as it is a pretty tedious task.

RSS Feeds – Which stands for really simple syndication just get your sites rss feed and submit them to all the sites that allow you to do so. Again google it and you will get a ton of sites to submit to. Again I use software to do this but it can be done manually just takes more time.

Write Articles – And submit your article to Ezinearticles, Goarticles etc there are a few of them I think Ezine is the best this not only gets you targeted traffic but also creates backlinks to your site.

Join Related Forums – And post on these forums with useful information about your related niche to help others.Do not forget to put your site in your signature,and this type of activity should get you some targeted traffic.

Related Blog Comments – Post comments on other peoples blogs that are in your niche,take the time to post a good comment this will get you backlinks to your site also.

Yahoo Answers – Go to Yahoo answers and find related niches and leave a detailed answer,guess what more backlinks.

Video Marketing – I have submitted one video to youtube that is it don’t know much about this one at the moment.

Long Tail Keywords – Use the right keywords that people are searching for and get your page on the front page of google then your laughing.

Search Engine Optimize Your Website – Especially if you are using wordpress there are SEO plugins.

Press Releases – Create a press release about your site and what its all about and submit to press release sites.

Free Reports – Create reports to give out to your list making sure that there are links to your site included scattered through the report.

That is it for now people hope it gives you some ideas and remember just come up with some sort of plan to carry out these tasks. Your thoughts and ideas on this would be most welcome. I will add more content to this post as I get it so just sign up to my newsletter to be notified of any changes.

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