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Hey everyone you alright?


Click below for a brand new FREE traffic report and a chance to be involved in a very special webinar on Monday..


I am so very excited about this launch, The Turbo Traffic System is the first continuity program I have ever promoted…

And I am on course for $600 in commissions this month.

Want some of that eh??


So lets get into this quickly and make some money,

Firstly I know these guys, I met Dean a few times and we speak all the time…
and I also met Adam spiel In Las Vegas in Jan.

They are just ordinary guys making a lot of money online..

Check us out

Me & Dean in London

Me & Adam spiel

Cool guys and definately people to listen to when it comes to making money online..

So what will YOU get outta promoting The Turbo Traffic System??


Dean & Adam have achieved 72% retention rates on a $97 per month continuity that is INSANE….

YOU can get up to $2,964.25 per lead..

50% on $97 per month membership
Upsell 1 – 50% of $497
Upsell 2 = 50% of $1,497
Upsell 3 = 25% of $2,997

Leads are “tagged” for life, so you’ll also get future commissions down the line..

So I highly recommend you get on board to promote this guys so go grab your affiliate link below..

Pre-launch starts May12th..


Send me your comment below let me know your in and lets work this together.



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Hey everyone

How are you all?


Ok I would really like a massive discussion on this, and a lot of comments to see what you use..

So my business is growing I need protection, I need to back up stuff, I need to keep my business safe.


Its something I simply dont do at the moment..

What if we woke up to find our computers blue screened, or try to access our blogs but get a page cannot be displayed error..

What do we do??

What do we do if the hard drive packs up??

I have a WP plugin that backs up my blog every day twice a day.

I am just getting around to getting an external USB drive to download all my business files and family photos onto everyday.

And I read about this program called Ubuntu.com which is a free Linux operating system, and you can create what’s called a “Live CD”, which is basically a computer operating system on a CD!

So you can probably boot your computer from the CD, and Ubuntu comes with Firefox and Open Office built in.

So YOU can still surf the Internet or continue with your online business (because your data is also on a USB drive now, right?), while you’re figuring what to do with your hard drive.

So If your main hard drive goes wrong you can still carry on working…

What are your thoughts people, what do you use?

I would love to hear everyones comments on this.

Its a very important subject and one I dont see bought up oftem..

Speak soon

And I really look forward to your comments.



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Thanks for stopping by,

You must take in this entire blog post watch the video listen to the audio, because I believe this blog post WILL change your life……

So read on

I am really excited to talk about Alex Jeffreys brand new upcoming coaching course which goes live on April 8th, which is gonna be bigger and better than his previous coaching courses.

And it will change lives just like its doing for me and many many others….

First things first watch the video below if you really want to make it happen and change your life!

Make sure you listen to the audio below to, its Alex interviewing me great content.

If you watched the video click here and leave me an email saying YES MARCUS I WANT IN

or leave a comment at the bottom of this post with your details

Click here to get the free “Guru’s Nightmare” report

Click here to listen to the Free $10,000 Audio Interview

You see im not one of Alex’s most successful student but I am a success story, just listen to the audio above.

I have also met Alex twice once in London and once in Vegas where I attended a 2 day workshop, you can see me pictured with Alex in my Newbies Journal.

How often do you actually get to meet the guys behind these programs, his a great guy and its a pleasure to know him.

So listen Alex took me to success I won a place on his previous coaching course I really won it cool eh..

But I was lost online, I knew nothing

And it all started to work for me with Alex’s coaching, of course I had failures and things went wrong but you just push through it if you really want it.

I am offering a great bonus package for you if you decide to try Alex’s coaching, I am the ideal person for you to relate to and work alongside.

I have been there done that and you can acheive success like me, just watch my videos, read my blog posts, read my newbies journal.

I have made $10k in sales in 90 days,

I have had a $2k month,

I grew my email list to 3.5k in 120 days,

I have a successful blog,

I know how to plan and run a business,

I am planning to have a 30k list by this time next year, and make at least $4k a month,

To some this may not seem like much but my business is building, and I am making it thanks to Alex Jeffreys and his coaching course.

You will seriously kick yourself if you let this opportunity slip by..

