Massive Profits From A Small List

Massive Profits From A Small List

Massive Profits From Listbuilding Even with a small list

Hey everyone

Today I wanna talk about listbuilding

I want to see your comments and suggestions on listbuilding, I want to know what you think is the best listbuilding method or if you have a valid argument on the right ways to build and treat that list write that down to. I will pay $10 to the winner of what I think is the BEST comment

How are you all? I got a week off work so its all good I get to work on making money online. 😀

Ok we have all heard “The Money is in the list”  “The Money is in the list”  but not every list is created equal. In my mind by a long way the most lucrative list to have is one that consists of buyers and is super responsive, I would say that one buyer is worth at least ten freebie seekers all day long . See when I started listbuilding I got involved in the giveaway events and the adswap scene, I built my list up to 10,000 subscribers but they were mostly prospects pure freebie seekers.

I started to make good money from setting up a simple sales funnel offering a freebie on the front end, then I included a OTO and then added my affiliate link for a continuity program on the thankyou page. I started to make good money, from the OTO and continuity program, but I had to find good swaps to keep driving the traffic through my funnel. A group of us set up what we called powerswaps where we combined our lists together to swap with other internet marketers who had huge lists.

We were doing ok but were finding ourselves having to swap twice a day, and using slightly controversial subject lines to get the prospects into our funnel. I didnt like it but my list was growing and I was still making money. But the list quickly died obviously because I was emailing them so much, and the list literally died overnight and so did my income and I ended up deleting it as it was to expensive.

In my personal opinion its tough to turn the freebie seeker into a buyer, and maybe that is mostly my fault for swapping so much. You see size is not always important :mrgreen: But you see I had to create a product to giveaway for free to pull people into my funnel and to get people to adswap with me. It of course took time to create this product, and it had to be good and unique enough so I would attract good partners to swap with.

Then you have to build relations with these people that are on your lists, to then try and get them to buy the products you recommend to them. Its a hard task to turn these prospects into buyers, I believe they are so conditioned to receiving freebies that’s all they will ever be freebie seekers.

So now I am trying a new way of listbuilding, well the concept has been around obviously for a long time but for me its new. Why don’t we just spend time creating a product that totally overdelivers, something that adds lots of value then sell it over on the Warrior forum as a WSO. If you can create something that is of high quality and brings something cool to the internet marketing comunity, you will command trust and respect. People will then start to recognise your name and associate it with quality products, you will in turn reap the benefits as the people on your list trust you and will continue to buy any products you release or recommend to them.

You also are of course bringing HIGH quality leads onto your list, not the waste of time freebie seekers and you dont have to waste time trying to nurture these guys to buy. You are fast tracking these people straight into your funnel, once they are in as buyers you are likely to sell quite a few of your OTO’s.

Remember you have to make sure you totally overdeliver on your product, and create it yourself.

Let me tell you I have made so many more sales from my small list of 900  customers, than I ever did from my 10k list of freebie seekers. I really regret not building a buyers list from the start of my internet marketing career I could possibly have quit my job by now.

Ok next time lets talk about product creation. 😎

Infact if you need help to create products go to a guy called Justin Popovic, his created more than 60 products in a year. Pretty cool right?

Click here to find out more on Justin Popovic

So im saying to ditch the freebie seekers and get on and build your lists with just buyers, oh apparantly each buyer on your list is worth $3 a month. So if you got a list of 1000 thats a $3000 income a month right there.8-)

Remember I wanna read your comments winner of the best one gets $10 straight into your paypal account. I will be doing a weekly post where you get the chance to win ten bucks and remember to look out for my “bonus allstar outsourcer of the week”

 Speak soon

Marcus Passey





14 thoughts on “Massive Profits From A Small List

  1. Hey Marcus,

    I agree with you 200% about the freebie seekers, although if you do the job right, you can turn them into buyers.

    But here’s my question to you: Why use WSO’s to build a list of buyers? Yea, sure there are a ton of ppl that cruise the forum and another ton of marketers that push their own readers over there from affiliate links but there are more targeted ways to build a list of buyers.

    Personally I got out of the giveaway/adswap game over two years ago cuz I saw where it was going. Way too incestuous. Plus why would you want someone else’s freebie seekers?

    I believe that as long as you can get a person to opt in for a quality product (short pdf report or something like that) through a laser targeted method, that I have the confidence in my autoresponder sequence to turn that person into a loyal customer for a long time.

    So in reality, you don’t need thousands of subscribers to make money, you just need a few hundred and feed them what they want: Quality content… your own.

    Anyway… just my two cents worth… looking forward to reading other comments.

    Have a fantastic day!


  2. Hi Marcus
    I am not going to get into freebie seekers again! David Walker and I have been ‘discussing’ it already.
    I do however think that a small responsive list is far better than a huge unresponsive list.
    Coincidentally, I have just done a post on what I hate about IMer’s!!
    Not you, I hasten to add (I did buy your product, remember?).
    One of the points I made was that in my opinion, adswaps have got out of hand.
    I join someone’s list because I like their style and want to learn from them. Why should I then be inundated with emails recommending products from people I don’t know?
    I joined their list not someone else’s, if I wanted their products, I would have joined their list.
    What happened to all the newsy, chatty emails? These days most of them are just a sales pitch. I think it is so rude to assume your subscribers will be haooy with this sort of treatment. Even a small responsive list desrves better treatment.
    Alienating your subscribers is a big mistake in my book.
    PS This is not directed at you personally Marcus, it is just part of my post. I had so many emails today, some I haven’t subscribed to and some I have and they all said the same thing so I decided to have a rant!!

