Thats It I’ve Had Enough Its Time To Change How I Do Business….

Thats It I’ve Had Enough Its Time To Change How I Do Business….

Hey Everyone

Sorry its been a while but I personally want to thank you ALL for sticking by me over the last year…

Hang on before I go on…

What do you think of my new blog header and layout eh? I’m very proud of it I love the header and I think overall the blog has a nice clean fresh look to it now. Got a little bit more work to do to my pages, but I just wanted to get a post out to you asap..

Ok back to business and this is very important to me, its time for a change of direction and I wanted to start right here at my blog.

The changes I make will effect YOU my loyal subscribers in a big way, I want to interact with you guys the way I would like to be interacted with. And give you the advice that you need to help you move forward with your business, and build a relationship with you the way it should be….

I want my blog to be a hub of great and cool internet marketing advice, and I will do my best to do that.

See I thought I was doing things right, you know I sent out a mail to you almost everyday offering you free content. But in order to receive that free content you had to subscribe to other marketers lists, and I know some of you were getting pissed with that…

Well that stops now, infact I stopped a while ago..

Instead I will be posting regular content here and sending you emails that will not require you to optin, UNLESS the content is absolute pure gold but ill be checking it out first.

You see I created this blog to share with people my journey to an income online and share any tips I pick up for FREE. I wrote my ebook newbiesjournal which has had over 5000 downloads and great feedback, and I outlined in that book what I had done so far to make multiple thousands of dollars online and that is FREE.

I always wanted to be different, I wanted new guys to follow my jouney online and relate to me.

I didnt wanna send out many promo’s to my subscribers and to date I have not sent all that many..


After all I am a marketer and from time to time you will get a promtional email from me recommending a product to you. But it will only be a product that either I have bought myself, or I personally know and trust the marketer behind the product and it suits you.

I want to make sure that all I send your way is the best possible content available to help you move forward with your business.

Take a look at other marketers and what they send you..

I bet its promotion after promotion selling the same old rehashed shit which I am sick of seeing.

Bet you are to..

I bet these other marketers or gurus will ever reply to you personally? well I always have either on my blog or via email.

See I have been successful in my first year online, and I made my money from being in the IM niche or MMO niche if you prefer. But I am moving my business away from the IM niche a little and concentrating on micro niches and niche blogging. Infact I just made my first sale from my own niche blog and you know what, its my most satisfying sale so far.

I am hoping to build a solid business here, then when I am a proper expert maybe I might hit the IM niche again with my own product but who knows thats down the line.

I hope you liked the report I sent you a few days ago on keyword research, it required no optin and thats the sort of content I wanna be sending you in the future.

I know I have a lot of loyal followers from the comments I have received in the past, I would love you to stay with me because I am going to make it and I wanna share this success with you right here over the coming months..

Guys I would love to read your feedback, let me know what you think of my blog and my change of direction..

Leave a comment below and I will reply to each and everyone.

Keep checking back coz I wanna get good content up here for you on a regular basis.

Hope the post was not to long infact I think I left loads out..

Thanks again for your support..

Speak very soon


81 thoughts on “Thats It I’ve Had Enough Its Time To Change How I Do Business….

  1. Hey Marcus

    Love the header.

    Although difficult, taking a different direction sometimes is the best thing to do, especially in a large market such as MMO where the competition is big.

    But at least you have the knowledge and experience to get stuck in quickly

    I always maintain that micro niches are the best way to have a steady income.

    Looking forward to the new content coming our way.

    Best of luck with your new venture


    1. Hey Doug

      How are ya mate things good?

      Thanks so much for your feedback, yeah well I am still in the MMO niche, but I wanna create a nice passive income and I can do this with micro niches.

      I also just wanna put up good regular content up on my blog to help others where I can..

      Nice one pal thanks for stopping by..