I really hope to see you on the inside.

To your success


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Hey everyone

Just a short post.

How you all doing.

So finally I have my first ever product done and dusted.

I called it “Newbies Journal”

Its just my story online so far what it takes to make it, plus I hope it inspires people to take action and motivate them to start an online business.

I also include an overview of the system used to bring me $10k in sales in 90 days, which resulted in just under $5k in commissions for me. And one of these system also saw me grow my email list to 3500 subscribers in 120 days.

Plus I included a couple of resources at the end of each system overview so everyone can start to build their business.

I really hope you enjoy reading it and I hope it motivates you to take action like I am.

Hey I would love to hear your thoughts on my book so just whack a comment in and ill get back to you.

Its gonna be a very exciting 2010

Take care


PS You can download the book for free at the top right! get it now people!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey everyone

So today im just writing a quick blog post just to let you know about Jit Uppal & Adam Spiels latest venture.

Firstly I just met these guys at a workshop in Vegas.

Jit Uppal & Me

Me & Adam Spiel

Each held their own presentations, adam spoke about his and Dean Hollands continuity program TTS. And Jit spoke about his business model, and how he rose from nothing to super affiliate in less than two years.

Now Jit and Adam have teamed up to teach us what they have learnt to be a success online. Just scroll down to the bottom of this post and grab their free report.

Now these guys aint gurus, one is a Canadian who loves hockey and the other started internet marketing through a college internship…

And they are earning multiple thousands of dollars online every month, forget the gurus I wanna hear what these guys have got to say.

Do you wanna learn from these guys?

First, download your free PDF report called “The IM Lottery Ticket Method”.

Dont think they got it up there for free for long though so grab it while you can.

Speak soon



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Hey Everyone

Sorry I am getting this up so late, been real busy with other commitments.

Anyway just wanted to write a quick post about my adventures in Las Vegas.

As many of my loyal readers know I just attended a two day Internet maketing seminar in Las Vegas hosted by Alex Jeffereys on the 25th and 26th of Jan. Well infact I was there for 5 days in total!

You know I was feeling a tad guilty for leaving my family behind, but this was something I really felt I should be involved in and would help me move forward with my business.

Ok so I met up with a good friend of mine Paul Wilson on Thursday the night before our flight, then we flew out on Friday morning. I was very disappointed that my other great pal and business partner Paul Hooper could not join me and Paul, but due to family commitments he could not make it.

Me and Paul Wilson

As a bonus our Virgin Atlantic flight was less than half full, so we had the luxury of stretching ourselves out over three seats who needs business class eh!!

Plus we bumped into Garry Parkes Alex Jeffreys operations manager on the flight.

After a 10 hour flight, a few stellas, and some cracking films we landed at just after 2pm Vegas time, and my god it was bloody freezing.

We were in the middle of a desert weren’t we?? I thought it was ment to be hot.

So me Paul and Gary decided to ride in style and get a limo to our hotel the Mirage.

Living the life guys living the life.

Nice hotel it even had an erupting Volcano outside crazy stuff!!

We checked in dropped our bags of in our room, got ourselves all refreshed and 30mins later we were heading off up the strip to the MGM for Mike Filsaimes bash in Tabu nightclub.

Unfortunately we got there right at the end of the party, but I did stand right next to Mike Filsaime and saw Jason James. Although it seemed whose who in internet marketing was there, but to be honest I was more excited to meet all the other students.

My first time meeting Garry ‘Gazzman’ Simpson his smaller than I thought in real life great guy though.

Then I met a few of the other guys I have been dying to meet, Matt Wolfe, Joe Fier, Josh Bartlett, David Walker, David Chamberlain, plus my old mates Dean Holland and Dan Briffa.

First meeting and we were sober, and they had shall we say probably done some heavy drinking er sorry networking.

All great guys though and it was such a pleasure to meet you all, only thing I just didnt get enough time to talk with a lot of you!

Okay so the next night on the Saturday we were VIP guests along with 200 other marketers, at Mike Filsaimes club night at the Lavo night club in the Palazzo hotel.

Drinking FREE Grey Goose vodka all night long.

