Las Vegas JAN 2010-Internet Marketing Seminar-Alex Jeffreys-Mike Filsaime & Grey goose Vodka!

Las Vegas JAN 2010-Internet Marketing Seminar-Alex Jeffreys-Mike Filsaime & Grey goose Vodka!

Hey Everyone

Sorry I am getting this up so late, been real busy with other commitments.

Anyway just wanted to write a quick post about my adventures in Las Vegas.

As many of my loyal readers know I just attended a two day Internet maketing seminar in Las Vegas hosted by Alex Jeffereys on the 25th and 26th of Jan. Well infact I was there for 5 days in total!

You know I was feeling a tad guilty for leaving my family behind, but this was something I really felt I should be involved in and would help me move forward with my business.

Ok so I met up with a good friend of mine Paul Wilson on Thursday the night before our flight, then we flew out on Friday morning. I was very disappointed that my other great pal and business partner Paul Hooper could not join me and Paul, but due to family commitments he could not make it.

Me and Paul Wilson

As a bonus our Virgin Atlantic flight was less than half full, so we had the luxury of stretching ourselves out over three seats who needs business class eh!!

Plus we bumped into Garry Parkes Alex Jeffreys operations manager on the flight.

After a 10 hour flight, a few stellas, and some cracking films we landed at just after 2pm Vegas time, and my god it was bloody freezing.

We were in the middle of a desert weren’t we?? I thought it was ment to be hot.

So me Paul and Gary decided to ride in style and get a limo to our hotel the Mirage.

Living the life guys living the life.

Nice hotel it even had an erupting Volcano outside crazy stuff!!

We checked in dropped our bags of in our room, got ourselves all refreshed and 30mins later we were heading off up the strip to the MGM for Mike Filsaimes bash in Tabu nightclub.

Unfortunately we got there right at the end of the party, but I did stand right next to Mike Filsaime and saw Jason James. Although it seemed whose who in internet marketing was there, but to be honest I was more excited to meet all the other students.

My first time meeting Garry ‘Gazzman’ Simpson his smaller than I thought in real life great guy though.

Then I met a few of the other guys I have been dying to meet, Matt Wolfe, Joe Fier, Josh Bartlett, David Walker, David Chamberlain, plus my old mates Dean Holland and Dan Briffa.

First meeting and we were sober, and they had shall we say probably done some heavy drinking er sorry networking.

All great guys though and it was such a pleasure to meet you all, only thing I just didnt get enough time to talk with a lot of you!

Okay so the next night on the Saturday we were VIP guests along with 200 other marketers, at Mike Filsaimes club night at the Lavo night club in the Palazzo hotel.

Drinking FREE Grey Goose vodka all night long.

Ever seen that movie the Hangover? lol

When I checked my pockets in the morning I got all these business cards from guys such as Joe Jablonski, Frank Curtin, Jason Moffatt plus all the students business cards.

And I found a Tiger in my bathroom!

I Tell ya I need to get some business cards done!

I felt like a real Internet Marketer, I was living the high life for one night it was cool.

The next day we were ment to be meeting up for a drive along the Vegas strip in super cars.

Mmmm not a good idea after last night bit dangerous, so Gazzman had the great idea of going to shoot some guns maybe a little more dangerous than driving go figure!

This was a bit of bonding with my fellow marketers, although it was awesome and great fun shooting these guns. Lets be clear though, I couldnt help thinking what the power of these weapons could do to a person horrible things really! but for the fun factor it was an awesome experience though.

Okay so the next two days were the actual workshop where Alex spoke about what his acheived and outlined his new plans.

Also Alex had a great line up of guest speakers.

We heard Stephanie Mulac talking about Blogging.

Jit Uppal spoke about how he exploded his list and earns multiple thousands of dollars as a super affiliate, great presentation.

Dean Holland and Adam Speil got up and spoke about their TTS and month continuity programs great stuff to guys.

Also had Garry Parkes introducing the proceedings and Rodger Hyatt talking about his skype adswap channel.

It was excellant stuff and I hope to get the dvd.

Over the course of the few days I was in Vegas, I also met Vance Sova, Marc Milburn, Dean Oram, Graeme Ash, Athony Smits, Guy Hague, Jed Lamont, Daylynne Starr, Sue Worthingtin, Glenn Wayne, Randy Koehler, Graham Sutherland, Jean Shaw, Rob Bradley and Christine Moreno and Kevin Silva. I forgot Brad Bernie sorry pal.

I think thats it sorry if I missed anyone out let me know.

So that was it plus a bit more drinking and gambling in between.

On the last night we went out for a really expensive meal, it was Deans idea and one that I could really get used to, usually only go to McDonalds.

Left to right Paul Wilson, David Chamberlain, Me and Dean Holland.

It was a really good trip and I must say its hard for me to step out of my comfort zone. On one hand im just a normal guy and work as a postman, on the other I lead this other life trying to become an internet marketer bit surreal really.