  2. Hi Marcus,good to hear from you,thought you had disappeared, I do like the blog and I think you have been very brave in the move your making, and i believe you are making a very wise choice and i know you will prosper, good luck

  3. Hey Marcus, your new blog design is super cool, love it.

    Everyone seems to be going all “cartoon” lately πŸ™‚

    Been following your blog since Alex done that interview with you and I heard how you used to do your day job (postie) and listen to the coaching calls on mp3.

    Was kinda inspiring to be honest.

    I am really glad your niche blog has worked out for ya, god knows you have put in the hours so it’s nice to see someone getting a reward.

    Hope you make all those holidays you wanted before your 40 (bet ya do)

    Sally πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Sally,

      Thanks, I really love it to. I had an caricature done ages ago but never used it. Then I didnt like it so got another one done.

      Yeah im still in the IM niche but you know I wanna get loads of niche blogs up for a passive income.

      Thanks for all your positive comments really appreciate it


  4. Hello Marcus.
    The blog looks great mate.
    It amazes me, the amount of people that don’t use blogs as a gateway to there business.
    If you get it right, you will have lots of loyal readers, a good list, the ability to do some affiliate marketing, make some money from ads.
    Really anything you want.
    Will be checking back for more.


    1. Hi Pete,

      Thanks pal im really pleased with the look and it didnt take much effort either,

      I have had a blog since I started, its the face of my business and it needs to look good..



  5. Hello Mate,

    Congrats’ on taking the step to take your business in a new direction. We’ve been talking a lot about it on Skype and I know you’re really excited about it (especially after getting that sale from your first niche site the other day :-)). Building niche sites is defiinitely a solid business model, and i’m looking forward to you having great success with it.

    Love the new header too, the blogs looking great now mate!

    Catch you later.


    1. Hey there you are Hoops,my wing man…

      Yeah mate I think it looks great, my new business model has been born all because of you mate.

      You have always been there to offer my advice and keep moving me forward..

      Looking forward to meeting up again, but this time in Thailand..

      Thanks for

      everything pal


  6. Hi Marcus,

    Great header design, I love it!

    I think you’re so right about the ad-swaps, we all kinda went crazy for a while with them, and we should have limited them, just done them occasionally when they added real value for subscribers.

    I think your story is amazing, and it’s a real inspiration to see you doing this with a young family and a day job … it takes a real effort to fit in IM with all that going on in your life.

    So I wish you only the best of luck with your plans and I look forward to reading about your successes in the future.

    Great job Marcus!


    1. Hey Paul

      Thanks so much buddy, I expected to see you here..

      You have always been a regular visitor and I really appreciate it my friend..

      Yes it has been tough mate, but ive been lucky and seen a level of success now I have tasted it I want more. One day ill be able to spend more time with the family and have a secure financial future..

      Thanks as always Paul


  7. Hey marcus

    its great I love your new header and Blog layout

    keep up the great work and yes relationship with our lists is so important

    Thats what its all about

    You are a real sticker and you will be a fantastic success story.

    Keep at it and never ever give up.

    i really look forward to your new content and i enjoyed your product which I purchaed

    Speak soon


    the network pilot

    1. Hey Steve,

      Man thats a great comment thanks so much,

      You know it means a lot to me to see the same people sticking by me..

      One day when I crack this thing I hope I can help a lot of people do the same..



  8. Hey Marcus,

    Nice work mate, the blog looks cooooooool πŸ˜‰

    And this is definitely the way forward for your business, as we have discussed, this is definitely a great move longer term!

    And congratulations on your sale!! Being something outside of the IM niche, it’s definitely a great feeling. I’m sure that will be the first of many πŸ˜‰

    Take care dude πŸ˜‰


    1. PW

      Another one of my guys,

      We have been there together nearly from the start,

      We have both discussed this new way forward a lot and it is the best way to go..

      Thanks for the congrats on the sale, we can do this mate.

      Oh and thanks for the help on my blog mate I love it..

      Speak very soon


  9. Hi Marcus,

    You’re blog header looks great now. It really catches the eye!

    So good of you you have decided to follow your own path and do it your own way. I’m sure it’ll work out well for you!