Ever seen that movie the Hangover? lol

When I checked my pockets in the morning I got all these business cards from guys such as Joe Jablonski, Frank Curtin, Jason Moffatt plus all the students business cards.

And I found a Tiger in my bathroom!

I Tell ya I need to get some business cards done!

I felt like a real Internet Marketer, I was living the high life for one night it was cool.

The next day we were ment to be meeting up for a drive along the Vegas strip in super cars.

Mmmm not a good idea after last night bit dangerous, so Gazzman had the great idea of going to shoot some guns maybe a little more dangerous than driving go figure!

This was a bit of bonding with my fellow marketers, although it was awesome and great fun shooting these guns. Lets be clear though, I couldnt help thinking what the power of these weapons could do to a person horrible things really! but for the fun factor it was an awesome experience though.

Okay so the next two days were the actual workshop where Alex spoke about what his acheived and outlined his new plans.

Also Alex had a great line up of guest speakers.

We heard Stephanie Mulac talking about Blogging.

Jit Uppal spoke about how he exploded his list and earns multiple thousands of dollars as a super affiliate, great presentation.

Dean Holland and Adam Speil got up and spoke about their TTS and month continuity programs great stuff to guys.

Also had Garry Parkes introducing the proceedings and Rodger Hyatt talking about his skype adswap channel.

It was excellant stuff and I hope to get the dvd.

Over the course of the few days I was in Vegas, I also met Vance Sova, Marc Milburn, Dean Oram, Graeme Ash, Athony Smits, Guy Hague, Jed Lamont, Daylynne Starr, Sue Worthingtin, Glenn Wayne, Randy Koehler, Graham Sutherland, Jean Shaw, Rob Bradley and Christine Moreno and Kevin Silva. I forgot Brad Bernie sorry pal.

I think thats it sorry if I missed anyone out let me know.

So that was it plus a bit more drinking and gambling in between.

On the last night we went out for a really expensive meal, it was Deans idea and one that I could really get used to, usually only go to McDonalds.

Left to right Paul Wilson, David Chamberlain, Me and Dean Holland.

It was a really good trip and I must say its hard for me to step out of my comfort zone. On one hand im just a normal guy and work as a postman, on the other I lead this other life trying to become an internet marketer bit surreal really.

All in all it was a great trip, met a lot of good guys and me and Paul got on like old mates.

Here are a few more pics of me and other marketers CLICK HERE to see all my pictures.

Me and Alex Jeffreys

Okay check out my other pics on my pics page, watch out for my book ‘newbies journal’ should be out soon end of FEB/Early March.

Oh and the four winners of my list building competition, I had some dates put to one side for your mailing. As of yet not got anyones adcopy, we will have to arrange more dates but your prize will be honoured.

Okay speak soon


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Hey everyone

Sorry have not posted in a while, as you know I recently went to Vegas for Alex Jeffreys 2 day workshop watch out for my blog post on that. Plus its just been a very busy month for me with family commitments etc etc etc.

Right then now for the winners, let me tell you it was not easy to pick them at all, the winners have taken massive action and I hope this helps them in building an email list.

Thanks so much for the great comments I really appreciate you all taking the time to leave one.

So here goes the winners are in no particular order:

1) WINNER —- Estani
2) WINNER —- Anthony Smits
3) WINNER —- Cliff Trust


4) WINNER —- Kennon Fort ( I picked Kennon not only because of his comment but because of what he can do for the other 3 winners )


Okay I picked 4 winners, but you know I wanna help you all.

So what im gonna do is over the next few months im gonna mail out to my whole list for the rest of you who left a comment okay! how does that sound???

So everyone is a winner!!

Remember you must have a FREE offer set up with your adcopy for me to send to my list.

Check mine out http://www.trafficstorm.info

I also have to tell you at the time of me announcing the competition, I was sending my adswap partners on a double mailing anything between 150-200 subs.

I had a swap with a guy last week and I only sent him 130 subs but he was really happy,
my clicks seem to be down on DEC really dont know why!

But clicks can depend on so many varibles, time of day, what month, do they like your offer, subject line etc etc.

