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Internet Marketing – I Am Failing Fast – So How Will I succeed?

Internet Marketing – I Am Failing Fast – So How Will I succeed?

Hey hey people hows it going?

First things first I really must apologise for my lack of activity on my blog over the last 3 months,
Family life has been keeping me VERY busy and I also just had three weeks off my day job so decided to
have a total rest. It has been a VERY busy year what with starting my internet marketing business and bringing up a newborn on top of everything else. Quite frankly I am totally worn out and my batteries have not even partly recharged yet.

So why am I failing?

As most of you know I have had quite a successful year, including making multiple thousands of dollars in affiliate sales I also currently have a list of 8,000 subscribers and I wrote my first book newbiesjournal. I have been to workshops and seminars and met many fellow marketers in the flesh, people have been speaking highly of me and yeah I thought life is good Im actually gonna crack this Internet Marketing lark. I thought it was just gonna keep on growing.

How wrong was I.

I even went looking for a new BMW 3 series, thought about booking a family holiday to Florida and even as far as searching to rent a bigger house.


Things are going wrong BIG time and it makes me sick to the stomach, its an even worse feeling than before I made my first buck online and I was trying to make it work.

What makes it worse is I feel its my fault, its my fault I have not taken enough action, its my fault I have not taken steps to push me forward.

You see……

I have not learnt enough, I have not focused, I have not made the most of my limited time I can work on my business, and maybe I have been following the wrong programs.

But like I say it is hard to do this especially when you have a family of three and already work 48 hours a week, sometimes you just dont feel like doing anything else.

I am just plain knackered, I have to pick myself up.

The crucial part of my business has been my email list, and this is where it is failing you see I have built my list using adswaps.

At first it was great I had $2000 months back at christmas and that was with a 2000 subscriber list
I was getting almost a 10% open rate
And I could pull in some good commission on promoting someones launch.


I have 8000 subscribers,
I have an open rate of between 2% and 4%.
On a promo I am lucky if I get one sale.

Also I get a chance to find, who helped me with promotion.

Adswaps just are not as effective anymore and there are a lot of tactics being used that I just dont like, I did see it happening but I never did anything about it. Had I been in this a year earlier I think I would of made it.

See I also had plans, I was gonna create a product to teach people how I built my list using adswaps but im not sure its an effective enough method to turn into a product.

Plus I was gonna set up a solo ad service as another income stream.

But as things stand I have to really start again.

I need to build a new list and learn how to treat this list better
I need to explore options outside of the IM Niche/Make money online Niche
Maybe just get back into plain old article marketing
Maybe build review blogs
Maybe build Micro Niche adsense sites
Create my own product in the Golf Niche, weight loss Niche or whatever and build a list in that.

But when I have a better understanding of creating many income streams online, then I can come back and create a product and teach others to do the same in the MMO Niche.

But as Winston Churchill said in 1941

“Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense”

So if anyone has any ideas to what I should be doing just give us a shout of course I will really appreciate it.

Hope you are still around would love to read some comments.

Speak soon


PS I just created a facebook business page come be a friend check it out CLICK HERE


Hey everyone


Thanks so much for all the wonderful detailed comments you have been leaving me, it means a lot to me that people are still following my journey, and taking the time to leave me these awsome replies.


I will be back to answer you all individually.

All the best