    I’ve nothing put up myself yet, my name will be unfamiliar to you, but I’ve learned by being on the list of many marketers how it works and what I like or don’t like. It’s my goal to fill in my own details when time is right for me and I can assure I don’t want to be one of the mass!

    So I’m looking forward to read your blog posts and follow your adventures in the new direction you’ve chosen!

    Best of luck!


    1. Hi Wilma

      Thanks so much for stopping by, I dont believe we have met are you on my list?

      I really appreciate your support, and glad you like my new design its not totally finished but I had to get my content up before you all forgot me..

      I have faith things are gonna work out and I look forward to posting my results here.



  10. Hi Marcus

    I like the new layout with emphasis on your journey towards your goals.

    Your frustrations with other marketers behaviour I can relate to, I had to go outside the Internet Marketing and into MLM to get the clarity I was looking for.

    Now I know why I am online I can move forwards like you in a direction that suits my beliefs

    Look forward to more on the new approach

    1. Hey Igor my man

      Another frequent visitor, really appreciate you always stopping by..

      hows things? made any more from your SSSEO sites lately?

      Yes seems a few of us moving in the same direction, all good..

      speak soon Igor

  11. Hi Marcus – wondered what had happened to you we started together with MWA 2. Like the blog, everyone seems to be taking after Dean Holland with the caricature heading.

    Good luck with rebuilding your list – you did it once you can do it again!


    1. Hi Barbara I remember you hows things?

      Hope business is good with you..

      Yeah I had my caricature done for a while even before Dean but I never used it.. his blog make over prompted me to get my arse into gear and get it done..

      Thanks for the comment really appreciate you dropping by


  12. Hi Mate

    I like the header – cool design.

    I hope the direction your taking works out for you. I have just built 25 brand new niche sites so now Ive got almost 40. Ive got unique content for 28 of them as well so hopefully with a bit of SEO they will make some pennies soon

    Take Care


    1. Hey Pete

      Wow thanks for stoping by again, dam mate I was ment to join your site really sorry pal been so busy mate..

      Yep I know a few of us are going down this road so fingers crossed mate we all deserve it..

      speak soon


  13. Hi Marcus,

    Love the blog. Great format and content… very professional looking and nice on the eyes.

    I’ve read through your ebook, ‘Newbies Journal’ and it really struck a cord with me because it was just like my own journey.

    Looking forward to seeing more of you online and working together.


    1. Alright John

      Still doing the swaps pal?

      Thanks for the great comment and I remember you having a similar story to me. Really appreciate your loyalty mate..

      speak soon

  14. Pass-man…

    What is this? Some sort of cartoon revolution? … Deano, you, David “the Gourmet” Walker.

    Yep, I figured out many moons ago that the constant subscribe to this offer, subscribe to that offer was the way to doom. I still do the occasional adswap but I am VERY selective about who I do them with now. There are so many people offering pure trash these days. Lemme give an example…

    When you have a good product and somebody with some out-dated PLR generic JUNK wants to do a swap with you then – who is gonna be the loser? Them or you? You are! But even worse – your subscribers will be the ultimate losers. Then, in turn, they will “pay out” on you by unsubscribing and probably scribbling some abusive comment as they leave. (Mind you… there are some people who will do that anyway because that is who they are – I had one of those recently. I spoke about it on my blog).

    So, it’s like you standing in the primary school playground wanting to swap your bag of jelly beans with another kid. But that kid is sneaky. He or she has a bag of dog-poop. He takes your jelly beans and gives them to his friends and they are very happy with that but… when you try to share his “mystery gift” with your friends, guess what? Yeah. Ugh! And that is what has been happening.

    So many people have now opted into so many bags of dog-poop that resistance is now sky high towards even opening emails let alone clicking links or handing over their names and email addys. Response rates have nose-dived. And it has affected everyone because nobody knows who they can trust any more. So EVERY “marketer” gets lumped together.

