Marcus Passey’s list building competition
Come & win 150-200 subs for your list! ** UPDATE! **

Marcus Passey’s list building competition
Come & win 150-200 subs for your list! ** UPDATE! **


Hey guys how are we all?

Have I got something very cool for you lined up.

I have decided to help three of you guys out and give your subscribers list a BIG boost.

But I am not just gonna give this to you, I am going to run a competition and 3 lucky winners will get a boost of around 150-200 extra subscribers in their list.

This competition is worth $197 to you, if you was to pay for a solo ad thats probably what you will be charged.

Dont worry its not gonna be a hard competition.

You see I have grown my list to just shy of 3,000 subscribers in around 150 days, but get this I added 2,000 in just 30 days and made a cool $1,000 as well as growing my list.

In 2010 im hoping to grow my list to 15,000 by the end of the year, although I have been told that’s a rather conservative figure so I might up it. Plus in growing my list I will generate many multiple thousands of dollars, thats how powerful this system is.

Thats just one of my plans for 2010.

Cool eh!

So you want the same right.

You see when I take part in an adswap, I have been sending my partner anything from 350-400 clicks on a double mailing.

This has resulted on numerous occassions in adding anything from 150-200 subs to their list.

So you see I want YOU to have a chance to grow your list, and make some money at the same time to.

Of course there is a little hassle for me where I cant add anymore subs to my list when I send your mailings out, plus I will get a load of people unsubscribe when I send your mails out which is common place.

But I just wanna give a little something back, and try and help you grow your list.

So here’s the deal and my competition rules.

If you are not a subscriber to my blog to enter the competition you MUST sign up to my newsletter at the top right of my blog.

You must have a list size less than 250 subs remember I only wanna help out the little guy.

You must be in the IM niche.

You must have a FREE product ( if you dont have this set up read on )

Check mine out to get an idea

Then contact me with your name and list building competition in brackets, with a short message telling me you entered.

Then I want you to write a comment at the bottom of this post telling me how far you are in your business, what struggles you have had, what success you have made. Just tell me YOUR online story and why YOU think you deserve to win this.

I will run this for one month and will announce the three winners on 6th FEB.

Depending on how successful this is I will run another competition in another months time.

>>>>>>> IMPORTANT <<<<<<<

If you dont have a product and you want to take part in this competition, I suggest you click on the link I will give you below. Remember I put 2,000 subs in my list and made $1000 using this system, so trust me I highly recommend it.

Click here if you want to get the same system I used to build 2,000 subs and make $1,000 in just 30 days.

I hope this is okay for you guys, I really hope there are a lot of you out there with small lists that need help.

Just think what a boost of 200 subs will do for you. You can then start taking part in adswaps and grow your list to massive proportions very quickly.

If you dont know what an adswap is you soon will.

Okay cheers guys.

Take care


PS: I really look forward to reading your comments… off to Vegas on the 22nd JAN to mix with marketers like Alex Jeffreys, Mike filsaime, Jason James Dean Holland and so many others.

Cant wait to tell you all about that.

34 thoughts on “Marcus Passey’s list building competition
Come & win 150-200 subs for your list! ** UPDATE! **

  1. Marcus my man,

    Bloody hell,(sorry for the language) you’ve got your pedal to the metal! amazing growth

    I’m sure I subscribe to your blog 😉 but will do again.

    You know my story pretty well, but for the benefit of your readers here goes.

    Like you, I was totally frustrated with IM, not making any money, spending more money than I had, but kept the beleif that I will succeed online. So Like you, signed up for a last ditch attempt to see how IM really works by being mentored by Alex Jeffreys.

    Everything was going well from July until I had major personal issues, and everything stopped, until now, but my list is less than 100, and I know I need to grow it fast.

    Just in the process of finishing off my adapted free product into a video series, and then I am going to be completely focused on my list building activities, and leg up would be a great start marcus 😉

    Catch you soon Marcus, miss you in Vegas, but sure I will hear the stories! lol!

