Twitter-Twellow-Twitter Karma-Are You Doing It Yet?

Twitter-Twellow-Twitter Karma-Are You Doing It Yet?

Hey everyone

Just a short post, are you using Twitter??

If not I recommend you fly over to and sign up for an account lets start getting you some followers eh?

I am getting quite a bit of traffic from twitter I only have 1500 followers though but imagine what it would do to your business if you had 33000 plus followers like Alex Jeffreys.

Its up to you what you do with your followers, but at the moment I am not pitching to anyone ( well I have nothing to pitch lol ), although I do send them to my blog to check it out.

I am just using it to strike up relationships with people that are in your niche, and you can then do your business with them off Twitter.

Just another way to build up relationships with like minded people like us,and keep in contact and updated to what we are all up to.

I built up my list manually by searching for people in my niche and simply following them, but I soon got up to my 2000 following limit but only had 1400 followers.

I know there are a lot of twitter applications out there and I found two that have helped me out.

First one is

Its being called the yellow pages of twitter,I like it and found it cool to use so go check it out.

Second one is

Your Twitter Karma

Just follow the instructions you have to enter your twitter username and password but its safe dont worry.

Twitter Karma will tell you who you are following and who is following you.Its a bit time consuming but I went through it and unfollowed all the people who had not followed me back.

And then I went through again and followed all the people who had followed me.

Do you follow LOL??

So yesterday I was stuck following 2000 people and only had 1400 followers.

Well today I have 1593 followers and I am following 1353.

Thats 647 people that were not following me that I cleaned up yesterday and now I am moving closer to 2000 followers.

Anyhow just a tip if any of you guys have any cool applications you use please let us know.

And as usual your thoughts and comments would be much appreciated as usual.

Not long untill Marketing With Alex Coaching Course 2.0

excited yesssss!!!



4 thoughts on “Twitter-Twellow-Twitter Karma-Are You Doing It Yet?

  1. Hey Marcus
    Congratulations on getting that place on Alex’s course, listen to what he teaches you, and do it in that order, I’m sure you’ll get lots of help from Dean also. Great blog, keep that enthusiasm going and you’ll make it. As always if I can be of any help just “shout” and you’ll find the same goes for all the F500.
    To your success

  2. Hi Marcus,

    Congratulations on winning the spot in AJ’s coaching. It has made all the difference for me and if you do what he says, it will for you too.

    The former students who will be in the forum and on some of the calls will be the ones who attended the Vegas workshop. Alex threw that in as an additional bonus.

    I can see that you are already on the right track. The first thing Alex is going to have you do is put up your own blog. Well, not the very first thing but I don’t want to spoil it for you.

    The Twitter apps you mentioned are good and Alex is going to encourage you to use Twitter. When done properly, it can be a great way to drive traffic to your blog.

    I have started a blog at where you can learn about my favorite Twitter tool and some cool Twitter marketing techniques. By the way, I am now following you.

    Please feel to ask me for help. You are now part of the Alex Jeffreys community. You will soon see that the biggest benefit you bring away from the coaching is going to be the people that you meet.

    It didn’t take me long to realize the huge joint venture potential there was with my fellow students. Seek out your fellow students and look for their various talents. You can outsource to each other by trading skills.

    I will see you in the forum, on the calls, and will be stopping by your blog from time to time.


  3. Hi Marcus,

    Not long now 🙂

    I was searching today and was researching Hummingbird, bit of an investment but then I came across this and have downloaded the free trial which last’s three days….give it a go

    Tweetelitepro is also very good as JT says, but I am still searching and undecided which one to invest in.

    Have a gr8 weekend, I’m off to Oxford this weekend as my Son is going to a new hospice, so catch up Monday 🙂



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