    Most people crave for good content but so FEW people are giving it. And because of rampant adswapping there is now massive reluctance, very little trust and a lot of frustration and even anger out there in the trenches. The incessant adswappers are only catering to the rank newbies who know no better.

    I could go on Pass-man but I think you already know.

    I’m now delivering NO opt-in pdf’s to my list. I did the first one a couple of weeks ago and my December issue is almost finished. You can check out my free pdf over at the TEMPLE. BTW… you will probably be amused at the name I have given to it. Guess before you take a peek.

    OK. As you know, I could crap on for a lot longer. That’s it.


    1. Hey Gazz

      You alright mate?

      Wow what a comment, you got carried away …but thanks so much for taking the time to write a great comment Gazz..

      My caricature is the best looking dont ya think?

      Yeah I knew these swaps were going shit a while back, but it was my only business model so I had no choice but to continue.

      But I had to change direction sometime..

      I hope I can make it work..

      Ill check your pdf out.



  15. Hi Marcus,

    Love your blog! Love your design, All my friends are going “cartoony” but, of course, they are all looney!

    Congrats on you success with other niches. Great job, keep up the good work.

    All the best,

    Glen Wayne

    1. Alright Glen

      Long time no speak..

      Yeah I think its a good look I wanted a caricature a long time ago..

      I have not finished yet but ill get there

      cheers man


  16. Hey Marcus,

    Really like the cartoon, it’s a great likeness!

    I’m glad you have written about the changes you are going to make and you are going to put more content out on your blog – you always gave tremendous value on this blog and it will be great to see that return.

    I look forward to reading about what you get up to in other niches if you are going to leave IM on the backburner.


    1. David how ya doing?

      Well I had one caricature done a while ago but it was shite..

      I went to the same guy as you thanks to your recommendation

      I love it.

      Yep not leaving IM but I feel I wanna become an expert in something so I wanna create my own system in niche blogging..

      I hope I can do it..

      Ill never give it up thats for sure..

      Hows cardif doing??

      Cheers David


  17. Hey Marcus,

    Love the new look mate, was a bit confused by the tagline given the statement that you are leaving the IM Arena for the time being ….

    I commend you for taking decisive action, in my opinion I would look to try and maintain both …..

    Echoing the Gazz-Man there is definately a lot of trash out there and as you will remember I was selective from day dot and upset many people by refusing to send their offers to my subscribers because in a word – it was PLR two cent crap or poor content …..

    I watch in the background what everyone is doing and note there seems to be a lot of cartooning going on (I wont be doing it as I have a face for Radio !!! HA HA HA HA HA !!! )

    But also a lot of right that is it – I am doing things differently – etc etc ……

    Now this is no bad thing, as there has been a lot of crap happening with deception etc ….. but I would suggest you have a think about everything and how you want to move forward long term ….

    and while I will watch in interest how your niche blogging goes ( I love it and have a portfolio of 100’s of sites ) ……. I still doing IM as a mistake a lot of people make is they move all their eggs from basket to another basket …..

    The secret is to have your eggs in a good few baskets than just one wether it be moving all the eggs from the ‘IM Basket’ to the ‘Niche Blogging’ Basket …… if this makes sense …… so if you one basket falls and the eggs break, it is no a problem as you have other baskets still ……

    You know me Pass Man and while others may read this and thing who the **** does he think he is saying that, I shoot from the hip and care about people I help …….

    One thing you will note if you leave the IM for a while is your income will plummet and also your list may go cold unless you have a masterplan to convert their way of thinking …..

    But you are on the right lines, become an authority in an area and then teach people through your own products …..

    To finish, it is like everything else, you need a balance

    As always mate if you need me, you have my number πŸ™‚

    Keep the Faith !


    1. Hey Tommy

      Hope you and the family are well mate,

      Yeah mate my tagline is a little confusing I do wanna stay in IM. But I wanna focus on becoming an authority in my own system..

      Yeah mate I do need a balance..

      Im gonna do this my friend..