So we can wait a couple of weeks to see if I can get my list more responsive again. Or if you are happy I will of course send asap.

I hope to send each and everyone of you 150 subs, but please be patient as it will take a while to complete your prize.

Remember this prize is possibly worth $197 to you, I paid that for a solo mailing once and ended up with around 130 subs.

So a big congratulations to the winners!! I am sending you an email right now!

Look out for my Vegas post coming in the next few days.

I am also writing my book ‘Newbies Journal’ due to be completed by the end of FEB so watch out for that people!

Also I wanna say a big congratulations to my good friend Paul Hooper from http://paul-hooper.com/ and his partner Soraya they have just had their first baby a baby son. Congratulations and love to you both!

Okay its bye from me.

Talk soon


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Hey guys how are we all?

Have I got something very cool for you lined up.

I have decided to help three of you guys out and give your subscribers list a BIG boost.

But I am not just gonna give this to you, I am going to run a competition and 3 lucky winners will get a boost of around 150-200 extra subscribers in their list.

This competition is worth $197 to you, if you was to pay for a solo ad thats probably what you will be charged.

Dont worry its not gonna be a hard competition.

You see I have grown my list to just shy of 3,000 subscribers in around 150 days, but get this I added 2,000 in just 30 days and made a cool $1,000 as well as growing my list.

In 2010 im hoping to grow my list to 15,000 by the end of the year, although I have been told that’s a rather conservative figure so I might up it. Plus in growing my list I will generate many multiple thousands of dollars, thats how powerful this system is.

Thats just one of my plans for 2010.

Cool eh!

So you want the same right.

You see when I take part in an adswap, I have been sending my partner anything from 350-400 clicks on a double mailing.

This has resulted on numerous occassions in adding anything from 150-200 subs to their list.

So you see I want YOU to have a chance to grow your list, and make some money at the same time to.

Of course there is a little hassle for me where I cant add anymore subs to my list when I send your mailings out, plus I will get a load of people unsubscribe when I send your mails out which is common place.

But I just wanna give a little something back, and try and help you grow your list.

So here’s the deal and my competition rules.

If you are not a subscriber to my blog to enter the competition you MUST sign up to my newsletter at the top right of my blog.

You must have a list size less than 250 subs remember I only wanna help out the little guy.

You must be in the IM niche.

You must have a FREE product ( if you dont have this set up read on )

Check mine out to get an idea


Then contact me with your name and list building competition in brackets, with a short message telling me you entered.

Then I want you to write a comment at the bottom of this post telling me how far you are in your business, what struggles you have had, what success you have made. Just tell me YOUR online story and why YOU think you deserve to win this.

I will run this for one month and will announce the three winners on 6th FEB.

Depending on how successful this is I will run another competition in another months time.

>>>>>>> IMPORTANT <<<<<<<

If you dont have a product and you want to take part in this competition, I suggest you click on the link I will give you below. Remember I put 2,000 subs in my list and made $1000 using this system, so trust me I highly recommend it.

Click here if you want to get the same system I used to build 2,000 subs and make $1,000 in just 30 days.

I hope this is okay for you guys, I really hope there are a lot of you out there with small lists that need help.

Just think what a boost of 200 subs will do for you. You can then start taking part in adswaps and grow your list to massive proportions very quickly.

If you dont know what an adswap is you soon will.

Okay cheers guys.

Take care


PS: I really look forward to reading your comments…..im off to Vegas on the 22nd JAN to mix with marketers like Alex Jeffreys, Mike filsaime, Jason James Dean Holland and so many others.

Cant wait to tell you all about that.

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Hey everyone

First things first hope you all had a very merry christmas, and I really wish you a great new year.

Unfortunately I was as sick as a dog with hideous man flu, not very good at all infact I still have it.

So with the above in mind I am trying to keep this post short because I basically feel like shit, but I need to write this before the end of the year.

Also I have noticed a few students seem to have given up, and I was sorry to hear that Andrew Vaughan has chucked in the towel, I wish you all the best Andrew.

I know its hard guys but I hope you might read this post, or stop by and read my book ‘newbies journal’ when its done.

Maybe it will give you some renewed motivation.

