My Stats, My Motivation, My Plan

My Stats, My Motivation, My Plan

Hey people how are ya all?

This is gonna probably be my longest most revealling post yet, I just wanna share with you guys how far I have come in my business and what I did to get there.

Also I want to share with you how difficult I have found it to build my business, and I want you to get some motivation from this post.

For some of you my success may not seem that great, and to others you may think my results are fantastic, but like I say I hope I can give you a bit of motivation.

So read on and I will tell you exactly what I have done to build my business so far.

First let me tell you it has not been easy for me, I work 51 hours a week as a postman, and I have to get up in the middle of the night which leaves me feeling tired all the time.

Then my misses has managed to find some part time work to keep our heads bobbing above the water, and I have had to do my fair share of looking after my children including a baby boy.

If you factor in jobs around the house, cooking dinner, washing up, entertaining the children, trying to keep the baby occupied you can imagine at times I have little time left for my business.

My office is also in the corner of my living room, and I get distracted all the time as you can imagine with all the children running around.

I am also living on a razors edge, nearly bounching over the edge trying to manage all our debts and keep our heads above water I just have to make this work.

Ha I am trying not to sound like I am moaning in this post, the purpose here is just for anyone reading this to see the small success I am getting, and to see its sometimes not all that easy to get there without taking the right action.

But if you keep pushing forward, keep the momentum up, keep setting small goals reaching them, then resetting and moving on you gonna see results.

I also had a problem with stepping out of my comfort zone, I know a few of you have confidence issues to. But man I have been to a Seminar, I talk to people all over the world, I have had people interview me and I have made videos.

I never thought I would be doing that stuff, if I can do it so can you, and if you have these issues please feel free to grab me on skype, and if I can help you out in any way that would be fantastic.

You know I would not be where I am now if I had not stepped out of my comfort zone, I wanted this bad so I started to build relationships with people right from the start. Now I have made some good friends online and some great future JV partners.

You see I have not got that much technical skill although I am learning, but I found I was good at attaching myself to people and people liked me because I was being me.

Also I was not afraid to ask questions, or if I was really stuck on something I would either get someone to talk me through the problem or even do it for me. My top tip to you is, if you do not know how to do something then just go and ask the person who does.

Right with that all said lets get into what I wanted to reveal to you all.

My stats

My stats at the start of my blog were of course 0

My stats as of 29/06/09 go half way down the page  CLICK HERE

My stats as of 08/08/09  CLICK HERE

My stats as of 11/10/09

460 people in my list by taking part in jv giveaways and adswaps.

$630 in affiliate sales plus promotions to my list.

According to Google Analytics since the end of May I have had 4621 visits to my blog and 10,912 page views.

I have received 460 comments to my blog.

I have a Twitter following of 6000 spread over three accounts, I use one for building relationships and another to tweet about giveaway events and new blog posts.

I have done a couple of interviews.

I have been to a seminar, and met real life marketers in the flesh.

My videos are improving check out my testimonial for Dean Holland below, you only have to search through my blog for my first video online. I am not gonna post it again its to cringy but its good to see how I have improved.

I continue trying to build value I still have not chased money, only with a couple of promotions to my list.

My web presence seems to be increasing and I seem to be getting noticed.

So people its all cool to see it growing, I cannot give up now the only way is forward.

My Motivation

All I have to do for motivation is look at my children and my wife, after all I do this because I want a better life for them.
Of course money is not the be all and end all but it sure helps, but the biggest reward from succeeding in this would be for me to be able to spend more time with them.

Here is a video of mine below starring me and the family.


My beautiful children


My beautiful wife and me on our honeymoon, that was only 2 years ago christ how I have aged.

So im doing this for my family.

My Plans

To keep doing what im doing, building my online presense and relationships with people and continue to find ways of driving traffic to my blog.

Focus on building my list I am hoping to get to a 1000 by christmas.

I need to get my ebook written its called “The Newbies Journal”

I have an idea for a mini product hope to get that created in the long term, I have more testing to do in that area.

I have to write at least an article a day for a couple of clickbank products I am promoting.

I will be following John Thornhills profit from PLR program, hope to get that going soon and get my own rewritten plr product up on clickbank each month.

Constantly try and keep my computer clutter free, I have programs and files everywhere.

