Income Online-I am Taking Action Are You?

Income Online-I am Taking Action Are You?

Hello Guys,

This is a thread I posted on a well known forum,that I thought I would share on my blog.

Just a reality check for those new to finding an income online,this is my advice to you.

Firstly have you got your mindset right?  what is your way of thinking? what is your mentality and approach to achieving an online income?  How much would you like to earn from your online business?

I know what I want to achieve, just sit yourself back and think what you want from this.

You need a plan.
You need to work hard.
You need to work smart.
You need to learn well.
You need to know that to make money it will take you time.
You need to know you will not make money overnight.
You need to stop chasing the money and one day the money will find you.
You need to know that your business could cost YOU a little cash to set up.
You need to know not to give up,you have taken this route you try your hardest.
You need to focus.
You need to know that if you keep at it one day you will succeed.

I have also spent about eight years buying into various mlm schemes and become a millionaire overnight schemes, without fully understanding what it was I was selling and without fully understanding how to drive traffic to it.

Reading around the Warrior forum I again decided to take action.

I bought a course to learn how to set a blog up and put a couple of affiliate products on it, then started learning how to drive traffic to it.I drove a few thousand visitors to this blog but without any sales,what was I doing wrong?

Well my blog had nothing to offer, it didn’t have any great products on it,it was not getting enough visitors really it was just a waste of time.

But I had still taken action hadn’t I and for that I was proud.

I then decided on trying out clickbank so I picked out a product, I learn’t how to set up a network of sites with original content and I tried basic keyword research.

I signed up to Ezinearticles learn’t how to write articles about my Niche and submitted them, I also tried many other methods to drive traffic to my network.

This time I was rewarded, I got six sales with one refund and ended with a total of $79.

I had taken action and I made money.

My mindset had changed though, I thought I had acheived success,I thought I could pick any product and make that $79 over and over again but sadly I was wrong.

I then tried my hand at a CPA network and set up a small network based around a couple of Niche’s but no joy there either.So to date I am still trying to find that elusive extra income but I am not giving up.

I am also a father of three the youngest being two months old and they occupy a hugh chunk of my spare time.So as you can see I find it hard to juggle my online commitments around my work and family life.

But still I take action.

You must know that I am not technical, but I am learning and you can to this is my second blog and I hope I get it right this time.

I think thats about it I hope it has helped, for those of you that are new to this business I really hope you do take action and I hope you all succeed.

Good luck my friends



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