Income Online – Quick Easy Way to Make Some Quick Cash

Income Online – Quick Easy Way to Make Some Quick Cash

Quick Easy Way I Made $93 Online!

Hi guys,

Well in my last post I claimed to be new to online marketing, but in fact I have been there and got the t-shirt. Sort of anyway. Well I am no expert by any means, and to date I have made a grand total of $93. I still have not received my cheque, though I gotta make $100 before I cash it in.

It was only a one off and it was just a method I was following and I proved that this online caper actually works to myself. As I say is just the start of my bigger picture, but the method I shall describe below should get you results.

So what is the easiest way to make money online?

Go to Clickbank, create an account, and then pick a product to promote. But stay away from the IM niche if you are just starting out.

Then select 10-15 keywords based on your niche. Go here to check what keywords you can rank for “”. In general I believe that any keyword with 100 searches a day that has less than 20,000 results in google when the keyword is searched for with quotes will be easy to rank for. I am not too hot on keyword research. Once I get more experience I will do a post on it.

Then create a money page… I used WordPress for this and purchased a domain name, but there are free sites to use as money pages such as Squidoo and Blogger which allow you to get a little more commercial.

This is my site I made around the clickbank product I chose called the reverse phone detective.

Check it out,this is my money page.

I then created a network around my money page using Blogger, Wetpaint, Hubpages, Weebly, Quizilla and Squidoo, with each containing content about the reverse phone detective software. The sites would link to each other like this Blogger—Wetpaint—Weebly—Quizilla—Hubpages—Squidoo.

Now each of these sites have 2 links on them, linking them to each other then a link from each site linking to the money page. But one page will only have one link on it and that is the Squidoo page where it will only have a link to the money page. We don’t want to make a complete linking circle because when google spiders the sites and links it will see that we are linking all our pages together and we could get penalized for it.

Then we submit our sites to the popular social bookmarking sites and submit our feed to the RSS feed sites.

Also write a couple of articles a day and submit them to Ezine Articles at These actions should get at least one sale a week. So lets say you create 1 network a day around a clickbank product with the right keywords and you get 1 sale a week of lets say £10. After a month you have 30 networks up making £10 a week each that’s 300 quid people.

Then once you got the hang of it you then write a report on “how to make £300 a week the easy way” and sell it for £47. See how easy it can be? I have created one network and made $93, but I have not been consistant with it. I have only skimmed the surface here with that idea and the traffic generation and keyword selection but I hope you get the idea.

Simple right?

Take action my friends and eventually you will reap the rewards.

Untill next time,


5 thoughts on “Income Online – Quick Easy Way to Make Some Quick Cash

  1. Hi Marcus,

    like the post, only thing I’d change is when you have your report written, rather than sell it to a few peeps and make a few $’s. Why not give it away free and build a targeted list from it?
    Like the layout of this site, I’m just in the process of changing my theme to be a little less wordpress like in image.

    Andy Beveridge

  2. Hi Andy

    Thanks for your positive comments,although that is what my site is about I want to give people that subscribe to my blog free gifts.I am not selling anything as such well I do have affiliate links in here.

    I also want to find people new to online marketing that can pick up some ideas from me. someone told me forget the money for now and help others, and then maybe one day the money will find you.

    cheers Andy

  3. Hi Marcus,

    You’ve done a great job on your blog! I am just starting out with making money online.You have some great tips.

    To your success!

  4. Hey Marcus

    Your posts show that having an action plan, and following it through with real action can get you results.

    Your blog will be an inspiration to many, I am sure.

    I wish you every success.

    Roger Mayne

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