    Take care


  2. Hey Marcus,

    Excellent idea man, everyone needs a helping hand when it comes to list building, If you have no list to start with then you can’t get into the adswaps which, as you and I both no is where the list building is at.

    Great way to get people up and running.

    All the best,

    .-= James Howard´s last blog ..My New Year Started With A Bang =-.

  3. Hi Marcus,

    Great idea!

    OK now I need to create my product, buy the product you recommend and get my butt moving so I can enter your competition!! 😯

    I only have a list of about 50 so this would be good for me!

    Hope all is going great. See you back here soon! 😎

    Jacinta 😀
    .-= Jacinta Dean´s last blog ..Good Bye 2009! Hello 2010! =-.

  4. Hey Marcus,
    Wow, you’ve sure come a long way, and with so many obstacles around you, too. I don’t have little kids in the house anymore, but I run an animal shelter and have 50 cats and dogs right now. Lots of work!
    Like you and Sean and so many others, I’ve just about given up thinking I could make it online. But I’ve actually reached a point of no return since I am too old to quit and get a J.O.B. After spending more money than we have and not able to pay all our bills this month, it’s still tempting to give in. But then what would I do? This is it.
    I do have a product that I’ve used in a few giveaways, a free report I wrote last year called Beginners’ Tips for Success. I also wrote one called How to Set up a Teleseminar, and tried to sell a larger version of that called Teleseminar ABCs. No one ever bought it, but I did build a list of about 25 with the free report. Pathetic… I know… so I need help! My list is growing, but sooooo slow. It’s up to just over 100 now (119).

    I wish I could go to Vegas and see all you guys, but I’ve spent all our money on products, programs, coaching and was going to about 3 live seminars every year, for about 5 years. Now I can’t do that anymore. My last event was World Internet Summit in Vegas. It was nice, but it didn’t help me one bit. No one wants to hook up with a grandma, I guess. My new focus has been to make it on my own, but everyone says that’s not possible. But forming partnerships hasn’t worked either, so what to do?

    Being in Alex’s coaching program and the forum has been amazing, so maybe this will be my new path to the success I’ve been struggling for.

    .-= Roberta´s last blog ..Top 10 Tips for the Right Mindset, Part 2 =-.

  5. Hi Marcus,

    Marvellous,Big Pat on the Back,and a beer when I see you.

    As a Newbie the hardest thing to do is go from zero to 50!Well done Jacinta there is always someone worse off.

    That you can do this for the new arrivals is worth far more than money.It will return to you in abundance.Lets hope the other Alex Jeffreys members can do something similar to help.I give my word now,that I will do exactly the same.

    Got to go I think I’m getting Religious.

  6. Hi Marcus,

    Thank you for giving us newbies this great opportunity. As a person usually I don’t like to compete against others but for achieving more than I expected myself from the beginning.

    I’ve tried IM before, 2007 with a catastrophic result of 7000 USD in debts. That learned me a lesson. I must take this business seriously in order to succeed.

    Then I met the team of carbon copy pro may 2009 with their more systematic approach to IM and a vast education database. What I missed there was the personal contact with the people instructors a coach I could talk with and a proper attack plan.

    I remember that before I started the MWA program I had to choices Alex Jeffreys and Jeff Johnson. Luckily I had already started to read Stuart Lichtman’s book “‘How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast”. Where actually money is the least it’s about, but how to align your mind to take the best decisions to get what you want.

    I assessed my alternatives and I chose Alex. And I really happy I did. This is the program and the community I needed in this IM world. I can’t show any clear and visible results, but I feel myself like a winner already. I have a decent product to offer after only 5 weeks of learning. I have put 2 PPP systems, I’m promoting like a crazy Josh’s EasyVideoPlayer, I’m inteacting with other people who are more experienced than I am and with other who are in the same situation like me or even greener in IM.

    I’m learning IM, driving traffic to my blog and best of all .. I’m having really fun. Every day is .. wow, what I can do today to make this thing better and help other small business entrepreneurs to understand IM. While I write this I can’t stop smiling 🙂

    Man, I could tell much more but I stop here. I’m happy you decided to help this way. If I win your competition I’ll be very happy to get your help. If I don’t win I’ll be still glad that I found a community of people that share my own ideas of working smart and hard (when necessary), sharing and inspiring each other.

