Newbies Journal is ready
Finally I have my first book on my story online so far!

Newbies Journal is ready
Finally I have my first book on my story online so far!

Hey everyone

Just a short post.

How you all doing.

So finally I have my first ever product done and dusted.

I called it “Newbies Journal”

Its just my story online so far what it takes to make it, plus I hope it inspires people to take action and motivate them to start an online business.

I also include an overview of the system used to bring me $10k in sales in 90 days, which resulted in just under $5k in commissions for me. And one of these system also saw me grow my email list to 3500 subscribers in 120 days.

Plus I included a couple of resources at the end of each system overview so everyone can start to build their business.

I really hope you enjoy reading it and I hope it motivates you to take action like I am.

Hey I would love to hear your thoughts on my book so just whack a comment in and ill get back to you.

Its gonna be a very exciting 2010

Take care


PS You can download the book for free at the top right! get it now people!!!!!!!!!!

30 thoughts on “Newbies Journal is ready
Finally I have my first book on my story online so far!

  1. Hey Marcus,

    Followed your success from the beginning.You are an inspiration to myself and so many more.

    Your ability to succeed,despite your lack of knowledge and constant frustrations,show that you have what it takes.

    You have said in the past that you are “unable to focus” at times.Well 3500 people dont think so!Your unselfish attitude,to go out of your way to help Newbies build their own list,Puts you head and shoulders above your peers.

    Look forward to your “coaching course”.

    Oh yeah.Nearly forgot.

    Love your work!


  2. Hi Marcus

    Thanks for sending me your first ebook, loved the bit about focus, just spent my 3 hours of online time messing about with email settings! As a techie I gotta get out of the habit of tinkering.

    There is some great information in this book and as it is very concise without all the usual padding, everyone will be able to benefit from this book very quickly.

    Will start to apply your guide tomorrow and keep in touch with the results as they come in.

    Thanks Marcus for pulling me in the right direction

    all the best


    Speak soon

  3. Hey Marcus,

    Congratulations! Just shows what you can achieve with hard work and determination.

    I’m on Mark Terrell’s coaching newbies course, he was a student of Alex Jeffreys a couple of years ago. I’m a complete beginner with it all, but loving it so far.

    When you get a spare 5 minutes perhaps you wouldn’t mind taking a look at my newly created blog, and let me know what you think please.It would be great to get your opinion, especially as not too long ago you were in the same position as me!

    Reading your blog(and others like it) keeps my motivation going….just knowing for certain that it IS possible to earn money online, if you stay focused and keep plugging away at it.

    Any comment, good or bad will be appreciated Marcus.

    Keep up the good work!


    Julie Priddle.
    .-= Julie Priddle┬┤s last blog ..Are you a bystander in your life? =-.

  4. Hey Marcus,

    I am so pleased you have FINALLY completed this report!

    Having your own report to give away will only enhance your personal brand and after people have read your story, it will only draw them closer to you!

    The report is great – honest, personal and with no attached hype.

    There will be thousands of people like you in the UK alone, let alone the USA who will be able to identify with you and that is really powerful!

    Now, I am looking forward to the follow-up product!

    .-= David Walker┬┤s last blog ..Your Problems Solved in 2010 =-.

  5. Hey Marcus,

    Well I’ve just finished reading you book mate, and I have to say it was a great read… and I’m being very honest when I say that, just like you asked me to be, when we spoke on Skype earlier.

    I really like the way it is written, and I think it will be warmly received by anyone who reads it.

    There’s some great quality information in there, and it will for sure, steer any newbie in the right direction to online success.

    So congratulations on your first book, Marcus. I’m sure there will be many more products to come from you in the future, and I look forward to viewing them.

    Talk soon mate,


    Get an optin form on your book fast, it’s too good to be just giving it away like that. ­čśë
    .-= Paul Lear┬┤s last blog ..Progress Update! =-.

  6. Hi Marcus

    Hahaha .. what a timing. I’m in trying to write my journey report also. So I will read yours to get inspiration. God knows I need it. This is my 3rd day banging the keyboard and it feels heavy.

    Keep going strong man.

    .-= Estanislao┬┤s last blog ..Laugh Often And Live Longer =-.

  7. hey marcus!
    Thought I’d “post” a comment on your board.
    This newbies journal you have “delivered” to us truely is inspirational.
    It is wonderful that you are well on the way to “stamp” out your debt. Lets just hope you have it in the (post) bag!