      Thanks Tommy for always being there..


  18. Hang on Sally – is this the gentleman, from the postman testimonial mp3?

    Wow – very cool!

    Marcus, that audio case study / testimonial was the one that convinced me to sign up for

    I haven’t had a single regret – it’s been my most valuable business investment in 2010.

    I’d love to interview you for a Marcus Passey Postie Update podcast interview. I have a Rat Race Escape interview podcast series – your update story would be amazing.

    Anywho, let me know what I can do to contribute to your amazing story.

    Onward and Upward, Mr Passey!

    1. Hey man

      Yes this is me the postie,

      Yes mate its been an amazing journey done a lot over the last year and experienced the ups and thing is im never giving it up pal..

      Thanks for stopping by


  19. Hey Marcus,

    I joined your list because I wanted to hear your journey, not get a whole lot of other lists to join, so I am glad you are re-evaluating things. I love the new look for the fresh start πŸ˜‰

    Your recent overwhelm reminds me of the old chinese proverb “fall down 7 times – get up 8”.

    Thanks for staying honest about your journey it helps to know we are not alone in the ups and downs.

    Keep it up,

    1. Suzy

      Thanks so much for stopping by,

      Yes I always wanted to tell it how it is, im glad you like my journey so far..

      its a tough one but im gonna make it..

      Thanks Suzy


  20. Hey Marcus, your new blog design is super cool, love it.

    I am guilty of not opening a lot of emails the last few month. As you said it is get this or get that. Don’t know how much this will be free etc.
    when you have to opt-in to get something maybe it is free but is it? You get on another list that send you emails every day with nothing but more opt-in for this or that. It takes time to read those extra emails. I don’t have much money and I got tired of spending 15 houra a day on emails. Some of the names in the comments I know and get emails from then on one address or another.

    There are some others that have figured out we have gotten tired of all the opt-in and have started doing as you say you wil do. I like it. A few have taken the free downloads to a new no opt-in Sunday gift.

    I think Paul Wilson is changing like you. I get so many emails it is hard to remember the ones that I hapened to open and didn’t miss out on the change. I will mark you folder where I know to open the emails from you from now on.


    1. James

      Thanks for the cool comments I love it, its so much better than my old design..

      And I didnt even change the theme..

      Yeah Paul Wilson is a good friend of mine we have taken the same route..

      Thanks for following me

      really appreciate it..


  21. Yep, your new blog looks like a winner.
    and micro-niche does seem to be the way to go. It’s where I’m slowly going myself.
    But the time to do it! Holy Cow! Where does the time go? I want to start blogging, I need to learn wordpress, and there’s never enough time!
    Anyway, you’re one of the very few marketers that I do open up the emails and read them. and I get about 300 a day. Really.
    Good to know that someone else truly understands the day-to-day problems some of us have with finding the time to do things. A full-time “day job” is exhausting, and everything else associated with a household can take you away from other things you are passionate about and would rather be doing instead.
    Building websites and etc sure does take time.
    So, just wanted to let you know I’m still with you. Keep up the good work. I appreciate all that you do for me and all the other “little learners” out here in cyber-land.

    1. Hi Susan

      Thanks I love my new design,

      Thanks for staying loyal to me, most of my stuff has been about my journey. I have seen success and I tried to be truthful..

      I believe I am different to other marketers out there..

      Onwards and upwards..


  22. Hey Marcus,

    I really like the layout of your blog

    But, who’s the big headed fuzzy face guy at the top?

    Just kidding!

    Sort of reminds me of me except for the fact I’ve never been that good looking as a caricature.

    Smart move to get out the IM niche.
    There are a lot of good folks and more shysters in there.

    1. Hey Christopher,

      Thanks for your support pal,

      Ha yep im loving that caricature not finished my whole design yet..