    Wish a big success with your 15 000 target this year
    .-= Estanislao´s last blog ..The Small Business Quick Guide To Video Marketing =-.

  7. The competition is hotting up,

    I really like your storys guys I wish I could help you all out.

    But I will run this competition again if I consider it a success.

    Spread the word.

    speak soon


  8. Hi Marcus

    Towards the end of 2009 I decided to make a serious go of it online, and subscribed to lots of things, spending money both carefully and carelessly, looking for a ‘way in’. It’s as certain to me as to many others that there’s successes, however each of us measures them, to be had online. I read about what you guys are achieving with Alex Jeffreys. And I wanted a piece.

    A few weeks on, there’s a couple of things, almost opposites, that have become clear to me.

    For one, its certain, and becomes more so – if it’s not a contradiction to say “more certain”, lol – how tortuous the road through the mountains of internet mysteries can be. There’s wrong turns, and flashing signs with detours available around every corner. Adding to that are my own doubts that question even the ‘right’ information that I receive amongst all the distracting and misleading stuff.

    And then there’s the “aha!” moments when something is achieved – it’s like a shortcut is suddenly opened through an impassable place, like finding a hidden pass in those metaphorical mountains. And all at once it seems so much easier.

    This competition, and the info you’ve already supplied, is like finding a sign half hidden in the winter snow, showing the way to one of those hidden passes. So I know there’s a shortcut ahead, and I’m going in the right direction. Its like the feeling I get when I open another of Alex’s videos. I just know the way is marked, and if I keep going, I will get around the obstacles I find. Its exciting, and relieving. At the turn of the year I had neither one subscriber, nor one product, but made scary goals and felt like this time I WOULD get those things achieved. It was just a matter of persisting.

    So far I’ve made steps forward, and been driven back by obstacles. I even managed to corrupt my site so it didn’t work at all. I got rescued several times. But I’m having fun. After all, if it’s not fun, it’s not worth it. I haven’t got much of a story yet, though I will have fairly shortly! I deserve to be one of the winners because I care about the fortunes of others, and I want to use the ‘leg-up’ I get here to help in return as I was helped.

    Soon I’ll be able to light this route I am discovering so others too may walk it. That will be the biggest reward: knowing I that through what I did, someone else won too.

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate here. And I’ll have to be serious. The last IM competition that I entered, I won. I don’t want to break my streak…

    Kind regards
    .-= Anthony Smits´s last blog ..Making Your Life by Making a Difference =-.

  9. Hey Marcus,

    You’re doing great in building your list and making money at it too. I think what you are doing with this contest is great to help out the little guy just getting started.

    I’ve watched you since the beginning as you know and you have made tremendous progress. Keep it up as this looks like 2010 could be your year.

    Jeff Sargent
    .-= Jeff Sargent´s last blog ..My Goals For Success In 2010 =-.

  10. Marcus, I found you on Warrior Forum and I can really, REALLY relate to your frustration. I feel like an old man compared to you! lol

    OK, my IM business started probably in the 2005 era. I did have something before then, but to say it was a bust would be a step up, so I don’t even like to think about it.

    I had a business based around mortgage professionals. I even hired an IM “Coach” to help me out. Total waste of money. The mortgage business, as well all know, took a huge dive and the list I did have (or lack there of) literally was cut in half over night.

    With the encouragement of another coach, I changed focus and started teaching proper ecourse technique. I have built that list, in about a year and a half, to about 370 or so. (yes, it’s embarrassing). I give away products (text, audio, video)

    I also have a business where I interview other IM’ers. That has some subscribers as well, but nothing to brag about.

    When all is said and done, one would think I made some money along the way. BUT, reality is, the money I made hasn’t even been able to cover my internet expense each month.

    I have over 300 articles floating around and I’m at my wits end. I really could use a boost somewhere.

    So, that’s my short, sweet story.
    .-= Andrew ´s last blog .. =-.

