Marketing With Alex Coaching Course 2.0-My New Life Starts Now!

Marketing With Alex Coaching Course 2.0-My New Life Starts Now!

Hey everyone

First of all when I get to meet Dean Holland I shall be buying him a beer well a few actually. And for those of you who have not heard of Dean he was one of Alex’s top students in his first marketing with Alex Coaching Course.

Check him out

For those of you who have been following me you might know that I consider Dean to be a good friend ( whether you like it or not Dean lol ).

I have not even met Dean in person yet but I warmed to him instantly since I first contacted him on the Warrior forum, we have exchanged many emails and PM’S to each other and I now consider him a friend.

It is because of Dean that I heard of Alex Jeffrey’s coaching course, and I was gutted because I could see what Dean was doing but I could not get on the course. And I wanted it ,I wanted a bit of Dean’s success.

So what I decided to do was try and follow Dean, you know I did not get far I started a blog but it was total crap so I shelved that and recently just started marcuspassey dot com. what you see now is how far I have come its not very far but like they say I took action.

To date

I have this blog.

I have made $79.

I have been learning to drive traffic to my blog.

I have had 636 views to my blog.

I have a twitter following of 1500 people.

I have 10 subscribers to my blog including Dean.

Not very good stats I know but you come back here in a few weeks time and lets see my progress then my friends.

I also am very fortunate to be now connected to REAL people making REAL money, and actually want to help YOU make money.

You know what!!!! this is the start of my real journey now, watch me become a success. I am now very lucky to be on Alex’s new course, marketing with Alex coaching course 2.0, which promises to be even bigger and better than his first one.

You see I have never had a Mentor or a business model to follow but now I have that, and I just need to implement what I am going to be taught and I shall become a success.

Just like to say thanks for all the wonderful comments I have received on this blog also.

Oh and check out this comment some guy Rich made about me on Alex’s site, I dont even know the guy but he liked what I had to say.

“Hi Alex

I will put my name into the hat, but I also hope one of the three you choose is Marcus Passey. There’s a guy who is already walking the walk and seems to have a great mindset.

I am sure every other poster is a deserving case as well, it’s going to be a tough choice for you for sure.

No, I am not a friend or relative, just saw his posts on the WF and am impressed by the work he has already done on his blog.

I don’t think you will find it too hard turning Marcus into a successful internet marketer.

cheers & good luck everyone.


Great stuff eh??

So thanks again Dean for giving me the chance to change my life and thanks to you Alex for the opportunity you are about to give me.

Speak soon



5 thoughts on “Marketing With Alex Coaching Course 2.0-My New Life Starts Now!

  1. Hi Marcus,
    I just came across your blog because you followed me on Twitter, and I have to say that I really like what you are doing. I should think that with your passion and personal approach to Internet Marketing you will become very successful! I have also come across Alex’s Coaching Program before and I believe that it is one of the few that actually deliver what they promise and some. There are quite a few students of his out there who are doing quite well, I believe.
    I also like your WP Theme very much, it looks very professional. I guess all I can say now is “Go Marcus!” and wish you all the success you deserve!
    Petra (

  2. Hi Marcus,

    Just thought I’d drop by to say howdy. You sure do look like you are jumpin out of your skin! LOL! Great to see somebody excited about what they are doing.

    Anyway, Gary’s my name (aka – I took Alex Jeffrey’s first Internet Marketing course and I flew to Las Vegas to be with Alex and Dean and Dan and Parkesy and a bunch of others. You can read about it over at my “super” blog if you want (don’t tell Parkesy I called it that or he’ll start all that ROT about his blog being the super blog – LOL!). We had a great time and a lot of us are really good friends now.

    Best Wishes

    Gary Simpson
    Internet Marketing TEMPLE for Newbies

  3. Hi Marcus,

    Love your Blog mate. I will be on Alex’s next coaching program too, so look forward to getting to know you, working together and hopefully making bundles of cash through futre JV adventures.


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