  3. Hi Marcus,

    Best to keep away from adswaps and giveaways,
    the name giveaway is a real “giveaway”, no pun intended,
    as all you will get is a list of people that want stuff
    that is given away. Best to over deliver and get happy repeat customers.


  4. Interesting posts thank you and me thinks I will enjoy your IMers rant on your blog Dee.

    Personally I only want a small list, one I have a rapport with and genuine shared interests.
    The communication flows naturally then and people feel that.
    Like if you are inspired by your subject, you give them much more than lifeless information.
    Therefore I may use freebies to attract the right people for my niche.

    My experience of events is that they are too big
    so people get overload and do not respect what they get.
    They are badly organised, no indexing, no niche grouping
    and that’s once you’ve got past the revolving OTO’s at the gate.
    So people rush through the virtual Isles filling their baskets with too many maybes,
    as it’s too difficult to find again if they return later.
    Then just how many lists are they now on,
    just how many emails can they bear to open a day.
    How many times can they open their wallets a day.
    If one waves $$$ signs on covers and titles whats that going to attract.

    Give people useful interesting content,
    pleasantly presented that they enjoy to get
    and will want to forward to friends.
    Build a good rapport get to know what their interests and needs are.
    If you then give them an occasional good offer within that
    they won’t be concerned that every time they open an email from you they will have to spend,
    realistically how many can afford to do that.
    If what they get from you is a good friendly service they will be happy and loyal,

    if your interest in them is what they can do for you they will feel that.
    If you want your list to love you first you must love your list.
    Finding alternatives to IM’s predatory names and attitudes
    could go a long way in the right direction.
    Simply put yourself in their shoes
    how do you like yourself and family and friends to be treated.

    Ok so thats my mini rant, I’ve spoken me peace
    so where’s me dosh *smiles*

    ps if charm alone does not work you could try bribing to get some excellent content * more smiles*

  5. I spent a long time trying to build my list through giveaways and adswaps. I bought a course on giveaways from an internet marketer who maintained that he made money from his list built that way. Maybe it was the way I did it but like you I found they were not buyers.

    I have just got a new squeeze page and funnel set up and am about to invest in some solo ads from tried and tested sources. It’s all about testing and tweaking.

  6. I never tried list building but I sure know that it give some good result. Since many people also has done the same thing.

  7. I tried the giveaway route about 18 months ago but found it did not produce any real results, I also found it to be incredibly time consuming

    Building a buyers list must be a better bet, my next thoughts were on using a front end product with 100% commission to affiliates plus upsells so I guess in the end it’s rather like the WSO model but harder to get traction

    I also think the quality of what you mail your list is crucial, anybody who bombards me with Clickbank one click wonder products gets unsubscribed as they clearly are just thinking about themselves and not their list

    Thanks for sharing Tony

  8. Hey Marcus,

    I have to agree with you about using WSO’s to build a highly responsive list. I have purchased on the Warrior forum a few times and am on a few lists. I will definitely be looking into creating a product that can truly over deliver when I have the resources and time.

    For now, I am involved in a coaching program called Coaching with Kerry and she has built her business completely around JV Giveaways. I just joined my first giveaway event and am waiting to see the results. IT took me a whole 2 hours or work including creating the landing page and thank you pages.

    This sounds like the kind of list you were talking about that you are against since you have had bad experiences with them. I think that if you offer your subscribers value and give them some free, valuable information every once in while, they will come to trust you so when you do recommend something to them, they will me more willing to buy.

    Either way you look at it, I think your WSO idea is the best. I will definitely build a list based on both methods and split test to see which delivers better results. Can’t really go wrong there. =)

    Take care,


  9. Hey Marcus,

    I just actually heard your name while in Alex Jeffrey’s coaching program so I thought I’d come check you out. This post is actually something I’ve been thinking about a lot, and the strategy I’m just starting to implement is exactly what you’ve outlined here – WSO’s to build a list. I’m planning on testing to see whether a free WSO vs a paid WSO will create a different level of responsiveness. My hope is that selling a WSO at a super low price like $7 will get enough people buying and also create a list that is responsive and looking for more education in the IM niche.

    I like the blog, I’ll be back frequently, good to meet you!


  10. Well Hello Marcus, sorry to hear that your list died but better that than it slowly dragging you down with it.

    Having built lists into the low hundreds on several autoresponders using the free gift route I can vouch for the fact that these lists are hyper-unresponsive to any form of purchasing.

    If you can get people onto your lists who know what they want and are ready to invest in themselves to achieve their goals then there is the winning combination.

    here’s to your returned success

    igor Griffiths

  11. Hey Marcus,

    One of Alex Jeffrey’s students, I heard. Just checking out your blog and I like it!

    Good tips!

    Good Ideas!

    Joined Alex Jeffreys program three weeks ago and I am working feverishly on it.

    Good to see what you have accomplished.

    To Your Sucess


  12. Hi Marcus
    interesting post. I agree freebie seekers dont make you money, better of trying to build your list with quality products and bonus content. You can sell to anyone as long as they are interested and you write great copy but they aren’t going to stay on your list if the product is crap are they.

    Best wishes


  13. Really good tips and nice that you have shared it. Got to learn many things from this blog. Never knew that such a small list can play such a vital role. Anyways keep on blogging and let us know how to make more money. 😉

  14. The most lucrative list to have is one that consists of buyers and is super responsive, I would say that one buyer is worth at least ten freebie seekers all day long – I totally agree with this point. A potential buyer is more worth than a freebie. What is the use of a huge list that never converts into profit so better go with the small list that is worth a good amount. Like your post very much. So go on creating quality list and earn more. 🙂

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