Well that is plenty to be getting on with, it wont all go to plan because it never does with me. My daily plans, my goals everything is always shifting with me to work around my family.

I would also like to thank my good friends and everything they have done for me.

Paul Hooper

My man you are a good friend, we have a great relationship. I dont have to go on here you know what I think about you, you have done so much for me and we gonna have a good future together.

PS… That sounds a bit gay!!!!!!

Rob Canyon

Rob again you are another good friend of mine, and you have done so much for me and I have really enjoyed working with you. Thanks buddy.

Okay guys that was a pretty long post hope you are all still awake.

I wanna know your stats, I want to see how everyone else is getting along, I really enjoyed reading everyones comments for my Alexa ranking and how much your blog is worth post.

I really wanna see eveyone doing well.

So get your comments below guys, lets see what you got.

Speak soon


34 thoughts on “My Stats, My Motivation, My Plan

  1. Hey Marcus my man,

    That’s a pretty long post dude, but I have to say it was worth the read!

    I know it can be tough working this business around family commitments, BUT you look like you are doing an awesome job. Your stats are looking great, and it looks like things are definitely moving in the right direction for you 🙂

    Looking forward to your new ebook when you release it!

    Keep up your hard work mate!

    Talk soon,


    P.S. I will post back your shirt tomorrow…LOL 🙂
    .-= Paul Wilson´s last blog ..My Press Release is Live…! =-.

  2. Marcus,

    Let me tell you what I love about you bro..

    You are real, you keep things real, you are 100% yourself and you dont try to be anything you are not.. Not only do I think that is a great quality, I respect that 110%

    I also think that the sincerity and honesty you have is what will make you a success. There are millions of people trying to do what you do out there, some with much better results, some with results not as good but I dont think I have seen anyone who keeps it as real as you do.

    This is why I stop by your blog and take time to read your blog, I get REAL busy so I dont have time to do much blog reading but I DO read yours because of this.

    Congratulations on the achievements you have had so far, I can see how out of your comfort zone some of this journey has been and because of that fact it is worth remembering how amazingly far you have come to overcome that and still get the results you have had so far.

    Keep it up man, im going to be celebrating your success with you soon at a seminar somewhere!

    Speak soon,

    .-= Josh Bartlett´s last blog ..Introducing Easy Video Player! =-.

  3. Marcus –

    As I’ve said before, you’re story and success thus far are inspiring. Don’t give up because I have a feeling your breakthrough is right around the corner.


    P.S. I really enjoyed the short movie you put together. How did you do the editing? I would love to try my hand at something like that!
    .-= Paul Norwine´s last blog ..Effective Note Taking =-.

  4. Hey Marcus,

    Man I though I was reading my own story there, apart from the post man bit (I manage a small shop).
    My office is in the corner of the kids playroom not the living room and I often have to look after my youngest when my wife goes to her part time work.

    I loved the video’s as you say compared to your first one,that was great and I think your family one is excellent.(now it just sounds like I’m sucking up so I’ll shut up instead)

    Take it easy,

    .-= James Howard´s last blog ..Commentluv WordPress Plugin Simple Traffic Trick =-.

  5. Hey Marcus,

    It’s been a while my friend, I know you have written this from the heart.

    We have spoken many times, and I know the challenges you face daily, but the main point is, you won’t give up and because of your sheer determinaton, your ability to associate your self with key people, and your plan, you will succeed.

    I have my own challanges at present, that is why I have been so quiet lately, but aiming to bounce back now, so will be in touch real soon!

    Take care


  6. @ Rod….Hey Rod thanks for popping over again mate, great comment hope things are good with you let me know how your getting on.

    @ Paul W….Alright big man recovered from London yet? LOL. Yes it was a bit long still didnt say all what I wanted to say. I just wanna share with people that success can be acheived even if you have many obstacles in the way. I want everyone to keep pushing forward and never give up. I will get my ebook done mate. Speak soon.

    @ Josh….Wow hello stranger not heard from you for ages, but I know the reasons why I really hope you and your wife are well now to.
    Thanks for the great comment mate, I know I have to move my business forward its hard for me but I hope to get there. Speak soon pal.