      I do still wanna be in the IM niche but always tell it how it is..

      theres money to be made in other niches and thats what im after..

      take care


  23. Hey Marcus,

    It’s quite a brave thing to change direction. I did it myself a few months back. I wanted my personal blog to be about stuff away from my online business and just went ahead and created and
    At first it felt kind of strange. Almost like starting again, but it has freed me up in a way.
    Sometimes you just need to revaluate, and move forward.

    1. Hi Andy

      I believe you are a new face here,

      Thanks so much for your visit,

      Yeah im only trying to put my eggs in more baskets really. I just hope I can make it work..


  24. yo yo
    nice stuff my man… can’t believe how close your plans are to mine…
    of course, your way ahead of me, but, same with me, got to get away from the im niche and return with your own product when you know what has worked for you.
    when you got a nice passive income from micro niches then make a product that will show people how you did it eh.
    i have not even loaded any autoresponders up cos i did not want to send any crap unless it was really worthwhile.
    i am staying away from the mwa forum and my blog just to research whats out there. micro niches are exciting when you start to look into them eh.
    hope you got mnf cos that finds some crazy little niches.. anyway, good luck with your plans, be nice to chat about it one day.
    peace… nicky

    1. Nicky mate,

      Cool good plans eh?

      im probably not as far ahead of you as you think..

      This online stuff takes a lot of dedication and work thats for sure..

      Im really confident I can make some big passive income from this..

      Cheers Nicky really appreciate it


  25. Hey there Marcus! Make sure you don’t delete my Yahoo e-mail from your list. I saw that you’re going to shrink it.

    Man, we really need to catch up! I promise not to take you too far away from your family. It’s actually related to why we need to catch up. So, please, let’s get another Skype visit SOON.

    Best to you!

  26. Hello Marcus,

    congrats to the new start, new energy. Getting enough good content for your Internet marketing blog can feel like a challenge. But then, a blog is also like a journal. So, take it like that. Have a category “Journal” and record your issues and solutions, whatever my apply to others as well. I think you will help many people that way.

    1. Kai

      Thanks for coming over really appreciate it,

      Yeah I got some renewed energy hopefully I can make it work.

      Really hope I can help others do the same, but for now ill just keep a journal of what im up to..

      thanks pal


  27. Hey Marcus
    Like your new layout. Haven’t talked since Alex’s course just not been focused, but that is changing now.
    Good luck with your new direction and will keep in touch

  28. Hi Marcus
    your header looks pretty good.About the change in direction i think you have to be flexible to change in what ever direction it takes to succeed.
    So good luck mate .
    regards PaulM

  29. Marcus,

    I read several posts on your blog, but these in particular were interesting to me: Thats It I’ve Had Enough Its Time To Change How I Do Business….; Internet Marketing – I Am Failing Fast – So How Will I succeed?; I Make Real Money Online – Plus Proof Of Income.

    Thank you for being honest with your actions and thoughts. Each of the blogs above have statements that relate to newbies and that can help newbies find their way. As an example of what I am talking about; you state that you were sending out many offers but in spite of that effort you were not getting many responses. I have been a member of many lists, trying to gather useful information. But, as you mentioned, each bit of information required joining other lists. After a short time I was receiving more emails than I could easily read. As a result I either deleted the email or unsubscribed.

    In the other blogs you admitted that you had made some mistakes and things weren’t as you had planned. Probably many people can relate to this. The third blog showed statistics that were more in line with most newbies businesses. Not thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, but rather small beginning sums that aren’t hyped and that are more readily achievable.

    Again, thank you for the honesty and for bringing IM (MMO)to a more realistic level.

    I wish you well in your endevors.

    Wayne Toberer
    Mesa, Arizona
    30 November 2010

    1. Wayne thats an awesome comment loved it..

      And those posts, you summed em up perfectly ive tried to tell it how it is and be real..

      seems I do get my message across..

      Thanks I really appreciate it


  30. Hey Marcus,

    I still like your new blog. I am opening your emails too. I am still getting bombed with a lot of emails and most of them still have the opt-in,opt-in. No not from you. The ones that don’t get opened. I am getting a lot more spam on allof my addresses.