But my key thing I always have in the back of my mind when I feel like giving up is this quote:

“Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense”

Winston Churchil 1941

Okay so I just wanted to write a blog post to reflect on the small success I have acheived since July 2009.

I wont write my life story here but just a quick overview for my new visitors.

Go here if you want to see some of my stats and read a bit more about me.

I am married with three children and infact my son was born just before I started trying to make an income online, and as those with children know it can be very hard to get other things done around your family.

I am a postman who works 51 hours a week.

I have been dabbling online trying to make an income for around 8 years.

My computer skills are virtually nill.

I also have had severe confidence issuse in the not so distant past, and believe it or not I do find it hard to do this stuff its completely foreign to me.

Anyhow now lets get on to what I wanted to show to you
learning from both Alex Jeffreys and Dean Hollands, I want to reveal to you my acheivements so far.

I am very proud of my results so far online and truly believe I can take my business forward in 2010.

Also I have smashed a couple of my goals and am really pleased to have done that.

My stats as of 30/12/2009

I have made close to 2k online and on top of this have a potential recurring income of $600 a month from Dean Hollands GTS program.

Click here to see Deans GTS program

I set a goal to have 1000 people in my list by the end of the year, I am pleased to say I smashed it and now have a list of 2,400 subscribers.

I have also made $400 so far as I have been building my list, click below to see the business model I have used.

Click here for the business model I am using to build my list

According to Google Analytics since the end of May I have had 6289 visits and 13865 page views.

I have received 520 comments to my blog.

I have a Twitter following of 20,000 spread over three accounts, I use one for building relationships and another to tweet about giveaway events and new blog posts.

I have done a couple of interviews plus testimonials.

Also made many potential JV partners, some of them big time marketers.

I have been to a seminar, and met real life marketers in the flesh. And I have used most of my profits to pay for a trip to vegas to Alex’s workshop at the end of Jan.

There I hope to learn a ton more stuff, get more social proof for my blog, and hang out with the likes of Lee Mcintyre, Mike Filsaime and so many others.

There we have it my friends what a great year. I dont have my plans for 2010 set in stone yet.

But I want to grow my subscribers list to at least 15,000 and I aim to complete my ebook ‘newbies journal’ just after I get back from Vegas. And I would at least like to become a super affiliate.

See my planning has not exactly been great, my main obstacle being having to try and work around my newborn not easy my friends I tell you.

But I hope 2010 will be easier to plan.

I have to learn so much, product creation I need to learn more traffic driving techniques, I need to learn how to use camtasia.

Well I just need to learn.

So I try and keep things simple and what works for me.

But remember guys just keep setting those goals, reach them then move forward, never give up.

Well this turned into a super long post again, sorry its not up to scratch as I do feel like crap.

So look out my my new book ‘Newbies Journal’

So im now off to bed have a great new year my friends looking forward to meeting a few of you guys in Vegas.

Love to hear from you its been a bit quiet lately.



PS Would especially like to thank Dean Holland for starting me out on this journey you have grown to become a good friend my man, Alex Jeffreys for giving me this fantastic opportunity.

Plus big thanks to Paul Hooper for being my wing man, and a good friend also.

Also to many others to thanks but thanks everyone who has helped me this year. Special thanks to Rob canyon to.

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Hey everyone how are you all?

Just a quick post for you all to tell you about a system I am using to build a fully automated Twitter marketing machine.

I have built up 10,000 followers in just a few weeks, check out my screen shot below.

Find out about Twitter marketer pro now

twitter screenshot 2

If you are looking to utilise Twitter along side your business and you have not got the time to build it yourself you need to get twitter marketer pro.

With Twitter Marketer Pro™ system you can:

Set-up the system once and make money while you sleep!

Automatically build your targeted follower list

Maintain your relationship with your list

Smartly promote your websites, products and opportunities

Create and manage multiple Twitter personalities

Easily handle everything with no technology know-how

Use it with Windows, Mac, Linux – no installation required

Anyway just click here and find out more guys

Okay hope everyone is doing okay, watch out for my next progress blog post at years end.

And get ready for my brand new book ‘newbies journal’ which im gonna give you for free.

Speak soon guys


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