  8. Marcus

    Congrats on completing the ebook mate.
    Ive grabbed a copy and what can I say, fantastic effort, both insightful and truthful as well as inspiring. I like the way that you added the proof no matter how modest it is as makes a change from all those massive accounts that you see (which generally have no reflection on the spend needed to generate such sales) and will be great to compare with in say 12 months time when you have kicked on even further.
    Keep up the good work

    .-= Tom Harvey┬┤s last blog ..Time To Learn & Time To Take Action =-.

  9. Hey Marcus!

    Congrats on finishing your “Newbies Journal”.

    You’ve done a cracking job mate. It’s your story; honest and hype free and you should be really proud of it!

    Thanks *LOADS* for linking to The Busy Fool Elimination Method in your book. Very cool of you and very kind words about it!!

    Hope to catch up sometime not too far away.


    p.s. enjoyed Sam Parrett’s comment above lol ­čÖé
    .-= Rob Bradley┬┤s last blog ..Blog Wars: WordPress Strikes Back =-.

  10. Alright Marcus how’s it goin’ my man?

    I’ve finally read your report and I can honestly say that it’s an easy to read, informative book.

    well done buddy!

    really glad to see that you’re finally starting to make some wonga – you deserve it mate – keep plugging away and the Post Office will soon have to find another postie ­čÖé

    Congrats once more and thanks for all your help.

    .-= Cliff Truss┬┤s last blog ..My On-Line Journal =-.

  11. Hey Marcus,

    I just downloaded your book and I’ll come back and comment on it after I read it. It looks like it will be a good read about your journey. I know I’ve witnessed it first hand watching you grow every day but it will be nice to see what you’ve written so I can catch up on the stuff I don’t know about you.

    Jeff Sargent
    .-= Jeff Sargent┬┤s last blog ..Aweber Click Tracking ÔÇô How Not To Do It =-.

  12. Hi Marcus

    Well done mate. You got it done. And it’s a great read. I think the way that you write for the novice makes the inforamtion you share very accessible and believeable. I reviewed it on my blog, and I wanna see your next one !

    Cheers mate

  13. Hi

    Just a quick note after reading your report. I liked it. You managed to show who you are and I could hear your voice almost.

    The way you tell your story is very honest. And I got really impressed by your efforts and commitment to succeed.

    I didn’t know you worked 51 hours a week, then take time for your family and your online business without any technical knowledge!!? Dude you deserve to win … lest say it better .. YOU DESERVE TO WIN!

    Congrats and I wish you even bigger success


  14. Hey Marcus,

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve just listened to the audio where Alex Jeffreys was kinda interviewing you!

    WOW! You did really well. It almost sounded like it’s a regular occurrence for you to be interviewed. On reading all your posts from the beginning, you’ve obviously come such a long way in the confidence department too!

    That’s just as big an achievement as starting to earn money online and for that alone you need to be applauded. Congratulations!

    There’s no stopping your success now.

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

    Kind regards,

    .-= Julie Priddle┬┤s last blog ..How to add a picture to your blog comments. =-.

  15. Ah can’t believe Newbie’s Journal is out and I don’t even know about it.

    Sorry Marcus mate haven’t been in touch, been crazy busy otherwise I always drop by your Blog and follow your IM successes very closely as its always very inspiring coming here.

    I’ve got a Blog up and running now after procrastinating it for ages and I’ve finished writing my report about the mindset required for Online Entrepreneurship. It will be live in a few days on my Blog.

    Anyways, really happy you got your book out. I’m off to reading it now.

    .-= Maddi┬┤s last blog ..Why do you do what you do? Why Entrepreneurship? Why anything? =-.

  16. Hi Marcuss

    I came here having seen your entry in the MWA forum. Its good to see some inspiration and actually know its real and not made up BS. I’m a wee bit behind you as I also have a full time job, 3 young kids and another business to look after but I think I’m getting there.

    2.7k list now, a new ebook in draft form and a product in my head………

    Speak soon
    .-= Peter Davies┬┤s last blog ..Internet Marketing Or Internet Selling? =-.

  17. Hey marcus. Its great to see how well you are doing and you have really persisted with your internet marketing endeavours. I just downloaded your free ebook and what an awesome job you have done. Keep the great emails coming.
    What I like is you are a real guy and making things happen.

    .-= steve reh┬┤s last blog ..An Easy Way To Make Some Money =-.

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