Income Online-OMG OMG I just won a place on Alex Jeffrey’s new coaching course!!

Income Online-OMG OMG I just won a place on Alex Jeffrey’s new coaching course!!

Hey everyone

I am so flipping excited I am jumping around my front room like a kid that has won the lottery.

I have only gone and won a place to be mentored by Alex Jeffrey’s Marketing With Alex Coaching Course 2.0


I cant believe it, I entered Alex’s competition a few days ago and he got around 470 replies with people desperate to win a place on his new coaching course.You know what I have never won anything before and this could be my ticket to big things.

This guy attracts a hugh amount of attention and I now have him as a mentor get in there.The best thing is whatever I can learn from this guy I cant wait to pass it on to my loyal subscribers…(only got two by the way lol)

My wife is happy my kids are happy they think I will change our livesI dont wanna let them down I really gotta take this opportunity with both hands and use it to my full potential.

Alex I cannot thank you enough my friend for picking me and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Passey out

12 thoughts on “Income Online-OMG OMG I just won a place on Alex Jeffrey’s new coaching course!!

  1. Hey Marcus,

    I knew you would do it, must have been my persuasive powers on Alex’s blog LOL

    Congrats man,

    Now it’s time to step up and make SERIOUS BANK!

    Love that saying.



  2. Hi Marcus,

    Congrats on winning the coaching with Alex Jeffreys. Gotta say I’m dead jealous. Have read his two recent freebie books it looks like he’s the man to follow at the moment!

    Nice job on getting your blog up and running. That probably helped you get your winning slot.

    Ever thought of doing a guide on how to set up a WordPress blog like this to help us newbies out?



  3. Hey Marcus,

    Congratulations fella! Saw you paid my site a visit just after you entered the comp.

    Look forward to hearing from you about what Alex is teaching his students this time around, I’m sure he’s put together a ton of great new material.

    Stay in touch,


  4. Hey there Marcus.

    Did you see my post on Dean’s site?

    Did you get what I said ..

    I’m no longer an unofficial student, I’m the real deal !!

    WAHooo … Plus I picked up Dean’s Bonus’

    So my friend we are going to be working together, and the going might get tough … but the tough get going and going.

    Best of luck to ya …
    and keep in touch.


    “It’s part of who I am –
    Not what I do !!

  5. Great stuff Malcolm

    Hey congrats I think Alex can take us to success look at Dean!!

    I am not even that far ahead of you so we are starting on the same level my friend.

    Yep I will keep in touch and maybe we can share some hints and tips

    see ya there



  6. Hey Marcus,

    Congrats on securing a place on Alex’s 2.0 Coaching ….

    Enjoy it, you will learn loads and if you implement what Alex teaches ….

    Will be looking a Dean Holland 2.0 😉

    Best of Luck to you

    Speak soon


  7. Hey everyone thanks so much for the brilliant comments it means a lot.

    Would be good to be the next Dean Holland Tommy dont know if I got his flare though we will see.

    Keep in touch guys I will be documenting my story here and will try and help people best I can

    all the best


  8. Hi Marcus,

    Congratulations on winning mate!

    Man, you’re in for a wild ride…you have no idea. Enjoy the coaching but like Tommy says implement it. It’s all about taking action and the quicker the better.

    Good luck

  9. Hey Mark thanks for the comment I feel very special I have won this prize I have been trying my best to follow this course I was calling myself the unofficial student of Alex Jeffrey’s but now it is official cant wait to get to talk to the man himself.

    Also big thanks to my man Dean Holland I have a lot to thank that man for.

    I really want this I just hope I can do it.

    Thanks for all the positive comments stay in touch

    Maybe we will speak soon



  10. Hi Marcud,

    Congrats on winning the course with Alex!

    We haven’t met, spoken, communicated online or emailed YET 🙂

    I say yet, cause I am sure we will be……..I have taken the opportunity to make the ivestment and commitment to Alex’s Coaching Course 2.0, Can’t wait!! and like you, totally focused and committed to succeed………..have you noticed a theme with the blogs 😉

    Be in touch soon


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