    @ Paul….Hey mate how are ya? Thanks for your comment as always. Man my video I could not get it how I wanted so guess what I outsourced to someone who had access to a mac and a better program. Cool eh..speak soon

    @ James….Hello mate thanks for visiting again, no worries mate you can suck up all you like. Glad you can relate to the obstacles in my way. Thanks for the comment on my video it is getting better. Speak soon

    @ Baltimore….Sean hope you okay mate, great comment my friend. You will bounce back big time I know it. Give me a call buddy.

    Hey guys I really appreciate all your comments I love reading them and I will pop over to your places real soon.



  7. Hi Marcus,

    Wow! and boy can I relate to the story!!! Not exactly the same as in I am the one taking care of the child (I just have one) plus the house, plus I am the main financial provider.

    The thing we need to remember is where we have come from and where we want to go and who we are doing this for.

    Congratulations and Happy Dance on your stats! They are well deserved and they can only improve!!!!!!

    The biggest thing I have learnt in the last 6 months is that we need to surround ourselves with like minded people that believe in us and that we believe in.

    We are all on this journey together!

    Stay focused and stay motivated!

    Enjoy the journey and enjoy the learning!

    Jacinta 😀

    P.S Your family are gorgeous! Such beautiful children and wife! Enjoy!
    .-= Jacinta Dean´s last blog ..My Internet Business Daily Tasks 5-10-09 =-.

  8. Hey Mark,

    Really enjoyed reading through this post. Its great to see people marking a start and you have come along way in the last 3 months. $630 isn’t to be sniffed at either, alot of people are still struggling to make their first $1 so congratulations and keep up the hard work.

    In response to your comment on my blog, currently I am not being mentored but will be seriously considering enrolling on a mentoring course very soon.

    All the best mate,
    Michael Appleton
    .-= Michael Appleton´s last blog ..My Top 5 Must Have WordPress Plugins =-.

  9. Hey Marcus,

    A refreshing and honest post …

    my advice is keep plugging away, don’t put any pressure on yourself to succeed any quicker than you are ….

    it can be difficult when others are looking to you to emulate other people’s successes ….

    Remember you are you, it will happen, life is forever throwing curveballs at us ….

    Take your time and it will happen, you have from what I can see a loving and beautiful family ….

    That in itself is priceless ….

    The confidence will come, trust me 😉

    As that happens, stepping out of your comfort zone won’t seem so daunting …..

    You know where I am, so if you need a chat, give me a buzz 😉


    .-= Tommy McLaughlin´s last blog ..Review Templates Monthly – Readymade Clickbank Affiliate Review Sites Membership is launching today! =-.

  10. Hey Marcus,

    First off I want to say what a handsome family you have.

    They should be proud of you for what you’ve done to grow your business in such a short time. It’s not easy, I know.

    You’ve got a lot on your plate according to your plan that you’ve posted here. Just stick with it as you have up to now and I’m sure you’ll reach your goals.

    Jeff Sargent
    .-= Jeff Sargent´s last blog ..5 Tips For More Comments On Your Blog =-.

  11. Marcus – Have you had a look at the XF way of making money online with Adsense? It’s fast compared the TNB style and seems to be far more effective. I’ve converted over some of my Amy style blogs to look more like XF sites and as a result my Adsense has gone up a lot. I highly recommend checking it out. You can read about the method free here:

    The ebook does go into more detail but you’ll pretty much get the idea by reading all 32 pages of the thread. LOL

    Gorgeous family!

  12. Hi Marcus,

    Another great post from you and very heartfelt. One of my recent blog posts was all about the importance of passion in your business and nobody could read this post and not feel the passion you have for success eminating from the screen.

    You have made great progress in the past few months – your blog is popular, your list is growing and you have actually made money online which is more than 99% of people trying to get into this game have managed.

    I am really looking forward to reading your ebook and I believe it could be the making of you online.

    Speak soon.

    .-= David Walker´s last blog ..How to Become Famous Online =-.

  13. Hey Marcus,

    You see, that’s why people will continue to visit your blog, to read your posts and trust your word.

    And it’s why this is the toughest part of the journey. We’re still pushing that rock up the hill but when you get it to the top and it starts rolling down the other side then there will be absolutely no stopping it.

    I truly believe that those of us who stick at it and do the right things then we will achieve what we are aiming to achieve.

