My Journey To An Online Income
My Status Report Four Weeks In With A Mentor!

My Journey To An Online Income
My Status Report Four Weeks In With A Mentor!

Hey everyone

Well my intentions are to keep writing update posts just to let you know how I am getting on and to give people a little inspiration.

My stats may not seem high to some but I am a newbie and if I can do this anyone can. I am seeing my business grow just by adding value and following a proven system

CLICK HERE check my stats from when I started see the progress I have made.

Where will I be in a years time?? Its so exciting people.

So here are my stats on my journey to an online income!

To date as of 08/08/09

I have improved the look of my blog including a new header design,and added more plugins.

I have a mini product up and running called the cavemans guide to wordpress

I have grown my list to 135 people.

According to Google Analytics since the end of May I have had 2660 visits to my blog and 6935 page views.

I have received 240 comments to my blog.

I have still got a Twitter following of 3000.

I have made more videos and posted them to Youtube one of them has over 200 views and it is only on Youtube.

People have been writing about me on their blogs.

People have come to me for help and I have helped them where I can.

I have stepped out of my comfort zone to speak with people from all over the world,up untill recently I found it hard talking to people on the phone.

Plus I have affiliate sales of $140 and I have not even began to sell yet,so the money is starting to chase me.

I am still putting to practice what I am learning,and there is a lot to learn but yeah it will happen.

Remember I say this again I have not done anything special I have just been branding myself and positioning myself,and just following the system that has been laid out for me.

People are beginning to know me,like me and trust me its great.

Yes I have also had help from people in the areas I cant yet do,but I am getting it going I can learn certain stuff later.

If you wanna succeed online just keep taking action,find out what is working for you and just keep doing it.Keep pushing forward never GIVE UP!!!!!

Speak soon my friends.



33 thoughts on “My Journey To An Online Income
My Status Report Four Weeks In With A Mentor!

  1. Hey Marcus,

    Sounds like you have been pretty busy and things are starting to come together for you 🙂

    That is a pretty impressive list in the short space of time, where are your opt-ins coming from, your blog or PPP? How are you driving traffic to your PPP?

    Great job,

    .-= Paul Wilson´s last blog ..What more video? =-.

  2. Paul my man

    Thanks for your comment my friend you looking good in your video mate.

    I have had opt-ins from my caveman guide,people joining my newsletter a couple of giveaway events and I paid someone to rent their email list where I got another 45 opt-ins to my PPP.

    Thats it mate nothing much really going on



  3. Hey Marcus

    That’s great, I really must get onto creating my own eBook! You may have noticed when you came over to mine, I have just been adding an opt-in newsletter to my header similar to yours. I am getting a few but it seems to have slowed down a bit over the last few days, so trying to get the numbers back up again 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for your help!

    .-= Paul Wilson´s last blog ..What more video? =-.

  4. Hey Marcus,

    Thanks for replying on my blog, I have left you another reply over there now! I guess I just keep looking at all the awesome blogs out there and feel a bit left behind sometimes!

    I know when I stand back and look what I have done, things are great really 🙂 You know how things get when you feel you are getting nowhere for a while…

    Thanks dude,

    .-= Paul Wilson´s last blog ..What more video? =-.

  5. Marcus!

    You’re definitely on your way man.

    And you know what’s great about this guy… he has a day job and a family and can still succeed so much!

    I give you some huge props man and I’m happy I could help you out along the way.

    I haven’t had results to even close to this, so you’re my inspiration!!

    Keep it up, bro!
    .-= Joe Fier´s last blog ..Learn to Make Online Videos Like a Pro! =-.

  6. Hi Marcus!
    Thank you for the great inventory of your current achievements and successes…you have accomplished much and WOW have you been busy. Very inspiring and I can’t wait to see what happens next for you buddy!

    .-= Tammie´s last blog ..and I’m off and running =-.

  7. Hey Marcus,

    You have definitely got the ball rolling. That’s great that you have started getting so many subscribers to your list. It’s just going to keep growing. I feel like I’m a bit behind too. I am trying to take action though, I’m just not moving as fast as I think I should be. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see your WordPress videos!

    Thanks, Heidi
    .-= Heidi Passey´s last blog ..How To Register Your First Domain Name =-.

  8. Hey guys

    @ Rob….My man thanks for the comment and you know I get a lot of inspiration from you

    @ Joe… Hey thanks man your a great guy we must speak soon, hope things are going well awesome comment and I am still loving my header.

    @ Huddson… Hey man thats great stuff I am glad this thread has given some of you some inspiration..NEVER GIVE UP MAN!!

    @ Heidi…Hey my American cousin you are doing fine I am really not all that far ahead but I keep pushing forward and now I am seeing results.

    @ Tommy… My man how are ya?? we have not spoken for a while.Hey thanks for the awesome comment I really appreciate.

    Wow guys you know just thankyou to all of you I love reading your comments

    fantastic stuff.

    lets do this.

    speak soon


  9. Hey Marcus,

    Nice going, that £140 in this short amount of time is fantastic mate.

    Glad to here youre getting there, you can sense the change in you, you seem to have all the confidence in the world now compared to just a few short weeks ago the change is amazing so a big well done.

    Take it easy bro,

    .-= James Howard´s last blog ..Beginners Guide – Back to Basics Part 1 =-.

  10. Hi Marcus,

    First of all thanks for stopping by my blog and making a comment. I’ve certainly been very impressed by what you are doing. Along with a few of the other guys in the forum you have made yourself known. And as we are taught, if you help others then good things will happen.

    All the best and hopefully most of us won’t be too far behind you as you get to the top.


    .-= Andy Michaels´s last blog ..Finding More JV Partners =-.

  11. Hi Marcus,

    You do provide an inspirational story to those on the same path. It is amazing to see what you have achieved in such a short space of time, and to get the kind of stat’s that you are just accentuates what a great job you are doing and the progress you have made.
    Keep sharing your story Marcus, I’m sure it will spur many people on to following your road to success.

    .-= Paul Hooper´s last blog ..Different Traffic methods =-.

  12. Hi Marcus,

    Good to see your moving forward. I’ve only just started to get my act together. Your stats look very good after only 4 weeks on Alex course. I’d be very happy to have similar stats after so short a time.

    Good luck with your progress and thanks for commenting on my blog.

    .-= John Blake´s last blog ..Internet Marketing – Moving forward =-.

  13. Goood morning Marcus

    I see you and I are two of the three amigos that got lost on the name list. We are there NOW! I think I shared with you before that I like your site and the work you are doing in Dean’s group. I need to learn how you found and placed all of the widgets on the left and right side of your blog. That’s what I want on my blog.

    Good job

    Roger Neumann

    Go out and make it a successful day! 🙂 (this may repeat because it is suppose to be on auto now)

  14. Hey Guys there are so many new names here it will take me so long to answer you personally,but wow what a response.

    Seriously I thank all of you so much for stopping by and leaving these great comments it means a lot.

    I do hope I have been leaving good value for you guys,I shall get over to as many blogs as I can.

    speak soon and you know how much I love reading your thoughts and comments.



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