I really hope this helps you in building an email list for you!

I really hope this helps you in building an email list for you!

Hey everyone

Sorry have not posted in a while, as you know I recently went to Vegas for Alex Jeffreys 2 day workshop watch out for my blog post on that. Plus its just been a very busy month for me with family commitments etc etc etc.

Right then now for the winners, let me tell you it was not easy to pick them at all, the winners have taken massive action and I hope this helps them in building an email list.

Thanks so much for the great comments I really appreciate you all taking the time to leave one.

So here goes the winners are in no particular order:

1) WINNER —- Estani
2) WINNER —- Anthony Smits
3) WINNER —- Cliff Trust


4) WINNER —- Kennon Fort ( I picked Kennon not only because of his comment but because of what he can do for the other 3 winners )


Okay I picked 4 winners, but you know I wanna help you all.

So what im gonna do is over the next few months im gonna mail out to my whole list for the rest of you who left a comment okay! how does that sound???

So everyone is a winner!!

Remember you must have a FREE offer set up with your adcopy for me to send to my list.

Check mine out

I also have to tell you at the time of me announcing the competition, I was sending my adswap partners on a double mailing anything between 150-200 subs.

I had a swap with a guy last week and I only sent him 130 subs but he was really happy,
my clicks seem to be down on DEC really dont know why!

But clicks can depend on so many varibles, time of day, what month, do they like your offer, subject line etc etc.

So we can wait a couple of weeks to see if I can get my list more responsive again. Or if you are happy I will of course send asap.

I hope to send each and everyone of you 150 subs, but please be patient as it will take a while to complete your prize.

Remember this prize is possibly worth $197 to you, I paid that for a solo mailing once and ended up with around 130 subs.

So a big congratulations to the winners!! I am sending you an email right now!

Look out for my Vegas post coming in the next few days.

I am also writing my book ‘Newbies Journal’ due to be completed by the end of FEB so watch out for that people!

Also I wanna say a big congratulations to my good friend Paul Hooper from and his partner Soraya they have just had their first baby a baby son. Congratulations and love to you both!

Okay its bye from me.

Talk soon


I really hope this helps you in building an email list for you!

  1. That’s the best news i’ve had in a while Marcus my man….ta very much :-)…Well done also to Anthony, Estani & kennon.

    I’ll leave it a little while i think Marcus as i want to get a product ready that’s good for your list. I’ve got 3 so far which i’m touting in a couple of giveaways right now (AJs PPP and another 2 MRR free products).

    Just gotta find some time….if you find any – let me have a bit please 🙂

    Will get in touch soon.

    All the best.


    Don’t forget to come over & say hello when you get a chance mate.
    .-= Cliff Truss´s last blog ..Review of Post Launch Profit Secrets by Alex Jeffreys =-.

  2. Marcus

    Glad to hear you’re well and congratulations to your competition winner!

    Absolutely gutted I couldn’t make Vegas (too early in the year in terms of work commitments that I couldn’t get out of, plus off to the World Cup this Summer so needed to keep them on-side for the time off for that one!) – have been checking your blog eagerly to see an update so will check back again for when you get round to it…. seen some of the comments, videos and pictures on Facebook and looks like I missed a blast as well as some great networking opportunities, next time my friend…..

    Just need to get Alex to organise a UK meet now. On that note you planning on attending anymore workshops here (Lee McIntyre or Mark Anastasi etc) as Ill try and get to some of those events?

    Speak soon

    .-= Tom Harvey´s last blog ..2009 Draws To A Close and Looking Forward to 2010… =-.

  3. Great … I’m really happy for these news. Thank you Marcus, I can’t stop smiling 😀

    My congratulations to Anthony, Cliff and Kennon, well done guys.

    What can I say, I’m so grateful for this opportunity and your help Marcus … I look forward the results of this offer. Well now, is time to continue our work and set up that ad.

    Have a great time Marcus and I hope to read your “Newbie Journal” soon. The title already talks to me 😉

    Estani Chapel
    .-= Estanislao´s last blog ..May You Be Blessed – SimpleTruths Video =-.

  4. Hey buddy,

    Congrats to the winners and well done to you too mate for helping people out so much. Great to see the success your having with helping others!!

    Was cool to finally meet you in Vegas…what a blast…I’m already looking forward to the next meet up!!

    Hope work on your Newbies Journal is going well.

    .-= Rob Bradley´s last blog ..Vegas… =-.

  5. Hey Marcus,

    I thanked you on your Vegas post, THINKing I was doing it here. LOL!

    Anyhow, thank you again. And…

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Talk to you again soon.

    Kennon 🙂

  6. THANK YOU Marcus

    Just a quick note to thank you for your support.

    Your email gave me almost 100 new (confirmed) subscribers in only 3 days. You’re among the best man, you rock! :))

    It was a good and scary experience for me … my first time driving out in the high traffic streets – I’m talking in terms of a driving school student. Believe it or not the first time I went from a well known and safe 30km-50km/h street to a 70km/h I was scared to the bones :D. The speed difference isn’t big but for the newbie can be terrifying.

    Anyway, no crash here. You gave me good instructions how to write the ad email and I knew you were there to take command if there was anything crazy. I’m happy I did it and you are a good part of it.

    God bless you
    .-= Estanislao´s last blog ..Laugh Often And Live Longer =-.

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