What Do You Want Me To Write About?? Best Comment Gets My Free Gift!

What Do You Want Me To Write About?? Best Comment Gets My Free Gift!

Hey guys how you all doing?

All I can say is wow this coaching course has been frigging awesome and all the new people I am meeting around the world has just been great.

Gotta do a seperate post on this and make another video,yes thats what I said another video.

Now I am already writing a short report should take me around two years to complete.

So my question is,what would you guys like me to write for you?

Do you want me to write another information report?


Do you want me to write a report about my life? you know who I am, where I come from, what I want to achieve,where I am going etc.

Please leave your comments my friends would love to hear your thoughts.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> BONUS <<<<<<<<<<<<< Wait for it I am offering a prize for the best comment. Drumroll please. The winner of what I chose to be the best comment will win the chance to have an hour YES one hour on skype with ME!! you will get a one on one brainstorming session where I will give you all my big tips for the coming year. I would usually charge my clients a giant family size bag of cheesy Doritos and a four pack of Fosters. I think you will all agree that is an awesome prize?? LOL HEY THE PRIZE IS A JOKE PEOPLE I AM NOT QUALIFIED YET BUT YEAH YOU CAN SKYPE ME IF YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT WHAT I HAVE DONE. Take care speak soon Marcus

19 thoughts on “What Do You Want Me To Write About?? Best Comment Gets My Free Gift!

  1. Marcus

    Keep up the good work mate, good to see you keenly progressing both with the blog and in the Marketing with Alex Forum. You are a motivator for the rest of us and set something of a benchmark.

    In terms of the report, I guess a lot of it depends on the timescales. If you are looking short term then an information report would be a good idea as it would help consolidate the learning that we have done thus far whilst also provide valuable content that you can give away to build your list.

    Medium term then a piece about yourself and the developments under the course would be good as it would be good for any other newbies and future students to see where you where, where you are going and how you progressed on your journey. I guess something of a similar success story to that of Dean Holland from MWA1.0.

    Long term then I would expect you would be aiming for your own comprehensive course or perhaps even a mentoring program!

    In regards to the Bonus, (fortunately!!) I don’t have Skype, but at least I will be saving a four pack of Fosters and a family pack of crisps (I’ll have to go for Kettle Chips over Doritos though) whether or not I win!!

    Have a good weekend.

    .-= Tom Harvey´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

  2. Morning Captain hope alls going well ….what report to write now theres a question ….telling people how you are putting structure into your on line business is one idea …youve told us where you started …hows it been going …more traffic to your site ( how ) more people on your list(how ) etc ..your name is being recognised now on others blogs how have you achieved this ?

    Just a few ideas there mate but whatever you do start filling up those A4 sheets with ideas …and start writing
    mines coming soon The Free Traffic Blackbook i will send you a copy whens its done for your opinions

    speak soon sailor
    .-= Richard Darby´s last blog ..Call me a fool…Traffic =-.

  3. Hi Marcus!!
    Love the blog! You’re a PRO! How about a report on where you came from and how you got started? You know like why you wanted to do internet marketing in the first place. How you set up your first blog, how you chose the tools you use, How you sent out your first email,how you met Alex and Dean and where you found the passion to put it all together in your website. Not the step by step ‘click here’ type, but the “OMG this is so cool!” because you found the answer to something type.
    You know…where you get your passion to help others by putting yourself out there 🙂
    Now….pick me! Pick me! hahaha j/k!
    See you at Deans!You ROCK!

    .-= Lisa Hernandez´s last blog ..Some Pretty Easy Stuff! =-.

  4. Hey marcus!

    I gotta say I would love to read your story. I know a little bit of it from Twitter & your blog here, but I’d like to know more.

    A little bit of ‘who I am, where I’m from, where I’m heading, and why’, you know?

    Really I think the ‘why’ of that is most important to me. What drove you to internet marketing in the first place? What motivates you to keep at it day after day? What makes you tick, mate?

