Marketing With Alex Coaching Course 2.0
Just My Own Progress Report

Marketing With Alex Coaching Course 2.0
Just My Own Progress Report

Hey everyone

Well just over a week in and I thought I would just update you guys on my progress so far,if I can do this so can you so keep reading keep doing keep taking action.

Remember I have not done anything special I have just been branding myself and positioning myself.

People are beginning to know me,like me and trust me its great.

Hell people have even been coming to me asking questions about how I put my blog together cool eh?? I am totally unqualified but people are coming to me for help, and I am actually helping them and its great.

So my stats which you will find on my about me page CLICK HERE I shall write them below anyway.

Ps Here are my stats from my online journey

To date as of 29/06/09

I have this blog.

I have made $79.

I have been learning to drive traffic to my blog.

I have had 636 views to my blog.

I have a twitter following of 1500 people.

I have 10 subscribers to my blog

*******NOW ITS 14/07/09*******

I have had 1100 views to my blog.

I have over 100 comments to my blog was at 40.

I have a twitter following of over 3000 all done manually.

I have made videos and posted em to youtube.

I have had people asking me for help and I helped them.

I have worked through setting up the PPP but it went wrong on the test phase starting again.

I now have 21 subscribers to my list.

The money is in the list, The money is in the list, The money is in the list, The money is in the list, The money is in the list, The money is in the list, The money is in the list. Remember The money is in the list!!!!

Good stuff my friends I hope all you guys are getting there to.

speak soon my friends.



22 thoughts on “Marketing With Alex Coaching Course 2.0
Just My Own Progress Report

  1. Hey Mark

    Awesome comment my friend,

    Ha not really all I did was make friends with dean and just copy him cool eh?

    Thanks means alot that you can see im being productive gives me that get up and go.

    yep does not matter about getting it right just get it going.



  2. Hi Marcus,
    Man, you are like the energizer bunny-absolutely amazing…well done!!! Makes me long for the days of old. 🙂 I am so very impressed with you & some of the things that you have accomplished already! There are quite a few people in our class who are really doing very well-WAY TO GO TO ALL OF YOU!!! I’ll get there, most definitely, just not as quickly as most of you.

    Keep up the great work, Marcus!
    .-= Joann Henry´s last blog ..‘Right Now’ Is An Excellent Place To Start =-.

  3. Hey Marcus!

    Impressive stats. It’s inspiring seeing what you are achieving with your blog. Would love to have a chat and see how your doing it all! 😉

    The coaching is immense, shame you can’t make the live calls. Hopefully soon you won’t have to be getting up early every morning though!

    We’ll all get there, cant’t wait till the meetups!

    Take Care

    .-= David Chabmberlain´s last blog ..Who Am I? What have I done and What am I doing? =-.

  4. Hey Hey

    David,Rod,Liane,Joann,Rob,Bob,Sean and Mark and everyone else that comments.Please have a look around my blog see if there is anything cool for you ask me questions I might be able to help.

    Listen guys thanks for your comments I luuuuuuvvvvvv reading cool comments,I love feedback.

    Thanks to my man Josh for sending people my way.

    I am hoping to make a few changes as per Tommy’s suggestions that is what I wanted someone to critique my blog.

    I am having a new header designed to so watch this space people!!

    speak soon


    ps I will be heading over to your blogs again real soon.

  5. Marcus

    Congratulations on the great start, something for us all to aim towards!
    I’m still in the process of having my sites created by Adam over at Prohosting then I will be ready and raring to go.

    Struggling a bit with these late calls on a Monday evening at the moment, not great if you’re in the UK with work the next day, think I’m going to switch to the replays. Its great to see such a bunch of dedicated people and great support amongst everyone.

    Keep up the good work!


  6. Hey Marcus!!

    Im finally here my man!

    Thought it was about time I stopped my myself and commented on your blog!

    My blog is finally up so now we can hook up and keep in touch through our blogs too.

    Just want to say a MASSIVE well done my man, you are being active, working hard, staying positive and getting stuff done! Thats the way to do it.

    I am so happy to see things starting to fall into place for you my man, im also glad you took the plunge and got in front of the camera!

    Look forward to chatting with you again soon my man!
    .-= Josh Bartlett´s last blog ..You Know More Than You Think! =-.

  7. Hey Josh dude

    Thanks for stopping by,man your blog looks very professional mate very good.Great first posts as well you seem a very intellegent man,I treid leaving you a comment but could not click on anything?

    skype me soon bud.

    ps when am I getting my free holiday to new zealand??

    speak soon


    pss cheers to everyone else leaving cool comments.
    .-= marcus passey´s last blog ..Marketing With Alex Coaching Course 2.0Just My Own Progress Report =-.

  8. Hey Bro!

    Thanks for stopping by man and for the great words, my comments are fixed my friend so get over there and get talkin 😉

    As for NZ, whenever you wanna come over, ill look after you and show you around my man 😉

    When I get rich ill shout you a first class ticket too 😉

    In the meantime, if you can get yrself here ill sort you out once you arrive 😉


    Catch you on Skype bro,

    .-= Josh Bartlett´s last blog ..Video Marketing, Where do I start? =-.

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