Dean Holland’s iPro Partners Program

Dean Holland’s iPro Partners Program

Introducing Dean Hollands’s iPro Partners program 






If you are new to internet marketing or indeed a veteran seriously you have stumbled on a VERY unique opportunity here. Not wanting that to sound hyped up before getting into the meat and bones of this opportunity, but so you know 97% of people hoping to make it online don’t make the cut. Dean Holland can boast nearly 52% of iPro members have made money that is insane and UNHEARD of in this industry.

I have met, and had the pleasure of working with Dean and am proud to call him a friend, I have not met a more down to earth caring entrepreneur Dean is the exception to the rule.



On the left that was the very first time I met Dean he even came to pick me up because I was so nervous to attend my first event, and on the right that was at an event in Vegas. I wont go on as this post is about the iPro partner program, but I just wanted to show how down to earth Deano is and what a great Mentor he is.

Ok as an internet marketer or the guy who just wanted to make money online, I found so many ways and scams promising to teach how to make money online. But most turned out to be scams or unworkable, I tried my best I really did but 100 percent effort churned out 0 percent results. Guess I would become part of the 97 percent that don’t make it online.

I had not made any money online untill I met Alex Jeffreys and Dean Holland 6 years ago, fast forward to today and I have probably generated around $150000 in sales online. Ok I must stop this post is about iPro not my story lol, but believe me when I say you want to make money online then I think you have found your man with Dean Holland.

The iPro Partner Program, what’s it about and why choose it

The iPro Partner Program just requires you to do ONE thing if you drive traffic to a squeeze page and that’s it then iPro handles EVERYTHING for you. Sound to good to be true right? but iPro have their own high converting proven sales funnels which include high quality products ranging from $10 up to $1000, $2000 and $5000 and beyond. 

There are advanced routes within iPro as you also get access to multiple areas of training, webinars, private facebook group, mentors constant interaction with the top team



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