  11. Marcus my man the more I get to know about you the more you inspire me.

    Before my comment here I must tell that I’m posting for the competition but I do wish all the best and hope everyone wins is some way.

    Ever since I saw your thread on Warrior I’ve become a fan. You are one hell of a success story man. I can’t be eligible for your adswap as I meet all of the requirements (semi-newbie with around 200+ list) but my niche is Self Improvement and not IM.

    Anyway I’d like to share my story here to inspire others posting here.

    I started IM about 5 months ago but only got serious in November 09. By then I was purchasing everything and anything that could make me a quick buck but needless to say that never happened. I figured I was desperate and that is any IM guru’s wet dream. So I stopped buying stuff and started learning and reading everything I bought and started taking action. The only thing that was keeping me away from success was my Mindset and my consistency. That’s All.

    Created my product in under a month with professional graphics and everything and man that was quick but wasn’t easy. Experiencing everything first hand and making the smallest of decisions was a nightmare. Entrepreneurship aint easy. Start treating this whole IM thing as a ‘Business’ and thats where my mindset changed. I took action and made choices. Some wrong but some right ones and 2 days after I read your post on Warrior (and commented) about you finally seeing some consistent money I made my first sale. $17

    I’ve grown my list from 56 to 200+ (participating in a giveway) in a week and I have received some awesome emails from people telling me how I make a difference in their lives. Thats the feeling I want in abundance.

    I have already lined up 3 JV partners (all approached me themselves) and it comes down to the ‘Mindset’. All the people trying coaching programs and blueprints and actually creating a product and still not making any money is because of their mindset because with the correct mindset you make the right choices.

    ‘If you don’t believe in yourself. No one else ever will’.

    If your believe in your product you will automatically come across as a confident person and that will reflect in your interactions with like minded IMers helping you network better and securing JV deals.

    I guess my rambling is gone too far now. I just wanna wish you all the best and all the contestants in your competition and I hope I inspired them in some way to take action and believe in themselves.

    p.s I still can’t get my head around building my blog so that I may interact with more people and have a platform to communicate with the masses.


  12. Hi Marcus

    I blame my accountant for getting me into this! I run an aerospace sub contracting company and 3 years ago the accountant said I should spread my industry base online, sounded like a good idea.
    I started with ebay, but as their modern motto is ‘we’ve gotta fee for that’ quickly gave up on that, so with no products and no partners, affiliate links appeared the obvious choice. Now as I did not really need to succeed I never did, but late last year I thought that it was time to put up or shut up.

    So I trimmed my affiliates list down, joined an autoresponder, started blogging, tweeting, poking, building websites and products for sale. I also started using JV Giveaway events, thanks to JT Martin constantly nagging me via email to try them out. The result was that I was kept very busy and yes I had traffic, but then so does the A1 in Yorkshire! There are silver linings, one was that my second list now has 15 subscribers thanks to the JV events, the first list was destroyed by using the default marketing letters that advertised the autoresponder, one lesson learnt! The other good news is that I have written a dozen letters that I use to convince my affiliate autoresponder trialists to sign up as paid members. These letters have actually converted one person and there is another going through the process, so somes things do work.

    Over Christmas 2009 I really thought that it was all pointless, sick of hearing how easy it all was and how it could be done in a month. I then got a report from Bryan Kumar that stated you either want to be a success or you need to be a success, he outlined the massive differences in the attitude of the people in these 2 positions. I followed his report and the first part did not work, same as all the other reports, ah well. I have yet to try the rest of the report.

    Now I have had a stable contract for over 4 years, but just before Christmas they let 21 sub contractors go, eek gotta focus and get list building. This week I found out that there is another 60 to go with the first batch of 30, next week, so I now have the need in a very big way, which is why it is 2am on a Friday night and I am writing this.

    I have systems in place to advertise the affiliates, I blog when I get the time and I actually paid £800 for Howie Shwartz to build 4 blogs for me, but his IT guys system is poorly at the moment so my blogs are on hold! So I would love to find the missing element to my systems, as its not for a lack of effort that I am getting poorer every time I read my emails!