    And it’s all the more impressive when in your position. This business requires investment, it can’t all be done for free but when money is tight and you still invest in your business then it shows the commitment is there.

    So keep it going Marcus and if you find the time drop me an email, got a couple of things to put to you.



  14. Marcus

    Great to hear some more about your background and the challenges that you face and even more impressive is to see the results that you are starting to see. You have really proven what Alex has taught in that the key is actually taking action.

    Starting to see some affiliate commissions myself and the list is growing so we are definately on our way!

    Whilst I don’t do 51 hours (sometimes but usually not!) I still struggle to balance the business development with work, chores etc so appreciate your obstacles, we will get there by remaining focused though.

    Hopefully we can meet soon for a celebratory Fosters or two!!


  15. Hey Marcus my man,

    Again you fill people with inspiration and motivation, and you know how you do it….just by being you!
    You are destined for great success mate, because you do things the right way. I love reading your blog posts and following your journey, you always describe things in such a great way.

    I think you summed it all up very well with this…
    “But if you keep pushing forward, keep the momentum up, keep setting small goals reaching them, then resetting and moving on you gonna see results”

    If people follow this simple and have the same determination as you do, then they will see results in the same way you have.

    Really looking forward to reading your new Ebook mate.

    Talk soon buddy,

    .-= Paul Hooper´s last blog ..Create a Squeeze Page using Instant Squeeze Page Generator =-.

  16. Hey Marcus,

    That might have been a long post, but it was a good read. 😉

    I’m really impressed with your stats, it just shows what you can do when you have a plan, and work at it each day.

    I’m lacking in list size at the moment, but that’s because I didn’t get on the giveaways as early as I should have. I’m on it now though.

    Your video speaking skills have improved a lot, and the one you did of your family looks very professional.

    I purchased John T’s Profit From PLR too, and I will be working through it as soon as I have finished my free ebook. So sounds like we’re doing similar things there.

    I have found this post very inspiring, and I appreciate you sharing your results here. I think I’ll just stick with the giveaways, and work towards getting a big enough list to do adswaps.

    I look forward to your next post!

    Take care mate,

    .-= Paul Lear´s last blog ..Paul’s Recent Activity Report – September/October 2009 =-.

  17. Hey guys I really want to thank all of my loyal visitors to my blog, I really appreciate it and hope one day to give you all somthing back for your loyalty to me.


    Here we go….

    @ Jacinta…Hey thanks for your visit again, and really appreciate your comments on my family. Yep we are all on this journey together and I really hope we all succeed in this. I know we are all doing our own things but lets all keep in touch yeah. Take care.

    @ Michael…Hey man cheers for popping by, thanks for the congrats. I hope you can get yourself s mentor but it looks like you are hooking up with some of us so you will learn tons just by being connected with us. Speak soon

    @ Andy….Mate that was an excellant comment you left there my friend and its all so true. I am so glad you guys are liking my posts im just being me and everyone loves it. I will get hold of you as soon as mate. Cheers.

    @ Tommy….Tommy my man thanks for dropping over I love it when you visit, the big man has been over at my place. I do put pressure on myself mate I wanna succeed so bad, I know im doing okay but for me its not good enough I need to elevate to a much higher level. Thanks for all your help dude you know I really appreciate it. Speak soon.


    @ Jeff….Hey hey Jeff there you are again, mate im the handsome one in the family LOL. We all working hard my friend I just wanted to share a bit of my success and motivate people really. Speak soon my friend.

    @ Karn….Karn mate thanks for dropping by again, great video you did again. Nice to have met you to dude and its great to be a mate, lets catch up on skype soon pal. Speak soon.

    @ David….David my man there you are, glad you had a great holiday I will grab you for a chat soon. Wow thanks for the comment on my upcoming book, do you really think it could be the making of me? its only really my story its not really a product. I am glad you enjoyed the post I will be over to your place soon. Cheers

    @ Ralph….Cheers for dropping by mate, you know I love writing posts like this. There are many people in my position and its great to know that even if I have helped one person to get motivated that makes me feel good. Speak soon

    @ Tom…Alright Tom one day my friend we will meet for a beer and maybe we can do the three peaks challenge. I would love to read about the results you are seeing to. Thanks for dropping by mate. Cheers

    @ Paul Hooper…Oi Oi Hooper boy, wow mate I love reading your comments. I am glad you still enjoy reading my blog posts and they do offer some value to you. I am in the process of writing my first report I really have to get things moving. Speak soon.

