Income Online – Importance of Building a List to Build an Income Online

Income Online – Importance of Building a List to Build an Income Online

Why It Is So Important To Build a List to Build an Income Online


Hi guys how ya all doing very well I hope?


Hope you are all enjoying my blog posts and getting something outta of it.


Everytime I find something that is useful for our business I will post the links right here, you wanna know what methods will make money they will be here, you want free gifts you can get them here. Well today I thought I would talk about the importance of creating a list, of course having a list is not the only way to create an income online there are many ways. I think to make money without a list is more difficult have you ever heard the saying “The money is in the list”


Well then lets make a list, I have not got anyone in my list yet this is the step that I wanna achieve right now. I took action and signed up to Aweber, I started this blog and I will be offering free advice on how we can all become successful at online marketing. You know a lot of the big guns in internet marketing have huge lists that whenever they have a new product ready to sell,  they simply email their lists and bingo instant many thousands of dollars.


We too can enjoy that success but to do this you need to have some sort of web presense like I am doing.


You pick a domain name

You sign up to wordpress

You get your own hosting

You sign up to Aweber for your autoresponder

You help people

When people do sign up to your newsletter they are not going to be knocking at your door every five minutes to see what your up to.You gotta offer them value and build up a relationship, you want to give them free advice and send them your products for free and they will keep coming back for more.
Every subscriber to your list is a human being not just a name on a list try and treat them with the respect they deserve give them value and in turn they will trust you and buy the products you recommend. So just another method guys lets get on with it and build our lists.


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