  13. Hey Marcus (sorry made a post and hit return too quick .. above).

    Been online for coming up to three years and started out getting stung with MLM. Discovered affiliate marketing and got hooked. That was probably 3 years ago.

    The biggest problems have been without doubt doing instead of reading, and finishing projects. I’ve several projects set up which are earning but really only halved finished.

    Listbuilding has been the one thing that I’m having the best success with, it’s relatively easy, you don’t need a lot of webpages or technical skills to get it going. Best of all you can see daily progress when you add a new subscriber. It doesn’t have to be all about sales … growing your list is growing your business.

    Me .. why should I be a competition winner? Mmm first because I’m modest and don’t like to blow my own trumpet, those kinda guys get forgotten about until you realise they’re often the ones with the most committment, give the least trouble and in for the long haul.

    I’m committed to growing my business, giving back to the IM community and will one day … repay the favour!

    Goodluck with your own work ..


  14. Hey Marcus!!
    I’ve been reading your blog for some time now, and its been refreshing to see some one doing so well, High 5 to you my friend!
    Its great to see you doing so well, thanks to your very good friend (and mine) Dean Hollands.
    Any way, I sit here in anticipation waiting for your next blog and your update on how you are progressing.
    All the best my man
    “you rock”

  15. Hi-Marcus.
    Jacalyn here met you at Alex Jeffreys workshop.
    It was unreal, for the Newbie so to speak,Mike Filsaime said we were not to call ourselves Newbies anymore.We are the next 2010 success story.
    I am joining your site now, my list size is <50.
    I have a blog started on Internet Marketing it is slow going, getting it all together,I have a free product there, a few actually, I have just learnt to put up a squeeze page and am in the process of doing this as soon as I get back to Australia. My blog need some tweeking and working on it.
    I have learnt so much from the weekend.
    It would be Fantastic to have more on my list, this is the hardest part of getting going.
    I have joined some giveaway events but I didnt have a squeeze page to sent people to and put the product on my blog page.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  16. Hello Marcus,

    I’ve been meaning to visit your blog since i saw your very funny video on youtube a few days back in which you are trying to “copy and…..paste” while holding the baby and dealing with your other kids. Made me laugh.

    Good work fella! 🙂

    Anyway, enough a*!e licking. I would very much like to do an adswap with you mate (can i call you mate?)…and here’s why i think i qualify…

    To be honest, i didn’t even really know about the concept of online marketing until about 4 or 5 months ago – i obviously knew that people were making money doing this type of thing but i never really considered it as an option.

    Anyway (i’m starting to waffle again), i discovered Mr Jeffreys….eventually signed up for his coaching 3 weeks ago…and here i am with a mailing list of…(wait for it)….<<>>….consisting of…No.1….a mate of mine….No’s.2&3….a couple of fellas called “Cliff Test 1 & Cliff Test 2” and No’s.4&5….received today after entering my first giveaway which started today.

    I’m really trying to make it here – despite having to run a busy but flailing electrical contracting business – got a wife & 2 kids who think i’m crazy and don’t quite understand what i’m up to at the moment and i’m averaging about 4 hours beauty sleep a night right now (time now is 02:50 Sunday morning).

    So I urge you Marcus my old mate – consider me – to help me reach my goal of 5 hours sleep a night.

    Onwards & Upwards,

    .-= Cliff Truss´s last blog ..Training Module 1 – Forward to Basics =-.

  17. Here mate its not nice building anticipation, getting raving fans, getting us addicted to your blog, inspiring me to actually make one [almost done] and just disappearing like that. Totally not acceptable.

    I know you’ve been busy and all and can’t wait to hear about your vegas trip as I hear some great stories about you[gary’s blog]

    Stay in touch mate and yea do drop by my blog will be live in a week or so.

    .-= Maddi´s last blog ..Patience my dear, is a virtue. =-.

  18. Ha Maddi did you mean that totally not acceptable comment??

    Hey guys ive been really busy networking in Vegas so so tired.

    So many great replies who do I pick man its a hard one.