    I haven’t started moving the ones I will be checking but I will be moving you and a few others to my address soon.


  31. Hey Marcus

    I’m so pleased you’re still on the success road. You’ve been real and continue to be, and like Gazz always reminds us, there’s far too much crap around and not enough genuine guys. You’ve got great support too – if you needed any reminding. Just look at the names who have come here and stood behind you.
    You’re a winner mate, never forget it.


  32. I like the look of your blog. Don’t know how it compares to the old one because I never saw the old one. You were one of way too many saying “check this out” and linking me to another optin. My fault as much as yours (I put my email in).
    Please keep me on your list. I look forward to seeing your transformation.

    1. Hi Jean

      Yes sorry about that I believed I was giving value but it was just basically pissing people off..

      But im gonna change so watch this space..


      Thanks for your consyant support..



    I am absolutely blown away by all the comments thanks so much for still being with me on my journey..

    Stick around things are gonna get exciting..


  34. Hi Marcus

    Like the new look it’s very clean and the cartoon headers seem to be taking off

    I also like the direction your going in, cleary there are many of us who are becoming concerned at the sort of products that are coming to the market that are based on old ideas dressed up with wild claims

    Whilst we can see through the wild claims the newbies will be sucked in by it and sadly many people who should know better are playing the same game

    In the end things have to change otherwise we all suffer because of the actions of a few bad apples


    1. Hi Tony

      Thanks so much for dropping by..

      Yeah im loving the caricature, yep I really dont like a lot of what goes on in the MMON. I am not leaving completely though. Another thing is I find it to competitive..

      Once I am a proper authority with my own system then ill be back..

      I have made plenty of friends and contacts in the IM niche so I should be in good hands..

      cheers pal

      speak soon


  35. Hey Marcus,

    I like the clean look of your blog and a fan of caricatures. I opted into one of your lists a while back and will periodically open an email from you, but as most of the emails I get just say you gotta check this out with nothing else but a link saying make $xxx,xxx, I now seldom open them. I have been dabbling in websites and blogging for a couple years now myself

    But I will be watching your blogs and hope you continue on with your new outlook.

    Best of luck.

  36. Hey Marcus, glad your doing well, it seems your blog is a huge hit and you are making it. You started out with me as your mentor for a while and disaster hit me and I broke my back, I’m fine now just thought you’d like to know I was ok, I’ve moved on in leaps and bounds since the days of e-shout things are good for me and I’m glad things are working out for you, you’ve got my email address from this form shoot me a msg if you want to chat.


  37. Alright Marcus?

    Cliff Truss here from MWA 2.1…how’s it going?

    Great post mate…to be honest, I got well pissed off with that whole adswap thing about 6 months ago and unsubscribed from all lists (including yours I’m afraid πŸ™ ) where I felt that I was being pitched to for the sake of it.

    Please don’t take it personally mate…you weren’t the only one trust me πŸ™‚

    The IM niche has always felt a bit uncomfortable to me…you know…sell a product to teach people how to sell products to people who want to learn how to sell products to peop….you get the picture

    Too many unscrupulous bods too eager to take your money and run.

    Anyway this post is turning into a bit of a whingefest so I’m gonna stop here and wish you all the best in your niche blogging adventures.

    Take care and good luck mate


  38. Hey Marcus,

    Cracking new design mate.

    I think 2011 is going to be the year of change from all marketers and not before time, I have also been guilty of sending too many emails but that stopped a long time ago.

    Look forward to hearing more on your niche blogging.

    Good catching up mate,


  39. Hi Marcus
    First time on your site and I like your determination, I have just started in internet marketing and I am looking for a mentor. I am thinking of Dean Holland have you heard of him and if so what do you think.
    Glad to see you are moveing away from sending mass emails this is something I want to avoid as my inbox at the moment has 1140 unread emails in most of them trying to get me to buy things that I know will not work.

    Hope to hear from you soon about Dean Holland


    Ron Savage

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