    See you around!
    .-= Brian Wolfe´s last blog ..12 WordPress Plugins I Can’t Live Without! =-.

  5. Hey Marcus,

    The ebook HAS to be about yourself because you have progressed such a long way in such a short amount of time. I know you are not “there” yet in terms of income but that will only be a matter of time.

    Your guide can be how you have gone from a complete newb to an internet marketing celebrity in just four weeks WITHOUT having any real knowledge on the subject of IM, a list or a product. It is your sheer enthusiasm and will to succeed which is attracting all these people to you at the moment.

    As Brian said above, “why” you are persisting is the key here. Especially as you have suffered ridicule from your friends, workmates etc for trying to get into IM.

    You have so much you can put into this guide as well in terms of success – your blog has loads of great posts, each post has loads of comments and your traffic must be increasing by the day?

    You can mention of course all the cool people you have met so far as well (hint) and how you intend to use those relationships to make your fortune.

    I am looking forward to whatever report you produce but I honestly think you should go down this route. If anyone disagrees then please add your comments!

    Keep in touch.

    .-= David Walker´s last blog ..Something for the Weekend 25 July 2009 =-.

  6. Hey,Marcus,
    Finally,I found the way to leave a comment on your blog.I am really impressed by the quantity of information.Your Blog looks very professionally. Keep moving ahead!
    Best wishes on the way!
    .-= Anatoly´s last blog ..Salut, Maria! =-.

  7. Hi Marcus,
    As promised a little comment about your blog. Seems you are a real Pro already.Really neat and clean blog. I like it and striving hard to get acomplimentary blog set up.
    Yes man, good idea writing about you,yourself as exactly this is my intention as well,writing about myself,where I come from and wherfe I ingtend to go to.My targets I´m yielding at and how to set them into action and reality.
    Today I´ve written about “sticking to my plan” and you can read it on my blog: http://www.reinhardschumacher.com.
    Please excuse my rather plain English and sometimes I´m suffer hard from my lacking words and phrases.Please don´t tell thats not true!
    All this sounds like fishing for compliments,what it really is not.
    Thx for reading and : We are on our way,mate, are we not !!
    .-= Reinhard Schumacher´s last blog ..Quick Video Optin Review =-.

  8. Hey people loads of sexy comments as usual I thanyou,

    I really appreciate you all popping over, Josh my man,wow only Dean Holland has visited,Reinhard,David,Anatoly,Lisa,Tommy,Brian,Richard and Tom.

    Thankyou my friends I will get over to your places asap,I love getting these comments,and I love all you good people.

    speak soon


  9. Hi Marcus,

    Your blog is very neat and tidy!

    I think you can write about how to build a sustainable online business. Most people fall for those get rich quick scams and never had the chance to learn and know how it is possible to build a solid online business like Alex, Dean and you that will remain for the long term.


    Huddson Lee
    .-= Huddson Lee´s last blog ..Stop Chasing Money!! =-.

  10. Hey Marcus,

    Doing a great job here. I can see the improvement on your blog each time I come here.

    I think you should write about how you started online and how you found out about AJ’s coaching program and how you are doing in it. Maybe include some of the friendships you’ve made in the course and outside the course by using the methods you’ve been taught.

    Whatever you write will be fine if you put your heart and soul into it like I know you will.

    Jeff Sargent
    .-= Jeff Sargent´s last blog ..Are You Frustrated Because You Keep Failing? =-.

  11. Hi Marcus,

    Everyone else has already posted all the best ideas and left me nothing 🙁

    You were the only student I heard about before the course began and I can’t even remember how! I think it was probably on the Warrior Forum.
    Anyway you must have been doing the right things – people know who you are. Thev report should be about yourself, your story, and how you branded yourself,


    .-= Keith Purkiss (Alex Jeffreys Student)´s last blog ..The Day Disaster Struck! =-.

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