    I really appreciate the effort you have put into your comments, and I really wish I could help you all.

    Maybe I will be in a position to help more of you one day.

    Good stuff people, not long until the competition ends. Thankyou for your loyalty and I shall speak to you soon.

    All the best


  19. Hey Marcus! (You’ll recall I attempted to communicate with you on-line while you were in Las Vegas.)

    Thank you for this generous offer and your desire to help others…

    You’ve declared that you want… a comment here telling how far I am in biz, my struggles, and my successes. You want me to tell YOU my on-line story and why YOU will name me a winner… So here goes…

    Here are 5 reasons why you’ll select me as one of your winners…

    #1) You will be pleased with what this will mean for you… to prove it and demonstrate, even though you didn’t ask for this, I’ve already Tweeted about your offer and posted it on my Facebook page.

    In other words, this is one of many ways yet to come… you see how I pay it forward for you and others.

    Additionally, if named a winner, you will get my on-going commitment to promote your list building gifts like this in the future.

    #2) Your other two winners will enjoy my readiness to do a prompt ad-swap with each of them… AND NOT JUST ANY AD SWAP either! As long as they’re not offering something absurd or pornographic, I’ll be ready to do an ENDORSED swap with each of them.

    #3) You will be pleased with my specific gift… in recent months, I have formed 3 MasterMind groups with an eye towards helping others. My gift offer will help Internet marketing people with LEVERAGE and powerful teachings. We’re talking of the quality of the great teacher, Napoleon Hill.

    #4) You will get many opportunities for worthwhile joint ventures… This gets into my story more for you… One of my favorite activities is brokering winning JV deals… I first did this in 2004 and made $415.95 for less than an hour of work… so it is known that this stuff WORKS! Unfortunately, many family difficulties got me focused too much on problems rather than solutions at the time (and so it took me a while to return to doing this and other on-line marketing activity). In early December, 2009, I started brokering more immediate money-making deals for I-marketers. The unfortunate thing is that my two biggest partners BOTH suffered multiple illnesses during the last two months… so none of the several BIG deals that I brokered for them have been executed yet! I’ve brokered close to 10 JV’s that I haven’t yet cashed in on. So now instead of focusing more heavily on e-mail list building as I would have liked to do, I have had to scramble to pay bills with “band-aid solutions.” So at this time I have a few lists which all tally to a total less than 200 subscribers.

    #5) You will have a great feeling inside, knowing you’re helping a father of 6, who loves and cares for his children. You will also have the satisfaction that I will include you in another of my product creations on winning big-ticket giveaways. It all started with me winning a $25 gift card for Domino’s pizza… and there are more and bigger competitions I’ve won since then, JUST within the last few months. So now… You have my GUARANTEE that I’ll include details about you and your contest(s) in my product, explaining how I won. You know the saying, “Success breeds more success.”

    So Marcus, there you have it… It’s an easy choice for you. As soon as your deadline arrives, you can name me winner at the top of your list!

    You’ll be so glad with your selection. And, as I said, your other winners will benefit from it as well.

    Thank you for your kind consideration.

    Sincerely at your service,
    Kennon Fort
    P.S.- Man, you’ll be so glad to meet and know some people I have in mind for you to build your own list with ad swaps as well. Pick me!

    P.P.S.- You have truly inspired me to higher levels. Pick me!

    P.P.P.S. – Here’s a bonus reason… because… You’ll notice I’ve endured longer than anyone else here… I first started into I-marketing in 2002 and lasted until 2004. Upon returning in the last few months, I declared myself to be Comeback Internet Marketer of the Year. YOU can help me realize that dream! Pick me!

  20. Hi, Marcus, So good to meet you and friends in Las Vegas! Wild time was had by all – lots of fun! Kevin says “Hi”, too. Let’s keep in touch for sure.

    Your Blog is inspiring – I’m going to keep checking in. Thanks to you and David Walker, I now have a Blog up, too. My first. After seeing yours and David’s and Gary Simpson’s, mine has a lot of work to do!