    @ Paul Lear…Alright Paul thanks man glad you enjoyed reading it hope you got some motivation from it.
    I am glad I inspired you, see great minds think alike we are on a similar business plan. Cheers speak soon.

    Hey guys I really wanna speak to you all but my time is limited maybe we could get some group skype session going on.

    Once again thankyou all for your loyal support without you guys my blog would not be as successful.



  18. Marcus my man,
    You are a true inspiration! I guess a lot of us out there are having some difficulties and you’re heading the camp.
    I don’t really care that your stats are nothing like the millions the online guru’s report – it’s exactly posts like these that show people the way. If anything, this post shows how much character you have.

    Right now, you’re on my favourite people to watch list 🙂

    The only way for you, for me, and for the rest of us is forward, so I’l be seeing you at the top, eh?

    – Gil
    .-= Gil´s last blog ..Personal – Admitting my Addiction =-.

  19. Geeeezzz ….

    You trying to make me cry or what Pass ??!!

    Blimey, what a journey eh !! You are an honest and genuine guy mate and that comes across to all your readers. Life does get in the way, no matter what stage you are at, it will just happen.

    You are proof that it can be done, I mean come on man !!! Look at all you have done so far !! SWWEEEEEETTTT !!

    I could tell all your readers about you contacting me for the first time in the Warrior Forum many months back … I could tell them you had NOTHING back then and you had NO CLUE of how to get started !!

    And I could tell them to just look at how far you have come in such a short space of time but that is obvious !

    The lovely Mrs P will be very proud of you, as will the kids mate … Keep doing what you are doing and it will all be yours !

    .-= Dean Holland´s last blog ..Back from Lee McIntyres event ( you ready for this ? ) =-.

  20. Marcus,

    Well, well well. You definitely win the award for the most down to earth nothing up my sleeves, this is exactly who I am contest.

    Heck, I don’t even think there’s a contest. I’m going to go out on a
    limb here and say its probably a niche all on its own.

    You’re readers love you. Me too my friend.

    Keep it real, keep it raw and don’t be surprised if
    Santa comes early.

    My good friend,


  21. Hey Marcus,

    What’s up Marcus. I came strolling through to see what was going on here and noticed you haven’t made a new post in a month so I read this one again. Don’t feel bad mate(I’m starting to talk like a Brit), neither have I. Sometimes things just get crazy and next thing you know a month has come and gone.

    Now that I’ve called you out for not posting in so long I better get my butt in gear and post a new article myself. Let’s see who beats who on this Marcus. 😉

    Just want to let you know that I had mentioned to someone(can’t remember who)a while back that I was going to start re-tweeting good blog posts using the TweetMeme button. If we all start doing this hopefully we all can benefit from it. Kind of on the lines of what we are doing with the Alexa challenge. With that said, I just tweeted this blog post.

    Jeff Sargent
    .-= Jeff Sargent´s last blog ..Awarding One Way Backlinks For Blog Comments =-.

  22. Almost 500 people on your list and MAKING MONEY–who is the man?
    YOU are the man! Marcus thanks for sharing the details–with plenty of business startups people can be reluctant to share, afraid of hearing “Thats it? Thats ALL you are making?” But you blasted right past that and put it out there for everyone to see–fresh, honest, I LOVE it.
    Ralph (Just hit my #50 person on my list!)
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..Learn The Lingo: 101 Words Every Online Marketer Needs to Know (My First EBook!) =-.

  23. Hi Markus,

    It maybe kinda late I put this comment, but this POST is a so significant to me! It had comfort, encouraged and inspired me so much in ways I could never imagine before. Because of this post of yours, I decided to took action, I joined Alex’s Coaching and had launched my 1st ever personal blog today and I dedicated my 1st Post to you as a way to say thank you.

    I wanted to ask you for your permission to add your website link and if possible a photos of you and your family in my 1st post. Can I do that?

    Here’s the link of the post

    You are just awesome my friend, and wish the best for you and your family.

    Jason Ser
    .-= Jason Ser´s last blog ..Internet Marketing Mind Set- What We Can All Learn From Marcus Passey? A True Story. =-.

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