Marketing With Alex Coaching Course 2.0-I wanna know your goals??

Marketing With Alex Coaching Course 2.0-I wanna know your goals??

Hi guys

Just a short post my friends just want to know your thoughts and comments.

Well with the marketing with Alex coaching course 2.0 fast approaching, just wanted to know what goals you have set yourselves for this year?

Of course we all want to leave our jobs and be our own boss,we wanna be free,we want financial freedom. But what do you personally think you can and want to achieve from this??

Mmmmmm My goals let me tell you my goals for this year.

Well for starters:

1) I need to create an extra regular income of at least £200 a week

2) I need to clear my debts

3) I want and my family want me to take them on a dream holiday to Florida.

Now these goals to some of you may seem a bit low,but for me those seemingly simple goals will be life changing for me and my family.

Having Alex Jeffreys as our Mentor I am sure my goals will be way exceeded after completeing his course,maybe I should be aiming way higher.

But you know thats what this post is for I wanna hear YOUR goals and YOUR thoughts and comments on this.

So go on hit me I love reading your comments

Speak soon


13 thoughts on “Marketing With Alex Coaching Course 2.0-I wanna know your goals??

  1. Hey Marcus,

    I hear you with your objectives & goals …..

    The one of the first things you will learn with Alex is ‘Don’t chase the money, let the money chase you’

    It took me a while to get my head round this, as I always chased the money previously ….

    but believe me, Alex was blooming right as always !

    I am excited for you and the first 2.0 webinar tonight, your wife will need to get used to you hitting the hay late lol !!

    Anyways, even with all the curveballs life has thrown at me in 2009 …. my goals remain as product creation, and continuing to brand myself in the big WWW World …..

    Also along the way my list will continue to grow 😉

    Good Luck with your goals



  2. Hey Marcus,

    Thanks for popping by my Blog earlier, as for the header you want to go to or

    I will certainly be using Michael again for my free ebook and twitter background, awesome design’s.

    Marcus, i like your goals, they are realistic and achievable, as for the debts, we are all there but keep on keeping on and they will be clear.

    Years ago my goals were unrealistic and unacheivable, like, earn
    £20k per month, drive a porsche and all the frills of having a dream 😉 but the best thing was I didn’t have a plan, so my first goal is to have a Solid plan with Internet Marketing as my vehicle, develop my first internet marketing product and initally my financial goal is to create an initial second income of £500 per month…..not unrealistic and I will increase this as my plans become bigger with what we learn on the coaching course!

    hey this might change in the next hour with Module #1 🙂
    Off to get some caffiene to stay awake!


  3. Hey Sean

    How much did the header cost if you dont mind me asking??

    Nice goals,nice and simple like mine very realistic and well described.

    Yeah we shall be millionaires my friend,dam I wanted to hear some more goals but hey we know what we want mate eh?

    not long now I hope its cool.

    Cheers Sean

    speak soon


  4. Hi Marcus,

    You really impressed me when we spoke the other day and I admire your determination to succeed and passion for this niche. I am certain you will blow your goals out of the water!

    My main goal is to be earning $20k a month inside the next 12 months. A little ambitious perhaps but I don’t see why I cannot achieve this with the knowledge I already have and my new focus.

    I think the coaching I am receiving from Rich Schefren and now Alex Jeffreys will put me on the right path I have stubbornly avoided over the years.

    I hope tonight’s webinar gets you on your way and our paths will cross a lot during the coming months!


  5. Hi Marcus,
    Just wanted to drop by and say hello. Congrats on getting into Alex’s course. I’m an alumni from his first coaching course and can assure you that you made a great choice of mentor’s to follow.

    Your goals are reasonable. Just follow the modules and take action.

    Talk with you again,

  6. Hey Marcus.
    How are you doing fella?
    Listen … as you know the Marketing with Alex 2.0 course started last night with the first webinar – Module 1 – and I heard him invite you into the Q&A session – actually a few times – did you have problems with your connection?
    I was dying to hear any questions you might ask.
    But hey never mind there’s going to be plenty more chances.

    What did you think overall?
    It was great wasn’t it !!
    I took away a lot and I’ve spent this afternoon putting up a few more posts on my blog but I’ve not got anywhere near putting it all there yet — I mean 5hours of sheer info — the Guy just blows you away.
    Speak soon Marcus.


  7. Hey Marcus,
    That was an awesome coaching session last night! I can’t wait to really get started with the profit pulling platform. It’s going to be amazing. Your goals seem realistic. I’d change your vacation destination to San Diego over Florida (I’m biased. I live in San Diego) 🙂

    As far as my goals. I want to be making $100 per day within the next 4 to 6 weeks. I know this seems kind of high but I’m not working right now. I have made the Alex Jeffreys coaching program my day job. I can focus 100% of my time on making money online. My long term goal is to be making about $75,000 per year at the end of 12 months or so. This will allow my wife to quit her day job. I will only build it from there.

    We are the next batch of Alex Jeffreys success stories! I can’t wait to get to know you and all of the students better as the course progresses! I see good things in store. 🙂

  8. Sean great goals my friend lets do this together speak soon yeah??

    David you will probably far exceed your goals thanks for the comment good luck.Nice talking to ya the other day.

    Matt thanks again for your comments you will do well you have an awesome blog my friend I am very jealous.Okay I shall come to San Diego.

    keep in touch guys



  9. Hey Marcus,
    I just wanted to let you know that I think I figured out why your RSS e-mail is acting up. I posted the details over in the Alex Jeffreys forum.

  10. Hey Marcus,
    I’m a little late in reading this post, but I’m loving the coaching from Alex so far. The man is genus and so thorough with his teachings–truly amazing.

    As for my goals, quitting the day job with definitely at top priority. But here are my others:

    1. Earn enough money to buy a house with my girlfriend
    2. FINALLY take an extended trip around Europe
    3. Never have to use an alarm clock ever again!

    Anyways, I’ll be looking for your future posts. Good luck with everything!

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