    All our best,
    Christine Moreno and
    Kevin Silva
    .-= Christine Moreno´s last blog ..Hello and Welcome To My Blog! =-.

  21. Hey Marcus,

    I came over here to comment on another post but it’s been a month since you posted this. Come on man, you’re getting as bad as me. I just went a month also. That’s bad, I need to be more regular as that was one of my 2010 goals and I’ve already gone ahead and messed that up.

    I’m anxious to hear what you have to say about Vegas. I’m sure you’re making up a post right now as I type this(aren’t you).

    I’ll be back when I hear through the grapevine that you’ve made a new post.

    Jeff Sargent
    .-= Jeff Sargent´s last blog ..Aweber Click Tracking – How Not To Do It =-.

  22. My online story will not be untypical.
    I have been struggling along with the best of them for over a year.
    I have listened to what every man and his parrot has had to say about Internet Marketing. I have bought and read just about half of the books on the internet and poured a ton of money down the pan.
    I have come to the conclusion that it is all par for the course for those who want to earn an income online with marketing.
    It is a minefield.
    There has been soooooooooooooo much to learn, and not all of it is of benefit to people like myself.
    I have hit major obstacles dozens of times that I have had to figure out myself. I have felt like thumping the screen on many occasions, but ended up switching it off instead.
    Many things and offers take you completely off the track – down one-way streets that lead nowhere most of the time.
    Because there have been so many obstacles en route, it drives someone like me (and once again I think I am not untypical) to take an ‘easier’ route to success. The ‘easier’ routes lead to a different street – Disillusionment Lane, just off Nowhere Street, where the inhabitants stand around looking at each other for help that never arrives.
    It is at this stage that I realised why 95% of Internet Marketers hit the buffers – because they get disillusioned, frustrated and in the end defeated. It is only awkward and cantankerous people like myself (my wife’s words, not mine) that stay the course and might eventually make it with some help.
    Here now is the key word – help. I have now realised that newbies like me need help if they are to succeed.
    Some of it will be free, but if one is to make it big time then one needs the help of a pro – someone who has made it and can talk the talk, having walked the walk.
    I have downloaded and read thoroughly all of Marcus Passey’s blogs.
    I have watched all of his videos (the ones on his website that is!) and written a short precis of his internet journey from start until now. It is impressive.
    It is inspiring and hopeful to the little guy.
    Persistence was a key. Mentoring was another key. Openess will send his List into the stratosphere. He is da man.
    Why do I desrve to win this competition?
    I have struggled full-time for over a year. My List now stands at 227 (luckily just under the competition 250) and at last I see that there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel.
    I am just starting a blog and hope to get good things from that.
    Like Churchill said in 1941, giving in cannot be an option. I could tell you I am practically broke, but how can you know if that was true? I might be a lunatic millionaire who enters competitions as a full-time job for all you know!
    To win an extra 200 subs would put me into another bracket. Perhaps there is someone else who is a more deserving case than me, so may the best man win!
    I also think I made some pretty complimentary remarks about Marcus that hopefully will not fall on deaf ears, and if I do win I faithfully promise to start up a completely new Essex branch of the ‘Marcus Passey Appreciation Society’.
    Tony Palmer
    .-= Tony Palmer´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

  23. Hey Marcus

    No new post since Vegas to comment on so I’ll comment on the last one again 🙂

    I appreciated the chance to meet you in Vegas – tho I missed the shooting range – should I believe even half the stories I hear about that??

    Since you posted about this contest, I’ve made my first product, and entered my first giveaway. Like many other first attempts at things, its not the finest product and my ebook is destined for the archives as soon I can replace it – but its all practice. And I take on board what Alex says about just getting something going.

    Talk again soon
    .-= Anthony Smits´s last blog ..After Vegas, a month of Antics =-.

  24. Hey guys

    I am still here… just getting way behind and I still gotta do my vegas post….. man oh man so many great comments here, thanks so much for taking the time to give these awesome replies. I really wish I could help you all out. It is really gonna be hard to pick a winner outta you guys.

    Thanks for your support

    Speak soon


    If you wanna get hold of me im at

    take care

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