All in all it was a great trip, met a lot of good guys and me and Paul got on like old mates.

Here are a few more pics of me and other marketers CLICK HERE to see all my pictures.

Me and Alex Jeffreys

Okay check out my other pics on my pics page, watch out for my book ‘newbies journal’ should be out soon end of FEB/Early March.

Oh and the four winners of my list building competition, I had some dates put to one side for your mailing. As of yet not got anyones adcopy, we will have to arrange more dates but your prize will be honoured.

Okay speak soon


19 thoughts on “Las Vegas JAN 2010-Internet Marketing Seminar-Alex Jeffreys-Mike Filsaime & Grey goose Vodka!

  1. Alright Brad dam man I missed you off just adding you. Hey thanks for filming me mate really sorry your camera ran out dude.

    mmmmm wonder what else we got up to cant remember much already!!

    cheers for popping over Brad speak soon

  2. Hey Marcus,

    Sounds like you had an amazing time out there, shame I couldn’t make it.

    But I love hearing about what it was like, and I look forward to seeing some video footage of your antics soon! 😀

    Speak soon mate,

    .-= Paul Lear´s last blog ..My Goals For 2010 =-.

  3. Hey Marcus,

    Who are those dudes in that pic … LOL!

    Great post mate, what a crazy few days eh?!!

    Can’t wait till the next time, we’ll definitely have to head back to Vegas for the next seminar. It’s gotta be done it’s ALL business 😉

    Take care mate,

    .-= Paul Wilson´s last blog ..Vegas Jan 2010 =-.

  4. Hey Marcus,

    “And I found a Tiger in my bathroom!” PMSL !!!

    Good times in Vegas and great to meet you!! I’ve only got 2 questions:

    1) “Who Is” Paul Wilson 😉


    2) Another one for the road mate?

    till next time…

    .-= Rob´s last blog ..Vegas… =-.

  5. Marcus,

    Hey! I had thanked you personally for naming me a winner… sorry I didn’t do that here yet! SO now please accept my hearty “THANK YOU” and that I look forward to moving ahead with this!


  6. Hi Marcus,

    It was good to meet you and everybody. I just wish there was more time to really talk to all the students.

    Next time I’ll make even more effort to meet and talk to everyone.

    Two days weren’t enough to get to know all the students more deeply but I’m grateful that I got to know as many as I have.

    I’m pretty outgoing but not as much as some guys like GazzMan.

    This was my first event of this kind and I look forward to the next one.

    Good post. I posted about the workshop at the end of January. There are some pictures and one of them includes you.

    Take care,
    .-= Vance Sova´s last blog ..Alex Jeffreys Marketing With Alex Las Vegas Workshop 2010 =-.

  7. Hey Marcus,

    Great to see you with all the “Stars”.Saw the video,the photos and all the outstanding work your doing for the Guys,with your list.

    As you say we are all winners!With your help,I think you’ll see a few more new faces next year.Ive got my goal now.

    Great Post.Love your work!

    .-= Ray Briscard´s last blog ..Header Gone.Oops. =-.

  8. @ Rob

    ha alright Rob thanks for stopping by, paul and his another one for the road eh?
    great to meet you do mate and im loving your blog and what you are doing!

    @ Dean

    Great meeting you to mate, pity we didnt have enough time to gel I found it a bit intense, and not enough time to get to know everyone, ill be over to your blog soon my friend.

    @ Kennon

    Hey Kennon really glad I can help you out mate, thanks so much for the card very kind gesture, speak soon.

    @ Matt ‘the bear’ wolfe

    Matt my man great seeing tou in Vegas finally, you were one of the first guys I spoke with at the beginning of my journey. Very nice guy hope to meet up with you again real soon.

    @ Vance

    Hey Vance

    You alright mate, great meeting you to although I agree 2 days was just not enough time. I was there longer but just to many people to talk to and not enough time. I will be popping over to your place real soon mate. cheers


    @ Heidi

    Hey its the wife!!

    Pity you couldnt make it Heidi it was fun, but one day you will.
    Hope everything is going ok with you, ill have to pop over to your blog soon.


    .-= marcus passey´s last blog ..Las Vegas JAN 2010-Internet Marketing Seminar-Alex Jeffreys-Mike Filsaime & Grey goose Vodka! =-.

  9. Hi Marcus,

    Sounds like you had an absolute ball!! And definitely sound like a boys club!

    I love the seminar events. They are great places to network, learn, and communicate with like minded people. I don’t know about you but when i tell my friends and family what I am doing they look at me as if I am talking alien. That is the downfall with this industry because we are on the net all the time it can be a little isolating.

    However in saying that I am sure us geeks certainly know how to party when we get the chance!!


    Jacinta 🙂
    .-= Jacinta Dean´s last blog ..World Internet Summit – Perth Australia Feb 25-28 =-.

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