MIA Not KIA I’m Back With Outsourcing Blitzkrieg! Mission Completed

MIA Not KIA I’m Back With Outsourcing Blitzkrieg! Mission Completed

Hi everyone

WELL!!!!!!!  I’M BACK 😀

I really cannot believe I have not posted for a whole year.:cry:

I have had a bit of a turbulent year full of family problems, job problems and internet problems. I also spent most of the year trying my hand at Niche blogging,  I had some big success there where i saw my biggest pay check of just over $5000 in just one month.

Five grand in one month from one Niche is INSANE I was VERY VERY happy!!

But disaster struck, I went against the companies TOS and they withheld my commission and I had to hand my domains back. After everything else that had happened it was pretty much the last straw so I decided I needed a rest. I spent time with the kids and actually watched some TV in the evening which was nice.

But I didn’t completely leave internet marketing, I will keep on keeping on untill I make it. 😀

Back in August I went to the Instant profits seminar hosted by my mates Dean Holland and Alex Jeffreys, it was fantastic and really got me fired up again. Thats me meeting Sally Neill below, wonderful girl she was actually inspired by me to do internet marketing and said I was her hero 😳

She is a brilliant marketer and has her own coaching course currently running visit her at http://sallyneill.com/

Sally Neill & Me at the Instant Profits Seminar
One thing that I took away from this great weekend was to look at creating WSO’S and thats what I did. I cant make this post super detailed as I am VERY short on time but I just wanted to let you all now im still here.
Fast forward to now I have created two WSO’S and between the two I generated &8484.55 in sales and put 1000 buyers in my list.
Now that list is generating $200 per broadcast INSANE
From almost giving up, then attending a seminar by Alex and Dean and going home to implement what I learnt, I turned it all around again.
Thanks Alex & Dean for everything.
Currently my last WSO is still making sales and had massive success getting 850 sales and a ton of excellent feedback. thats it below
Ok So things are back on track, I just wanted to let you guys know and hope everything is going good for you all.
Let me know what you are all doing ok.
Its good to be back.


22 thoughts on “MIA Not KIA I’m Back With Outsourcing Blitzkrieg! Mission Completed

  1. Marcus

    So glad you kept your head down and managed to come back with your WSO. I remember there was a few times on Facebook when it looked like you’d had enough.

    Bet your glad now you didn’t jack it in then and had the guts and determination to carry on.

    It just goes to show what can be achieved with focus, a plan and good ‘ol fashion hard work and a lot of people could learn from that.

    Good to see ya back mate!


    1. Hi Doug,

      Yeah man I didnt give up completely I was working on Niche blogs.

      Just kept being knocked down, I thought maybe im not made for internet marketing..

      But yes mate I am still so determined to make it..

      Thanks so much for still being here mate..


  2. Hey dude,

    Great work on your WSO’s, looks like you put out a really good helpful product which has brought great rewards back to you!!

    Glad you are back on track with it all, it’s pretty tough at times but really happy your back with us 😉

    Talk soon dude, great to catch up earlier!


  3. Hi Marcus
    I agree about adswaps. I am getting really fed up and have started unsubscribing. I join someone’s list to learn from them, not someone else or I would have joined their list.
    I bought the WSO and think it is fantastic, some great contacts at Fiverr. Living on the good old British OAP is really hard and I need to cut corners and get my internet business up and running.
    Will definitely be taking advantage of some of those contacts.
    Thanks and good luck with your change of direction.

  4. Hey Marcus,

    Great to hear of your recent success and catching up with you on Skype.

    When you start mailing your new list you will see just how powerful a buyers list can be.

    And it will give you the product creation bug – I have been well and truly bitten.

    Don’t let your product begin and end as a WSO though… you can move it onto Clickbank, Payspree etc. and let others promote it to keep the buyers flowing onto your list!

    Talk Soon,


  5. Hey Hero 🙂 x

    Yep, as a MWA3.0 student you were my hero (and you still are) I remember Alex speaking about you in webinars…

    The postie who didnt have time to attend the calls so he downloaded all the MP3s and listened to them as he delivered letters and parcels every morning at the crack of dawn.

    The postie who made 12k or was it 20k (cant remember sorry lol)

    Your story inspired me Marcus…

    You showed me that if you really want to be a success online you will find a way to learn, even if it means listening to a coaching call as your trudging through the rain, doing a job you dont wanna do, trying to better your life.

    Thats prob why I done my “I.M” stuff on my lunch breaks and tea breaks etc because of you.

    I was totally thrilled to meet you- thats why I forced you to have a picture taken with me – I was like OMG IT’S MARCUS PASSEY!!!

    I’m really glad we speak now and we are friends, plus you even said I am a brilliant marketer, wow thanks…big big BIG smile on my face as I read it!

    I am super glad I was able to return the inspiration for you to keep moving your marketing forward Marcus cos you inspired me first and I worked hard cos you did.

    Sally 🙂 x

    ps.hope we work on a project sometime soon, be fab 😀

    1. Sally,

      What an awesome comment, I really cannot believe I inspired you that much..

      You have done so so well, you will obviously be a MASSIVE success online.

      Great meeting you at the instant profits seminar..

      Well Sally you are my hero to, I must fix it so I can listen into your webinars. Dont know whats wrong with my sound settings..

      Cheers Sally..

      Speak soon



  6. Marcus

    Good to see you back on here mate – as usual leading the way for the rest of us…must really update my own blog!

    Anyway, was good to meet you (finally) at the Instant Profit Seminar and to hear of your successes and the associated learnings. Great to see that taking action and perseverance is really starting to pay off for you.

    That buyers list really is a valuable asset and looks like David has some good ideas above to grow it further. Thought Blitzkreig was a great product and have certainly had value out of it already, lining up a couple of jobs so cheers for that.

    Look forward to further updates and speak soon mate


    1. Tom mate

      You never let me down always got my back mate 🙂

      Good meeting you finally at the instant profits seminar as well.

      Good times eh!!

      Speak soon mate


  7. Hi Marcus,

    Awesome to see you back in the game!!!! 😛

    I guess there is a lesson learned in there somewhere even if it cost about being clear on terms of service as an affiliate marketer. That is interesting…… Was it a merchants TOS like Clickbank Paydotcom etc or was it the actual product makers?

    Now re taking time off and readjusting. I am sure it has been the best thing for you as it sounds like you are back firing out of both barrels!!

    Congratulations on your success so far and looking forward to hearing more.

    Hope all is great with the family.


    Jacinta 😀

    1. Hey Jacinta,

      Hey I really appreciate you still being here, yeah ive been around and working. Just seemed like everything kept going wrong…

      In future I will be reading the TOS properly 🙂

      The family is great thanks for asking:-)

      Hope you and your family are all cool to

      Hows business?

      Speak soon


  8. Hi Marcus

    It so wonderful to read and hear that you achieved such great success again after the various issues that you had to contend with. Look forward to seeing what you do next and will certainly check out your WSO shortly.

    Hope you have a great day and superb weekend


    1. Hi Jean,

      Hows things?

      Ha ha yeah I remember our interview..

      “never never never give up” 🙂

      Thanks glad you like the WSO you should of said I would of sent one over…

      Best wishes to you to Jean..


  9. Hi Marcus I’m always coming to your Blog again and again

    I watch it closely and you are a sticker

    I’m so glad you are back and I just know you gonna make it mate

    With your determination and the mentors you have you can’t go wrong

    Steve Reh

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